A book Launch to share to our communities

Friday 3 November

I am freelance writer, recently published a book during the pandemic. I am also a student at open unviesity People Work and Socieity one module also passed, working on my 2nd moudle Criminolgogy and Justice, while employed part time with VBH Financial Services .


I have had mental health issues in the past as a Black British lady who has gone through many traumas. By pushing on in life, and support given I share my experiences best in writing,song and supporting others with similar issues. This also includes some of the racial impact in the of UK irrespective of our differneces.

Supporting friends and family is what I love to do, now I am happy to support the BAME community with shared differeces learning with and from others. We are not perfect but we can aim to be higher and better. written by Heather Butcher

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