Africa before Transatlantic Enslavement

The Transatlantic Slave trade not only distorted Africa’s economic development it also distorted views of the history and importance of the African continent itself. It is only in the last fifty years that it has been possible to redress this distortion and to begin to re-establish Africa’s rightful place in world history.

The African continent is now recognised as the birthplace of humanity and the cradle of civilization. We still marvel at the great achievements of Kemet, or Ancient Egypt, for example, one of the most notable of the early African civilizations, which first developed in the Nile valley over 5000 years ago.


However, even before the rise of Kemet it seems likely that an even more ancient kingdom, known as Ta Seti, existed in what is today Nubia in Sudan. This may well have been the earliest state to exist anywhere in the world. Africa can therefore be credited not only with giving rise to the many scientific developments associated with Egypt, engineering, mathematics, architecture, medicine etc but also with important early political developments such as state formation and monarchy. This demonstrates that economic and political development, as well as scientific development was, during this early period, perhaps more advanced in Africa than in other continents.

The African continent continued on its own path of development, without significant external intervention until the fifteenth century of our era. Some of the world’s other great civilisations, such as Kush, Axum, Mali, and Great Zimbabwe, flourished in Africa in the years before 1500. In this early period Africans participated in extensive international trading networks and in trans-oceanic travel. Certainly some African states had established important trading relations with India, China and other parts of Asia long before these were disrupted by European intervention.

A North African conquest of the Iberian peninsular began in the 8th century and led to the occupation of much of Spain and Portugal for several centuries. This Muslim invasion re-introduced much of the knowledge of the ancient world to Europe and linked it much more closely with North and West Africa. It was gold from the great empires of West Africa, such as Ghana, Mali and Songhay, which provided the means for the economic take off of Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries and aroused the interest of Europeans in western Africa. Indeed it was the wealth of West Africa, especially as a source of gold, that encouraged the voyages of the early European explorers.

By the 15th century the African continent was already one of great of diversity. The existence of great kingdoms and empires, such as Mali in the west and Ethiopia in the east were in many ways exceptional rather than typical. In many part of the continent no major centralised states existed and many people lived in societies where there were no great divisions of wealth and power. In such societies there were generally more democratic systems of government by councils of elders and other kinship and age based institutions. As a consequence there was also a diversity of religious and philosophical beliefs. In many areas these beliefs remained traditional and stressed the importance of communing with common ancestors. The Ethiopian kingdom was unusual because the Orthodox Christian church, which was of ancient origin in that region, had increasingly important state functions. In Mali, and in some other areas of western and eastern Africa, as well as in throughout North Africa, Islam had already begun to play a significant role before 1500. Most importantly African societies were following their own patterns of development before the onset of European intervention.

Negative views

In the 18th century, racist views of Africa were most famously expressed by Scottish philosopher David Hume: ‘I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the Whites. There scarcely ever was a civilised nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or in speculation. No ingenious manufacture among them, no arts, no sciences.’

Whilst some changed slightly over time, there were still some who continued to hold these derogatory views. In the 19th century, the German philosopher Hegel simply declared: ‘Africa is no historical part of the world.’ Later, Hugh Trevor-Roper, Regius Professor of History at Oxford University, expressed openly the racist view that Africa has no history, as recently as 1963.

Early achievements

We now know that, far from Africa having no history, it is almost certain that human history actually began there. All the earliest evidence of human existence and of our immediate hominid ancestors has been found in Africa. The latest scientific research points to the fact that all human beings are likely to have African ancestors.

Africa was not just the birthplace of humanity but also the cradle of early civilisations that made an immense contribution to the world and are still marvelled at today. The most notable example is Kemet – the original name of ancient Egypt – which first developed in the Nile valley more than 5,000 years ago and was one of the first monarchies.

However, even before the rise of Egypt, an even earlier kingdom was founded in Nubia, in what is present-day Sudan. Ta Seti is thought to be one of the earliest states in history, the existence of which demonstrates that, thousands of years ago, Africans were developing some of the most advanced political systems anywhere in the world.


Kemet, more commonly referred to as the Egypt of the pharaohs, is best known for its great monuments and feats of architecture and engineering, such as the planning and construction of the pyramids, but it also made great advances in many other fields.

The Egyptians produced early types of paper, devised a written script and developed a calendar. They made important contributions in various branches of mathematics, such as geometry and algebra, and it seems likely that they understood and perhaps invented the use of zero. They also made important contributions to mechanics, philosophy and agriculture, especially irrigation.

In medicine, the Egyptians understood the body’s dependence on the brain more than 1,000 years before the Greek scholars came up with the same idea. Some historians now believe that Egypt had an important influence on ancient Greece, pointing to the fact that Greek scholars such as Pythagoras and Archimedes studied there and that the work of Aristotle and Plato was largely based on earlier Egyptian scholarship. For example, what is commonly known as Pythagoras’ theorem was well known to the ancient Egyptians hundreds of years before Pythagoras’ birth.

