A journey through contemporary structural racism and black love

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Nancy Elliott is a Christian, an Author, Psychotherapist, Screenwriter and Critic. She is also a devoted mother to a 5-year-old daughter.


Having obtained a Hons Degree in Cultural Criticism from the University of Art and Design in 2018 based in Surrey, England.

Nancy specialises in empowering women around Self-love, coregulation, confidence, self-esteem, healing childhood trauma and overall relationship health. co-regulation

Her work naturally leads her to widen her field of investigation to outside the realms of strictly psychotherapy and psychology. Psychotherapy posits childhood as the primary origin of trauma.

An emphasis on childhood as the fulcrum of our relational health and sense of self-worth is an oversimplification. It is also dangerous and misleading.

Proper relational health, both with self and others, springs from an individuals ability to feel a sense of safety, empowerment, love, dignity and belonging. Not just by the family of origin but also by the broader culture and its social systems.

Answers to finding true empowerment lie in noticing the interdependence between personal trauma, healing and social/systemic change.

Nancy invites you to join her workshop on contemporary structural racism and its impact on the ‘black’ relationship.

Nancy’s greatest hope is to open up a space for discussion, healing, and intervention as we familiarise ourselves with the manifestations of trauma in African-Caribbean relationships and how we love.

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