Secrets of 100% Success for Educatees, Employees & Entrepreneurs – BOOTCAMP

Wednesday 1 December 2021 - Saturday 1 October 2022

This event is strictly for people committed to achieving 100% success who are educatees, employees and entrepreneurs


In this online programme Professor Chris Imafidon, dubbed the patriarch of Britain’s brainiest family by the BBC, Fox News and other leading authorities. Professor Imafidon shares the unique and innovative tools, techniques, technology and thinking employed by his protégé who have broken many world records, in multiple disciplines and subjects including #STEM, Sports, Music, Mathematics, Languages Technology and Entrepreneurs amongst others.

This course also includes the teaching of new proven strategies that have helped other learners of all ages to replicated the results of his protégé. As documented by various top institutions in world, Professor Imafidon’s protégés have gone on to win multiple scholarships to leading Schools, Colleges and Universities all over the world and have gained leadership positions in Banking, Technology and Healthcare. Participants of this course will understand how to discover and develop the genius within themselves, their children and in any other learner.

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