The rise of Islam

The continent progressed on its own path of development without major external intervention apart from the Arab invasions of North Africa that began after the rise of Islam in the mid-7th century. Those invasions and the introduction of Islam served to integrate North Africa, as well as parts of East and West Africa, more fully into the Muslim-dominated trading system of that period and generally enhanced the local, regional and international trading networks that were already developing throughout the continent.

Although sometimes spread by military means, Islam’s expansion was often facilitated by trade and the desire of African rulers to utilise Islamic political and economic institutions. The Arabic language also provided a script that assisted the development of literacy, book-based learning and record-keeping.

The empire of Songhay – which stretched from modern-day Mali to Sudan –was known for, among other things, the famous Islamic university of Sankoré based in Timbuktu, which was established in the 14th century. The works of the Greek philosopher Aristotle were studied there, as well as subjects such as law, various branches of philosophy, dialectics, grammar, rhetoric and astronomy. In the 16th century, one of its most famous scholars, Ahmed Baba (1564–1627), is said to have written more than 40 major books on such subjects as astronomy, history and theology and had a private library that held over 1,500 volumes.

One of the first reports of Timbuktu to reach Europe was by the North African diplomat and author Leo Africanus. In his book Description of Africa, published in 1550, he says of the town: ‘There you will find many judges, professors and devout men, all handsomely maintained by the king, who holds scholars in much honour. There, too, they sell many handwritten North African books, and more profit is to be made there from the sale of books than from any other branch of trade.’

The North African, or Moorish, invasion of the Iberian peninsula and the founding of the state of Córdoba in the 8th century had begun the reintroduction of much of the learning of the ancient world to Europe through translations into Arabic of works in medicine, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy, as well as through the various contributions made by Islamic scholars. Arabic numerals based on those used in India were also transplanted, which helped to simplify mathematical calculations.

This knowledge, brought to Europe mainly by the Moors, helped to create the conditions for the Renaissance and the eventual expansion of Europe overseas in the 15th century.

Slavery in Africa

Between the 7th and 15th centuries, the external Muslim trading demand for African goods also included a demand for captives.

Forms of slavery have existed on all continents at different times in history – for instance, as a means of exploiting those captured in war – especially where there were labour shortages and an abundance of land. Slavery was certainly present in some African societies before the rise of Islam. In ancient Kemet, for example, there are descriptions of European slaves being branded. Later, in other African societies, especially those that were powerful states, enslaved or unfree people could be found, although generally their status was little different from that of poor farmers. It may indeed have been similar to that of the serfs of medieval Europe, who were required to produce an agricultural surplus or perform other duties for a particular ruler.

But when an external demand for enslaved people arose, some African societies could and did supply slaves. There was, for example, an export ‘trade’ in enslaved people, taking them via the Sahara from West to North Africa, following a similar route to other trade goods, such as gold and salt. Enslaved Africans were also forced to go to parts of the Middle East, to India and perhaps even as far as China. The most well-known slave of East African origin is Malik Ambar (1549–1626) who was born in what is now Ethiopia. Enslaved at an early age, he eventually became the regent of the Indian kingdom of Ahmednagar, famous for his military campaigns against the Mughals.

The development of states in Africa, increased the levels of inequality – between men and women, rich and poor, free and servile. In fact, inequality and economic exploitation were particularly prevalent in some of the most powerful and developed states, such as the Ethiopian kingdom. Indeed, historians generally consider Ethiopia to be a feudal society with many features similar to those of feudalism in Europe – that is, economic and political power was based on land ownership and the exploitation of those who were forced to work on that land.

Trading systems and gold

nn18213 Before 1600, a massive regional and international trading system stretched from the coast of West Africa, across the Sahara to North Africa and beyond. It was sustained by the mining of gold in West Africa, as well as the production of many other goods there. For many centuries, it was dominated by powerful empires such as Ghana, Mali and Songhay, which often controlled both gold production and the major trading towns on the southern fringes of the Sahara.

A 9th-century historian wrote: ‘The king of Ghana is a great king. In his territory are mines of gold.’ When al-Bakri, the famous historian of Muslim Spain, wrote about Ghana in the 11th century, he reported that its king ‘rules an enormous kingdom and has great power’. He was also said to have an army of 200,000 men and to rule over an extremely wealthy trading empire.

In the 14th century, the West African empire of Mali, which was larger than western Europe, was reputed to be one of the biggest, richest and most powerful states in the world. The Moroccan traveller Mohammed Ibn Batuta, when giving his very favourable impressions of this empire, reported that he had found ‘complete and general safety’ there. When the famous emperor of Mali, Mansa Musa, visited Cairo in 1324, it was said that he brought so much gold with him that its price fell dramatically and had not recovered its value even 12 years later.

It was gold from these great empires of West Africa that prompted the early Portuguese voyages of exploration.

Traditional societies

In the centuries before 1500, some of the world’s other great civilisations, such as Kush (in present-day Sudan), Axum (in present-day Ethiopia) and Great Zimbabwe, flourished in Africa.

