Black History and Ancestry | Africans & Irish of the Caribbean

Sunday 17th March

Unveiling new, pioneering, and empowering research that throws new light on naming practices in North America.


Paul Crooks is unique among UK Black History Month speakers discussing engaging topics relating to the experience of Black British & North American people. In this talk, Paul will help attendees broaden their understanding of

    • the blend of black and white people of the Caribbean
    • the cultural legacy of African Caribbean and Irish Caribbean people drawing on Paul’s research into the extent to which Irish people may have impacted Caribbean culture
    • the economic status of Africans and Irish in the Caribbean during the period of enslavement.


Who Is This Talk For?

The talk is suitable for you if

  • you’re new to exploring family history
  • you have some experience searching for your ancestors and want to know about other sources of information
  • you’ve started and you’re having problems furthering your search
  • you want to develop your knowledge and understanding of Black History.


Premium Ticket holders

Premium Ticket holders will receive African, Irish & the Music of the Caribbean, A Research Project by Paul Crooks following the event.

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