Inspirational mother-daughter’s stroke survival journey unveiled in new book

Celebrating resilience and unity during Black History Month: Inspirational mother-daughter’s stroke survival journey unveiled in new book, with all proceeds supporting Headway – the brain injury association 

This month is Black History Month, and this year’s theme is ‘Saluting our Sisters’. Headway – the brain injury association is  thrilled to be marking this with two remarkable women, Liz Ekeledo and Justina Omotayo, as it celebrates the release of the pair’s  book ‘Unplanned Paths: A Stroke of Life.’


The book is the story of stroke survivor Liz and her daughter, Justina, from Thornton Heath, and tells of the ‘trials and triumphs of two British Black women’ before and after Liz’s stroke at just 37. A story showing that, despite obstacles, they have made their own way in the world, celebrating diversity and opportunity at every turn, and showing that a disability needn’t stop people from leading a fulfilling life.

Liz, a lifetime member of Headway, and Justina are kindly donating the proceeds of ‘Unplanned Paths: A Stroke of Life’ to Headway – the brain injury association The UK charity provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers, as well as to professionals in the health and legal fields.

Justina said: “Our story is one of resilience, love, and the power of community. We hope that by sharing it, we can inspire others to find strength in adversity, to cherish their loved ones, and to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.”

Liz’s motto is ‘life is for living’, and says she hopes the book will inspire other stroke survivors to embrace every second.

It’s that inspirational spirit, Justina hopes, will encourage more people to look out for the early warning signs of stroke and support stroke survivors and their families in any way they can, particularly those in black and ethnic minorities, who are at in increased risk of stroke.

“I want people who have been impacted by a brain injury and people who perhaps don’t know much about brain injuries to read the book and recognise that life can turn upside down overnight,” Justina said.

“I would encourage you that if you do encounter someone who has suffered a brain injury, to look at ways you can make a small contribution to their life.

“We have chosen to donate the proceeds of this book to Headway – the brain injury association because it is really important to us to raise awareness of the amazing work that Headway is doing to enrich the lives of  individuals, carers, and family members.

“A support network is so important, and we have definitely found that in Headway.”

Jen Murgatroyd, Director of Fundraising at Headway – the brain injury association, said: “Justina and Liz have done a wonderful job of bringing their vision of writing a book and sharing their personal journey to life. We’re incredibly grateful to them and all those who have supported them in making this a reality.

I am also very grateful that along the way, they have kindly chosen Headway as a beneficiary of the proceeds from books sold. The funds raised will go towards supporting other brain injury survivors’ carers and their families to get vital support when they need it the most.”

Click this link for further information on the book Unplanned Paths, which is out now.

To find out more about Headway, visit its website here.