However, although the history of the continent before the transatlantic slave trade is often viewed as one of great empires and kingdoms, many of its inhabitants lived in societies with no great state apparatus. They were often governed by councils of elders or by other kinship- or age-based institutions. Religious and philosophical beliefs concentrated on maintaining communication with ancestors who could intercede with gods on behalf of the living and ensure the smooth functioning of society. (The Ethiopian kingdom was unusual because there the orthodox Christian Church, which was of ancient origin, performed increasingly important state functions.)

Many of these societies were small scale, occupied with farming, herding and producing enough from agriculture to survive and exchange in local markets. They could also be part of larger empires and, as such, were expected to produce a surplus or perform other duties for an overlord. In short, while these societies varied greatly and were governed in different ways, they were all developing according to their own internal dynamics.

The Igbo people, who still live in Nigeria, are an example of a society that was not part of a centralised state. They ruled themselves in village communities that, at different times, used slightly different political systems. As in many other African societies that used similar methods, everyone was taught rules and responsibilities according to age and groupings – men or women together in age sets – that cut across family or village loyalty. Sometimes the extended family was responsible for organising and training people and for liaising with other similar extended family groups, through councils of elders or elected chiefs. Therefore relationships based on age and kinship were often very important.

Even societies that had kings and more centralised political structures also used these other political institutions and ways of organising people. What is important about them is that they involved many people in decision-making and, in this respect, were African forms of participatory democracy. Religious ideas generally supported and underpinned these systems of government, most importantly giving people their own specific ways of understanding the world and the rules of their own society.

On the eve of the transatlantic slave trade

In most parts of Africa before 1500, societies had become highly developed in terms of their own histories. They often had complex systems of participatory government, or were established powerful states that covered large territories and had extensive regional and international links.

Many of these societies had solved difficult agricultural problems and had come up with advanced techniques of production of food and other crops and were engaged in local, regional or even international trading networks. Some peoples were skilled miners and metallurgists, others great artists in wood, stone and other materials. Many of the societies had also amassed a great stock of scientific and other knowledge, some of it stored in libraries such as those of Timbuktu, but some passed down orally from generation to generation.

Captives are forced marched in a coffle from the African interior escorted by armed slavers from East Africa, 1859 wood engraving with modern color.

There was great diversity across the continent and therefore societies at different stages and levels of development. Most importantly, Africans had established their own economic and political systems, their own cultures, technologies and philosophies that had enabled them to make spectacular advances and important contributions to human knowledge.

The significance of the transatlantic slave trade is not just that it led to the loss of millions of lives and the departure of millions of those who could have contributed to Africa’s future, although depopulation did have a great impact. But just as devastating was the fact that African societies were disrupted by the trade and increasingly unable to follow an independent path of development. Colonial rule and its modern legacy have been a continuation of this disruption.

The devastation of Africa through transatlantic slavery was accompanied by the ignorance of some historians and philosophers to negate its entire history. These ideas and philosophies suggested, that among other things, Africans had never developed any institutions or cultures, nor anything else of any worth and that future advances could only take place under the direction of Europeans or European institutions.


This is full of unhelpful misinformation!
We must stop misleading our children with falsehood and incitement to hatred in the name of history.
The aim of this trash is to fit into the narrative that the Whites have done Blacks wrong and very strangely, that Islam and Arabism have done us well or not so bad!!

    Hi Ezhi, Sorry you don’t like the article, would you like to put your opinion across in an article?

I agree with Ezhi, This article is dreadfully biased – it is quite sickening how the rhetoric puts this emphasis on this narrative of Europeans (In general) as being the wrong doers to Africans (It’s a very simplified, niave, dangerous and lazy analysis of history and it’s manipulative and divisive and self serving in nature;) You need to read some of Thomas Sowell’s work; and also look at Michael Tsarions work on those (very small in number)particular families and elites that orchestrated these state sanctioned operations and benefited from them. Also it may be worth looking at the book ‘White Slavery 101’ and getting acquainted with the rawness of life for 99% of medieval Europeans during these times; before encouraging this gross and foul rhetoric.

Brushing over Arabic invasions as if it was all flowers and economic prosperity, is equally disgusting and reaks of the work of a wet behind the ears social justice warrior. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why not go into some detail about the brutal nature of the Sub-saharan slave trade. Black slaves are still castrated today in Saudi Arabia.

    Hello Pepe and by extension, Ezhi.
    Just letting you know that your comments and critiques have not fallen on deaf ears.
    We have been working on several pieces regarding Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Oceanic involement in Africa for some time. However, as we focus on Black History in the UK and because the UK falls within a European sphere of influence, research on European involvement in Africa was our primary source of information as it is a) easier to get a hold of and b) has a greater number of sources that have been verified.
    At present, the largest issue we have on talking about the influence of Middle Eastern countries in Africa is that we are nowhere near where the information is kept. Secondly,people are largely unwilling to talk to us due to time constraints or their own views which deem it an issue not worth their time.

