Mind Matters – explore the ability to improve your mental health

Wednesday 28 June

Join me for a unique opportunity to explore ways in which you can work with your mind in order to improve resilience & increase happiness.


Join us for an exciting online event in which you will learn practical techniques to take control of your thoughts, overcome negative thinking patterns and cultivate a more positive mindset. In this event we will explore stress, trauma and the mind in ways that will inspire you to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

Mental & emotional health is a vital part of your life as it impacts your thinking processes, relationships, behaviour and overall sense of wellbeing. Most of the time, we are operating in survival mode unconsciously, and our ability to cope with the adversity life throws at us is impaired. The result is physical health problems which then have a further negative effect on our quality of life.

During this session you will learn:

  • Mental hygiene tips which can decrease anxiety & depression
  • Ways in which you can boost your mood & feel an overall sense of happiness
  • Simple and enjoyable ways of incorporating ‘healthy’ choices
  • How to be kinder to yourself & to challenge your mind
  • Have access to resources which will enable you to practice the techniques

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