Commemorating African Jubilee Year 1987-88 @ 30

Monday Nov. 26 2018, 6.15-8.45pm


Today, the concept of Black History Month (BHM) is very much embedded within the British cultural calendar. But how many know the history of how it came about? Or that BHM is the legacy of African Jubilee Year 1987-88 (AJY)? Do you know about the African Jubilee Year Declaration?

This event commemorates AJY by giving the back story from the GLC (Greater London Council) to LSPU (London Strategic Policy Unit) through a presentation by history consultant Kwaku, and contributions by some of the key people (t.b.c) who contributed towards shepherding the AJY concept to fruition.

Booking for sitting places is yet to open, but as there is bound to be a high demand once full programme is announced, you are welcome to register your interest now:

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