    In conclusion, this article was planned to be the first of many, with this one in particular looking to be constantly updated as information came to us.

    Nonetheless, I’m grateful for your comments as they give us some indication on where to look next to improve this website.


This is a very lazy historical analysis. It claims to be countering Eurocentricism, but begins with the European assumption that Africa is a homogenous block. Nobody disputes that Egypt is the cradle of much of modern civilisation. But what did San bushmen living in the Kalahari have to do with Egypt? The Zulus had no mathematics or written word and yet you speak of them all as “African”, as though they share a common history, and as if the Zulus can claim the achievements of the Egyptians as their own.

The above article is exactly the kind of history you get when Black Europeans write history with a specific identity political agenda in mind. Very disappointing, and very divisive and dishonest.

I note with interest that I made a comment, fully in line with commentary guidelines, but that it wasn’t published. Presumably because it presented a slightly alternative view point on what this site pushes.Very dissapointing. So much this being a discussion forum open to a variety of view points.

    Admittedly, our spam check filter is a computer and not a human, so even if you can submit it, it won’t get through to moderation.
    In some cases, we can approve a comment and the spam filter then removes it at a later date.

    Alternatively, it does allow some spam to filter through. This is something we are working on.

The above commenters are you black? Or from an Islamic culture. If you are from an Islamic background, I suggest you read books as How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, They Came Before Columbus, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering Religion. Etc

I would suggest others pick up these books too.

I am absolutely astonished by Islamophobic comments on this site. The majority of Africans taken over to the Americas were Muslims. The Arabs did not copy the Indian numeral system. In fact, it was the Arab traders (Muslims) who introduced the Arabic numeral system to the the present day Indian sub-continent.

Note – worthy comment
This is a very lazy historical analysis. It claims to be countering Eurocentricism, but begins with the European assumption that Africa is a homogenous block. Nobody disputes that Egypt is the cradle of much of modern civilisation. But what did San bushmen living in the Kalahari have to do with Egypt? The Zulus had no mathematics or written word and yet you speak of them all as “African”, as though they share a common history, and as if the Zulus can claim the achievements of the Egyptians as their own.

The above article is exactly the kind of history you get when Black Europeans write history with a specific identity political agenda in mind. Very disappointing, and very divisive and dishonest.

Personal Option
I think the person is confusing Ethnicity with Race. Race is the physical group you are assigned to, Ethnicity is the cultural subgroup. I am black, I take the history of all my people (from the Igbo of Nigeria, to the Akan of Ghana) but my Ethnicity is Jamaican which is another identity in itself. I am a decent of the Ashanti Empire (which was many Black ethnicities).

YOu missed out a CRUCIAL point, the Transatlantic Trade was started by Mystery Babylon mother of all harlots and abominations of the Earth ,,aka the roman catholic church – THAT IS WHAT THE BIBLE CALLS HER Rev 17 & 18 she is not of Christ. Pope Nicolas 5 issued a DUM DIVERSAS papal bull curse bewitchments call it whatever you want. It sought to place blacks in eternal servitude not only in the Slave trade but in blotting out any positive history before the slave trade so that blacks and whites only think of Black history as slaves..when that is not the case. We see that Blacks were in Henry 7th,8th and Elizabeth 1st England and they were not slaves but ordinary people who worked and earned salaries ….Even the bible is whitewashed to hide the identities of black evangelists that walked with Christ and went on to establish the New Testament Church we only hear on line on Simeon the Niger ( Acts 13:1) ..even now they would like us to believe that Niger is North African (Arab) and not negroid.. ( Er Niger, & Nigeria!!)

God has Called His people out of Mystery Babylon mother of all harlots Rev 18 :4 this applies to black people who are God’s people if we can get away from the pagan imagery that the popes have placed in many s minds.

This October also celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in which Martin Luther exposed the catholic church for who she is and the office of the popes as that of the Antichrist. We thank God for the Calling out of Gods people black and white, ( white christians were taking themselves to hell by listening to her papal bull to enslave and deny rights when Jesus said we should Love our neighbours and give all due rights.)

Great Article.

Truth be told aandd expressed without pretty.

Of course white people have hijacked the comments to discredit black history truths because don’t align with the “white savior” illusion they’ve created for themselves over the years. I sure hope that the writer of this article changes nothing to appease them. The truth of the matter is that prior to white people invading Africa as they have everywhere else, the systems in play there were working well for blacks. White people’s greed destroyed Africa and America and white supremacy masked the truth of black history for centuries. Now that we are able to read and think freely, they’ve lost their ability to control the narrative and that terrifies them.

Fantastic article!

Love this article don’t worry about the apostes Albinos who don”t like the Article they are nothing but Satans children!

