A Gathering for White Women to Compassionately Explore Racial Injustice

Sat, June 13, 2020 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

“The truth will set you free ~ but first it will piss you off.” ~Gloria Steinem

About this Event

100% of the net proceeds from this event will be donated to the Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund, which provides financial support to help Black girls and women access high-quality, culturally competent therapeutic services.

This is a fundraising event. If you have the means, please contribute the full tuition for the event.

To contribute at a discounted rate, choose among the following promotion codes:

  • BEGIN25 for a 25% discount
  • BEGIN50 for a 50% discount
  • BEGIN75 for a 75% discount

How do you, as a Caucasian woman, relate to the topic of racism when it comes up in your world?

Do you …

  • Hope the whole issue will just go away?
  • Feel afraid that if you get into it, you’ll be completely overwhelmed?
  • Tell yourself it’s not your problem because it doesn’t affect you (but deep down know that it really is, and does)?
  • Become angry when someone insinuates that you might be racist?
  • Want to be helpful but don’t know how?

All these experiences are completely understandable. They’re part of the terrain for any of us who do, in fact, have the dubious luxury of side-stepping the reality of racial injustice.

None of us has been taught how to bridge the racial divide. We haven’t been given the skills or support to heal the painful feelings that arise around this tender topic.

But here’s the truth:

Posting clever links on social media is not enough to heal the roots of racial injustice.

As white women, we need to help each other overcome our discomfort in facing this critical issue. Without awareness, acceptance, and action, the racism that tears our society apart will never heal.

When we summon the courage to explore our emotions and beliefs around racial intolerance in a compassionate space free from judgment, we build our capacity to touch the truth without blaming ourselves or others.

We can recalibrate our thoughts, words, and behaviors to become more effective agents for racial transformation.

Let’s begin the conversation.

In our time together, we will

  • Use EFT Tapping to withstand the discomfort of confronting racial truths
  • Identify the ways we (even with the best intentions) perpetuate racism
  • Understand the links between racial prejudice and systemic racism
  • Gain skills for healing numbness, guilt, shame, and fear
  • Outline an effective, personalized path for spiritual and practical action

Healing racism is up to us. Yes, it’s work, and we can do it, especially if we do it together.

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