BlackFest IWD – HerStory

Wed, 31 Mar 2021, 19:00 BST

Oral histories and accounts from Powerhouse women in our community who have a HerStory to share.

At BlackFest we are sharing oral histories and accounts from Powerhouse women in our community who have a HerStory to share. Paying tribute to woman that have inspired their journey and been a source of inspiration throughout their lives.

The women will present hidden family stories of a Black female activist amongst their midst in a series of letters, recipes, poems, and articles that influenced change in society and/or their lives. Some of the HerStories are Liverpool-based extraordinary women that are not seen in the limelight and we would like to bring their legacies to life.

The night will feature a young female artist who will be presenting one American Black Female activist role model. She will be retelling the story of the action that influenced and changed the course of history, which paved the way for future generations and many women of colour.

Our Director, Susan Goligher will be sharing a letter from her family heirloom, which links with American politics. The Panel consists of Dr Leona Vaughn, Michelle Peterkin-Walker – Akoma Arts, Charlene Smith, Maria Paul – Nwoka Arts, Tracy Hylton, Claire Beerjeraz, and Leah Francis – Speak Woman, Speak Leeds.

We are asking for a minimum donation of £10 as your donations will be supporting local Liverpool female artists and women in our communities, Please give generously.


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