To say this work is lazy would quite frankly only cone from those who disagree with the rise and fall of African lineage people. There is no reason to down play the events.
Saying OH poor white folks weren’t the only ones treating niggers bad. So this article holds no merit. Is absurd. White Supremacy is the absolute worst thing to happen to Hebrew Society.
You also left out. How Europeans stole the Hebrew God.
Also how Leopold II killed 12.5 million African people. Also how African people Birthed Europe centuries before white pale skin people existed

This is a whitewash—or blackish—of history.

‘More than most’ to ‘almost 100%’ of enslavement in Africa was/is Blacks enslaving & selling Blacks. Wars were fought by competing Black African cultures over who can enslave other Black Africans & sell them to Europeans. It was a huge part of various local economies which were disrupted when the USA & Europe abolished slavery. Here let Dr. Gates tell you. It’s already cued up:

That’s not enough for you? OK, kindly read this article—don’t cherry pick, understand it all—and then you can clearly understand the situation:

Also Whites stopped slavery, while it remains a cultural constant in Black Africa, and in other parts of the world today. A fact you twice failed to admit. That’s also clearly stated in the link above.

The thing is if you asked any level-headed Black history major, you would know these things. Something tells me, you don’t really want to know the complete facts. Slavery is part of the world’s history, and Black africans played a huge, willing, profitable part in it, even today.

Finally, here’s a gift just for you:

Bro, don’t be a racist. Don’t let facts frighten you. Don’t let hate-filled people sway you. We’re all human; warts & all.

The historical facts in this article are not only invalid but also not related to the title. Anyway the first thing you have to correct in this article is that you should have a clear idea about Africa. Egypt is not a black civilization they were and are white, second slaves of New world were from west Africa and the slave trades were created and well organized by Arabs from the 7 century and continued till 1970 by law. Europeans go to Africa and just bought the “product” which black people of concurrent tribes sold them. (there is still a slave trade in Africa today)

Actually I think you will find that the 25th dynasty Egypt was ruled by Nubian people and the common characters that people like to focus on such as Cleopatra came after this dynasty. Great wealth and political stability as well as exceptional feats in architecture were achieved during this dynasty that people want to erase. Why is it so difficult in this day and age to accept that black people made these contributions? There were places such as Timbuktu which had markets for trade and scientists and philosophers exchanged knowledge with foreign travellers. Some of these ignorant comments prove that black history month is essential to educate and restore a sense of pride in a community that is often taught that our history began with slavery.

Poor artical that strangely over looks the black slave trade that preceded the trans atlantic slave trade by nearly 800 years…has lasted now for over 1400 years and continues to this day….ie,..its happening now….and yes i refer the muslim islamic slavery of black people…men women and children….a trade that numbers over 200 million black people who were murdered slaved raped and castrated….can you explain to me why this genocide of black people finds no interest from you…

    We are more than happy to write about this as we were not aware. If you could be please send us some sources to we can commission the article.

I like the attempt to revisit Africa before the transAtlantic Slave Trade which is now a global industry…by Understanding Slavery.

What’s not to like if one has a header about Africa during UK Black History Month and remember not all in Africa are ‘black ‘ although they are Africans too (but not to get political) and not bragg abit?

One following honestly from sea through the Nile all the way to sea beyond the Table Mountain will be reminded of great Kingdoms mentioned by astute scholars from all over the world. That’s fact.

So even if slavery by Islamists, Western Traders & Colonialists and Africans too distorted history, we can pick up from let’s say the Great Zimbabwe Empire and attempt to make her great again….

Black and slavery are presented in such a way as it is a big crime, I do not say that it is correct, but the question arises whether it has ended the slavery or not? If there were no differences between the Black tribes, nobody would have dared to make slaves black. The slaves slammed themselves on themselves, the whole nation for the benefit of some people today

As a white anti-racist, I don’t think pre-colonial slavery in Africa, or the continued worldwide practice of slavery, lets transatlantic slave traders off the hook. The scale of it and the pseudo-scientific racist justification was disgusting, and the effects continue today to blight the lives of Africans living in Europe and the Americas.

It is time to stop the lies and the coverup. You need to stop

One thing is clear. Africa belonged to Africans. It was a developing continent as all others. Continental Slave trade subjugating weaker tribes differed greatly from intercontinental slave trade, i.e., the hunting, trapping, kidnapping, murdering, and inhumane treatment of human beings who were at once stripped of human dignity and all rights. Continental tribes didn’t deny their captees use of their language, their name, identification with their tribe and culture, food, medical treatment. The intent of European slavers was to strip Africa of its wealth, in human costs and its minerals, spices, cloths, and others. Greed and diabolical white supremacy, which is the most prevalent destructive force at work in the world today. White supremacy the and now, the human agenda that can’t be satisfied and knows no boundaries to be accomplished. Africa was the cradle of civilization with science and society that can’t be denied but can be erased as truth by self aggrandizing white people who refuse truth, preferring alternative truths. The world owes Africa and Africans a debt that cannot be repaid. We see it. We know it. We must all embrace humanity, and not diminish others because of “race or ethnicity”. As our existence in the world has demonstrated, genius comes is all skin colors.

