Centering Black Queer and Trans Birth

Thursday 28 October 2021

Join us for a training and fireside chat that centers Black queer and trans birthing people.


Queer and transgender people face uniquely oppressive challenges when navigating medical systems. Assumptions, expectations, and misinformation around gender and sexual orientation in medicine are rooted in oppressive binary and heteronormative systems that reinforce a limited definition of what constitutes health.

People who identify under the LGBTQ+ spectrum and are of the BIPOC community face the double jeopardy of encountering both racism and heteronormativity which results in the higher — and often highest — level of health disparities. Specifically in prenatal and birthing spaces, queer and trans people of color experience stigma, discrimination, and erasure.

For PTBi’s October Collaboratory, keynote speaker Kayden Coleman will conduct cultural competency training for providers who care for queer and trans birthing people. Kayden is Black trans dad of two daughters, both of whom inspire him to engage in advocacy work for transmasculine individuals who birth their own children. His presentation “Black Transmasculine Fertility & Birth” will speak to the Black transmasc experience in relation to that of the white transmasc experience, highlight the anti-Black racism and microaggressions he experienced, and encourage those who are non-Black professionals to show up while balancing their power and privilege in allyship.

Following the training, Ajira Darch (a queer, fat, Black doula who works with Roots of Labor) and king yaa (a queer and trans reproductive justice advocate and trainer) will engage in a fireside chat.

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