Cultivating Liberation: Becoming an Anti-Biased, Anti-Racist Educator

Mon, Jul 27, 2020, 1:00 PM – Wed, Aug 5, 2020, 5:00 PM

Due to the high demand additional dates offered, see below.

Your liberation begins here! This four-part series will support the establishment of and access to the necessary foundations in becoming an anti-bias, anti-racist educator. All of the workshops in this series are designed to be 90 minutes of active learning, growing, and reflecting. We intentionally designed this workshop series to allow space for thought in between each of the 90-minute workshop sessions

You will dive into a series of thought-provoking discussions and activities that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the institutional inequalities and conscious/unconscious racial biases that exist within our schools and communities. You will learn about the role that you (as an individual and an educator) play to uphold the institutional inequities and discover what you can do to work towards liberation.

The road to being anti-racist is ongoing and requires a deeper understanding of one’s own biases, one’s own identity, one’s understanding of the systems we operate within, and one’s understanding of the media we consume.

To quote Maya Angelou, “do the best you can until you know better, and when you know better do better.” We will do better for ourselves and ultimately our students.

Group Goals and Expectations

  • This is not a checkbox workshop. This is a beginning to an on-going journey that we are thrilled to join you on. Therefore, the following group goals and expectations are necessary.
  • This is intended to be a space for our collective growth. Therefore our space must be free of judgment, intent to harm, and allow for vulnerability. There is no growth in comfort or complacency, this simply maintains the status quo.
  • We will be working to support you in developing a deeper understanding of anti-racist language.
  • We will be working towards developing a more inclusive terminology in our daily language.
  • Our work here will also be intersectional. Racial Justice is Social Justice. All means All. Therefore our work here is inclusive of every identity.
  • We must all commit to the confidentiality of each other. If you cannot be your whole self in this work then not only do you lose out but the group does as well.
  • We will maintain appropriate levels of humility and understanding. These are necessary for both self and group accountability.
  • Your full commitment to doing this work. This is a 4-part workshop and while we are in the development of further work it is important to understand that it does not end here.

Event Details

Please note this is a 4 part workshop series. Each 90-minute workshop provides different content and builds upon the previous workshop. Our scheduled dates are (all workshops begin at 1pm PDT):

July 27: Session 1

Looking In The Mirror- Seeing Bias and Racism Within Ourselves

July 29: Session 2

Anti-Racist Education: YOU are the Binder!

August 3: Session

Problem-Solving Racism in Education: Solve in Time!: Equity Edition

August 5: Session 4

Dismantling Racially Biased Media in Education

*Due to the high demand:

We are offering more flexible dates, so you have more options to attend. One registration will get you access to the 4 dates above, or the following dates below:

August 29: Sessions 1 and 2

1 pm – 4:30 pm Pacific Time, 30 min. break at 2:30 pm

August 30: Sessions 3 and 4

1 pm – 4:30 pm Pacific Time, 30 min. break at 2:30 pm

There will be a follow-up Question and Answer session immediately following the second workshop each day

More session details can be found here

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Optional Q&A Office Hours

For additional support or questions you may have the following is available (1 pm PDT until 2 pm PDT):

July 31

August 7

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