Great research. My opinion and my DNA test results aligns well with this article. The negative comments are from many that really can’t comprehend that facts will never change we are one!!! The Africans are one with God & out of Africa came many!!!

As I read this article and some of the stupid biased comments, regarding this article – I wonder if those who are against it has did their own research? What race are they? I agreed that some part of Africa was underdeveloped and native – in reality all countries or race of people were at one time living the same way at one time until they developed. Some developed faster than others.

Native, uneducated, and an undeveloped nation, is all other races and blacks often seen in books and media. People need to understand that the black race just like any other race was at one time powerful in it own way. They developed into a nation that took pride upon themselves and contribute to the land God has provided.

Because of power, greed, and survival tribes did rage war against each other and took their enemies in as prisoners and later traded them to other races. Throughout history we learned there were other races who were slaves (Jews were slave in Egypt ). The Bible speaks about slave and how they ought to be treated. The problem is how slaves were taken away from their land; to a country and were consider not as human but as property with no rights. This is unlike what the Bible tell us about slaves, and how to treat the slave. The way blacks were treated as slave was a serious problem that needed to end. Many So-called Christians who were white were hypocrites themselves, raped the female slaves; brutally beat the male slave, and separated and sold the child from them parents. If the child was female, they would most like be use as the whites child “play toy” and later as the master mistress. Bottom line I like the article and there is truth in it

Actually, contemporary scientific research of palaeoanthropologists is pointing to China/East Asia being the birthplace of humanity and civilisation, not Africa. Furthermore, the slave trade was already flourishing in the continent before the Europeans ever arrived, just look at the Barbary slave trade. What’s more, slaves are embedded in Islamic culture and has been a plague on the region since the 9th century! Europeans exploited an already exploited people on a moveable scale never seen before, but what they did was not unique. My African brothers must know this.

this article is so good and so glad you have mentioned Ethiopia from eastern Africa .this article really helped me on writing my history essay writing assignment

The obsession with ETihopa by black Americans and black people in the West is the most digusting, misinformed and ridiculous thing on the planet. The type of slavery that existed in Ethiopia is NO WAY different from the type of slavery that existed in OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES. Ethiopia…a country driven by DIFFERENT CULTURAL VALUES THAN MOST OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES…has become a point of demanding why “their” blackness is different and why “black” people have enslaved “black” people. That’s not how it worked!!!!! First of all, was there not an enslavement between Ghanian and Nigerians??? Was there not enslaved with Tanzanians…who also had the same Arab thing hybridization in the ocean parts, where they enslaved Bantus???? WHY FOCUS ON ETHIOPIA??????? WHY ONLY FOCUS ON ETHIOPIA WITHOUT MENTIONING THE OTHER AFRICAN COUNTIRES THAT WERE DOING THE EXACT SAME???? You seem to be another moronic person trying to trash Ethiopians, while giving outlet, opportunities, and all sorts of things to West Africans and other African that did the exact same thing, that claim they are the only and true victim of everything. Ethiopians have been the victim of White supremacy TOO, as well as they are now victim of West Africans that think they can bully East Africans using the platforms that are being given to them. Go to hell. WHITE PEOPLE BANNED SLAVERY FIRST, BECAUSE THEY DID SLAVERY MASSIVELY!!!! THEY DIDN’T WANT ANYMORE AFRICANS COMING TO WHITE NATIONS. Ethiopia on the other hand abandoned it freely, the same time as all other nations around the world from Arabs to Asians. West Africans on the other hand, still practice various forms of slavery today. Good job trashing others.

Read about the slave trade from East Africa by Arab slave traders for centuries of the Zanj to Asia and Arab countries far off as China! These slaves were revolting against their Arab masters in Iraq when they were used on plantations for labour as far back as 869-
883 AD!
Certainly some African states had established important trading relations with India, China and other parts of Asia long before these were disrupted by European intervention.
Makes this paragraph look a bit naive and your perception of your idea of trade!

Many of those criticizing this article do so with the warped view of history that the West wants everyone to accept. They want to blame us (Africans) for our own enslavement and colonization for 250 years in this country and Africa. Africa called Europe in to divide it up and take advantage of the various cultures. Cultures that now want English and French to be there national languages. The indigenous people of America caused their own genocide as well. Europeans had little to do with it. The Europeans just showed up and the indigenous people said ” here take my land and destroy my people.” Europeans do this ignoring where people of African descent are living today. There are people of African descent in America today right now. How did they get here? Who brought them here? We sailed those 15,000 voyages from Africa on the slave ships that we (Africans) must have built on the coasts of Africa? Were Africans equal citizens from day one of setting foot on this land? Who were the people that brought Africans here? They were European aliens that have now disappeared and Africans are loved in every circle. We got lots of non racist European white friends some in our own families. There are no problems for anyone right?. Except those caused by Africans themselves. Africans live in these redlined neighborhoods that are just naturally segregated from whites except when whites want to reclaim and gentrify these prime locations. The wealth gap is not real is it? Africans have a networth of $10,000 and European white have a net worth of 100,000. Why is that ? Does slavery or Jim Crow have anything to do with that? Wow! Wow! These Africans complaining about how they have been treated. We Europeans just did not have anything to do with it. What you see before your eyes is just not true.

