Black History Month | Legendary African Leaders of Ancient Times

Thursday 22 February

Delve into the rich tapestry of Black history with our enlightening online event, “Black History Month: Legendary African Leaders Before The Modern Era.”


This engaging session, led by Paul Crooks, a renowned speaker in Black history, offers a captivating look at the profound legacies and achievements of African leaders who left indelible marks across the globe.

In this online journey, we traverse the eras before transatlantic slavery, shedding light on African personalities who attained greatness amidst challenges. Paul Crooks, with his expertise in the history of Black British and North American individuals, brings to life the tales of these extraordinary African men. Their stories of triumph and resilience against daunting challenges not only inspire but also redefine our understanding of leadership and heroism.

Key Highlights:

  • Cultural Impact: Discover how these legendary figures have shaped art, literature, and culture, leaving a lasting legacy that resonates even today.
  • Defining Leadership: Uncover the qualities that set these African leaders apart, making their mark in history.

Join us for an enriching experience that goes beyond the surface, uncovering the profound impact of African leaders in shaping our world. This talk promises to be not only educational but also a source of inspiration, offering a fresh perspective on the historical journey of African excellence.

Who Is This Talk For?

This event is an exceptional opportunity for those passionate about understanding the roots of Black history and its influence on Caribbean and North American culture. It’s tailored for individuals seeking to broaden their knowledge and appreciate the resilience and success of African history’s key figures.

How to gain access to this event

This talk will be held over Zoom. Details of how to join the session will be in your registration confirmation email.

Plus Ticket: Along with event access, Plus Ticket holders will receive a digital copy of the ‘The Black History’s Ancient and Medieval Timeline’ interactive PowerPoint, which will be sent via email after the event.

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Premium Ticket: Premium access includes all Plus offerings, plus a digital copy of Paul Crooks’ latest novel ‘Descendants,’ sent to you electronically after the event.

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Deluxe Ticket: Deluxe attendees enjoy all Premium benefits, with the added bonus of the ‘DNA Testing Demystified: Separating Fact from Fiction in Genealogy’ eBook to deepen your understanding of genealogy which will be sent via email after the event.

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