From Africa To Uk/us Popular Music

Thursday 9 September 2021

We highlight some of the artists and musicians from Africa who have made a mark on UK and US popular music and the pop crossover market.


Making it within UK and US popular music or the crossover market is often difficult for the indigenes, and much harder for foreigners. Whilst black music, which has its roots in Africa, can be argued is the bedrock of UK/US popular music, and there’s a prevalence of African American and British African artists who’ve made it within the UK/US popular music scene, how many artists or musicians from Africa do you know who’ve made a mark within UK/US popular music? Music Congress founder and historical musicologist Kwaku will be answering this question, using records and videos. The audience is also expected to engage with the discourse by suggesting any continental African musicians or artists Kwaku may have left out. How far back can we go? Come join is this fun history and music Zoom event.

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