I am an African American and have an advanced history decree. I no axes to grind against white people and I do not subscribe to this social justice warrior mess that is destroying our republic. I am writing a history novel about the African American experience in Liberia during the 19th century. I would like to gather a group of interested persons to support this book when it is published. It is very balanced and is based on 80% facts (documents, eye witness accounts). It demonstrates the good and bad of the colonizers (both black and white) as well as the good and bad in African societies. You are interested in discovering more about the truth instead of the mythical “white man all bad, and black man all good,” please email me so that I put you on a list to notify you when the novel comes back.

Interesting article. I hope you do indeed expand on your articles uncovering more black history from beyond what we all think we know. I personally as a white one would like to know more. I am though pretty perplexed at our present time that current blacks still hate whites for slavery committed by people’s long ago. I have never owned a slave of any color. I never will and have never understood a so called human who would enslave another human. I also am perplexed by the racist white people who hate the blacks. They also tho hate any person of color including whites like me who have no problem with black skin brown skin etc. Slavery does indeed still exist. All colors all nations. It is unfortunate though that blacks had such mass multitude all around the world. They are spread around the four corners of the earth. They truly seem to fit the curses of the Israelites of the bible. I as a white person find black history interesting and I hope you all come to know your history.Stop the hate for whites and find out who you are where you came from and how to receive your true inheritance. Blessings.

Everyone’s focusing on [pseudo] history. What about the NOW?

Both Arabs and Europeans have dealt Afrika severe blows thru the trans Saharan and Atlantic slave trades…and it continues till date. But Now that we know that our past was once great…before the distruptions by Arabs & Europeans we should bring that same energy of our ancestors…be it Kemet, Nubia , Ile-ife, Great Zimbabwe. into the present and decolonize our minds….

As a white person, I am embarrassed with the angst of my fellow white skins in this comment section. The vigor in their arguing is appalling!!! I hate that we come to ‘black’ sites to order, correct, demean, and control what is being said, what is not being said and to continue to try to orchestrate HOW it is said. We are a pitifully race of people! White supremacists no let’s be honest racists, plain and simple! Fellow white folks let’s stay off of African American sites and learn to mind our own business, finally. We don’t want them living in our neighborhoods why are we going on their websites…much like gentrification, to reclaim what was, for so long, ours without regard for those who came behind us and made it there own, selfish and egomaniacal. I hate being amongst the white population.
I say, in closing, good for you Africans stolen from Africa learn your history without regard to my ignorant brothers continued attempts to steer you back into the dark! And yes, I believe as @Normajean alluded above, you all are the true Hebrew Isrealites but that truth may never be said until Yahoshua returns for you. God bless you all you are the beginning and the end, the superior race, by far and in ALL ways!

As a white person, I am embarrassed with the angst of my fellow white skins in this comment section and on ‘black’ websites overall. The vigor in their arguing is appalling!!! I hate that we come to ‘black’ sites to order, correct, demean, and control what is being said, what is not being said and to continue to try to orchestrate HOW it is said. We are a pitifully race of people! White supremacists, no let’s be honest racists, plain and simple! Fellow white folks let’s stay off of African American sites and learn to mind our own business, finally. We don’t want them living in our neighborhoods why are we going on their websites…much like gentrification, to reclaim what was, for so long, ours without regard for those who came behind us and made it there own, selfish and egomaniacal. I loathe being amongst the white population.
I say, in closing, good for you Africans stolen from Africa, learn your history without regard to my ignorant brothers continued attempts to steer you back into the dark! And yes, I believe as @Normajean alluded above, you all are the true Hebrew Isrealites but that truth may never be said until Yahoshua returns for you. God bless you all, you are the beginning and the end, the superior race, by far and in ALL ways!

Good information, thank you for researching and writing this. Western history distorts. It is time for the truth to be told. All of the information available on the internet serves as a great resource to the chagrin of the ‘authors’ and keepers of Western history.

There is a comment that credits the ban on slavery to whites but as always neglects the efforts of African abolitionists like the Kru boatmen of Liberia who never engaged in slavery to any degree and supported abolition. Again the absence of African’s resistance to slavery is that African resistance was reported in European sources only when it concerned attacks on slave ships and company barracoons, but acts of resistance also took place far from the coast and thus escaped the slavers’ attention. More importantly, they have often been underestimated and overlooked.

First off slave trade was and is a crime committed by humanity against humanity. And when it comes to the Trans Atlantic slave trade, both Africans and Europeans have a role to play. Hence getting caught up in the need to apportion blame or praise between Africans and Europeans or between one nation or another will defeat the purpose of seeking a holistic view of the past in truth.

