How To Unlock Your Genius Using Black History: Online Black History course

Sat, 5th December 15:00 - 16:30 GMT

An eight week online journey into global Black African history, covering over 190,000 years of African history.

About this Event
An eight week online course that takes participants along a journey of applying Black history to modern day issues facing the Black community. This unique course covers over 190,000 years of Black history.

This course is based on the recently published book by the award-winning writer and educationalist, David Simon. The course is divided into three components: firstly, Black history, secondly the story of Percy and Priscilla whose marriage breaks up, and thirdly, tasked assignments providing practical skills for attendees to become research-activists.

This interactive course uses:

  • Lecture notes, illustrations and photographs
  • Archive material
  • Video and book extracts read by the author

The course content covers:

Week 1
How to become a research activist into Black history
Why the marriage of Percy and Priscilla broke up
Task assignment on research

Week 2
The global African timeline
The crisis of Black identity through the falsification of consciousness
Tasked assignment on developing research skills

Week 3
African Art and Cosmology
Applying cultural therapy to modern day Black community
Tasked assignments how to read African art and cosmology

Week 4
Ancient African civilisations
Applying nation/family building to the modern day Black family
Tasked assignments on family development

Week 5
Medieval African civilisations
Understanding historical strategies of creating wealth
Tasked assignments on the African wellbeing

Week 6
Global African resistance and revolution
Understanding the practical uses of African spiritual science and wellbeing
Tasked assignment on writing an African love letter

Week 7
Colonisation and Pan-Africanism
Understanding how to rebuild a relationship
Tasked assignments on practical Pan-Africanism

Week 8
African and the Diaspora, and the way forward using group economics
The Black relationship explored in the context of not knowing self, not knowing group economics and how to heal.
Tasked assignment of setting goals

All participants will be required to purchase the book, How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History

Click here to purchase your copy.

This course is led by the UK’s black award winning educationalist, David Simon. David is the author of How to Unlock Your Genius Using Black History, How to Unlock Your Child’s Genius, How to Unlock Your Family’s Genius, and How to Homeschool Your Child. David Simon is founder of Simon Education Online School, that has delivered over 4000 hours of online tuition and teacher-training to African and Caribbean teachers, and the winner of several education and literary awards


Simon Education was started in 1987 by David Simon and runs Saturday schools, online schools and home tuition service. The company also publishes the Genius series which it distributes internationally. It has catered to over 13,500 students over its 31 years and won numerous awards.

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