Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) and Homelessness

Monday, 9 March 2020 from 09:45 to 16:30

This course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the types of multiple disadvantage and important issues facing individuals who are experiencing homelessness from BAME communities and the unique struggles they may face.

The course will also challenge delegates to question their own unconscious biases and understanding of these issues, in order to support and promote best working practices within their services. Delegates will leave with a practical plan of how to appropriately support their service users from BAME communities.

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for frontline workers and managers, including strategic managers and policy makers within homelessness and supported housing settings.

What will you learn?
Expansion of course aims and objectives are to ensure delegates:

  • Understand the Equality Act 2010 and how to apply it to their services from both a practical and compassionate perspective.
  • Understand cultural competency and specifically what culture is. How experiences, disadvantages and needs can differ between cultures within BAME communities.
  • Understand what inequalities have existed in the past and present and how this history and the present circumstances have had an impact on issues surrounding BAME communities affected by homelessness.
  • Have explored the causes of homelessness that are unique to BAME communities, and the consequences.
  • Understand unconscious bias and the role it can play in racial stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice. Delegates will develop a higher awareness of their own unconscious biases and focus on how they perceive differences.
  • Can examine how within services, stereotypes can be developed, barriers then created, and misunderstandings magnified that can then lead to entrenched issues within a service and how these can be tackled. Covering appropriate/inappropriate language, behaviours and actions.
  • What barriers may exist for a person of BAME accessing housing and support fairly.
  • Have discussed and considered specific support needs which are both relevant and important to BAME communities.
  • Putting the knowledge into application within services
  • How to tackle unconscious bias.
  • How local communities are presently offering support and can support the needs of BAME individuals. How services can and should link in with various respected community leaders to work alongside them in supporting their service users.
  • Identify service diversity issues and work on solutions to address them.
  • Building a Culturally Competent Service – What changes can services make to be more inclusive and cater to the needs of BAME communities – covering: service policy, staff awareness and support, and service users’ experience.

Course delivery style: Instructor-led classroom training, group discussions, design thinking, videos and workshop activities.


Homeless Link Members – £115 per person

Associate member – £130 per person

Non-members – £160 per person


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