The Prejudice Racism Spectrum

Thursday 9 December 2021

In supporting individuals and organisations to understand and challenge racism it is important to explore and to be able to identify some of the beliefs, values and behaviours individuals and organisations engage in as they struggle to reformulate their views and challenge their own prejudices.


Key concepts behind the framework are:

– The Prejudice Racism Spectrum

– Building Bridges of Empathy

– Coming out of Caves of Privilege

Come and learn more about the Prejudice Racism Spectrum. Other concepts will be covered in December and January.

The stages are designed to support individuals and organisations to identify where they are in terms of their awareness of understanding and responding to racism. It is important that as a society we appreciate that we all at different stages in our journey towards understanding and dealing with racism and promoting a more equitable society which does not discriminate according to one’s race, colour and/or appearance.

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