Gospel Grime: Exploring the Relationship Between Christianity and Grime

Monday 11 October 2021

As part of Black History Month the University of Wolverhampton is pleased to present a talk with Samson Onafuye.


Gospel grime is a Black-British religiomusical subgenre rooted in grime musics culture. This talk, therefore, introduces the history of Gospel grime and investigates how Black-British Christian-orientated MCs use grime cultural aesthetics to explore their Christian-orientated identities.

Named one of the ‘youngest’ lecturers to have lectured on the graduate and post-graduate music degree programmes at the University of Westminster by Dr Chris Kennette, Samson Tosin Onafuye, is manifesting into a world-class scholar in the field of ethnomusicology. He has taught on a number of popular music modules at graduate and post-graduate levels.

His passion for scholarship ( black popular culture) and teaching have landed him speaking engagements at a number of prestigious universities in the UK – namely, Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Wolverhampton, and University of Westminster. As a scholar, Mr Onafuye is committed to the life of the mind. He seizes every opportunity to continually raise the temperature of ideas within himself and others. His ethics of excellent scholarship is premised by the mantra ‘study to show thyself approved’.

Additionally, He is a lover of business. In 2018, together with siblings – who are also scholars within their respective fields – Mr Onafuye launched a family business called NYN (Nurturing Your Needs); a company dedicated to helping individuals and institutions manifest their brilliance through branding.

Mr Onafuye is a motivated individual who is committed to provoking positive change within his community and, ultimately, the world. He believes that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can most certainly achieve!

This talk will take place via Zoom.

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