To add to that the European role in abolishing the slave trade was motivated both by an evangelical and economic turn of events. The former being a result of an internal conflict between hypocrisy and Christian devoutness of the European. It did put pressure on its government notably the British but in no way should it downplay the coming of the industrial age and its ever-growing need for mostly groundnut and palm oil that eventually justified trading with Africans as more profitable than trading in Africans. More importantly, the British had a need to actively participate in recapturing and resettling slaves because of the now declining but troublesome “black-market” slave trade which was affecting the legitimate trade (now appreciated as a symbol of the nineteenth century European). Of course, it will be remiss not to mention that this period of significant economic shift is documented as a point when there was an increase in slave trade within West Africa along the palm oil belt as a source of cheap labor. Another point to emphasize that slavers are a human flaw and not race-specific.

From the article, I love the part that stresses the diversity in the development of African societies prior to European occupation which establishes similarities to other parts of the world during that time. In that, there were parts that would appear primitive based on standards of that time and parts that were highly advanced whether as centralized or segmented societies. So the question is why was one face emphasized over the other. In my opinion, Slavery has had a hand in the disruption and distortion of African Civilisation but more damning is racial Europe that subdued Its internal nationalist rivalries with racialism in order to share a justified common goal of colonialism and the white supremacist belief that Western civilization should replace African civilization or at least model a unique African civilization based on European design. The point is Afro-Euro relations at the north, east and the west of Africa before the TA slave trade was just like any contact between two proud civilizations with each having something of equal measure to offer to each other with none being superior. The feeling of superiority of one over the other will only put the self-proclaimed superior one to shame because no civilization is perfect or does not need to learn from another and history has proven this over and over again.

That said I appreciate the mention of a historical novel about the African American experience in Liberia during the 19th century and I will like to be on the email list but sadly your email (Terence Levonza Johnson) has not been shared. I share the opinion that the successes and tragedies of Sierra Leone and especially Liberia during the nineteenth century are important historical references for modern African states like my country Ghana.

As Africans both at home and in the diaspora, our combined efforts to re-establish our importance and undo both internal and external misfortunes of our past and our present heavily depends on our unity not fostered by racialism but one open to globalism. So that truth that we re-establish cannot be contested since it lacks biases and generally as evolved people who have learned from our past, not to do to others what has been done to us.

I appreciate articles like this. This is the life line for African Americans if they would read it. I am a lover of history from Slavery to the Colonist, to this very day of African Americans. I also enjoy American history, the history of each state in America. There is much more about history that I enjoy. With it comes a peaceful mind for me. The days of exploring life from the point of view as when I was a teenager is over. Now it is take all of it in about my own history and the history about America. It will teach you the root of problems that exist or why they exists in our country. And I love finding the root of problems, it brings me peace.

I find the Article inspiring and enriching. African civilization was disrupted and there is no intention in the whites mans white supremacy mentality to acknowledge that a black man is a great man. Blacks and africans are unique special people in all aspects , i think it is important for blacks to map out their own journey. Africa can not move on the same read of development socially, economically with the rest World. African way of life is not based on the Capitalistic mentality, and Unless Africa defines their own methods of development in all aspects, they will remain enslaved mentally, spiritually and economically.

Most historical definitions written toward east Africa, all of them by any means trying to hide or disgrace my country ETHIOPIA had un in ancient times 7000 years ago, which was ETHIOPIAN dominated the entire region on vast areas. But everything systematically and purposely written on new history after European colonization BREAKS in ETHIOPIA. SOI we ETHIOPIAN believe receive unstoppable historical attacks and take away all our credit for civilization mostly to Egypt. Believe it or not Egyptian ruled by ETHIOPIAN, we have NILE, unique Alphabet, its own callander, a lot of things, one day the truth reveals.,we ETHIOPIAN believe the PYRAMIDS was built by ETHIOPIAN. It was their territory

This article is the best Ive come across regarding the actual cause of slavery as many are more vague and seem to continually revolve around where in America did the captives arrive. An Idea for a new blog may be to focus around the Portugal slave traders and the impact of Islam among Africans that contributed to the acceptability of slave trade through out Africa by other Black Africans. Also a piece on the Spanish slave trade may help in the understanding of what went on to cause the enslavement of the various African tribes. Please email me with any more of your publications. Thank you

We live in a society and world now, where it appears that the faster technology advances, and the more division of races of people, we are no longer impressive by facts. I am impressed by facts that most not be in dispute. The article does in no way presents itself as a book, but information that is summary of different time periods in many of the countries within the continent of Africa’s history. It is pure ignorance and a form of neurosis to slam the entire article based on any bias or misinformed or limited knowledge and indepth study of any world history. It is a major fact that every past empire has collapsed rather by internal efforts, or external invasion. What cannot be in dispute is the author of this article’s knowledge of such great empires such as Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Timbuktu and many other smaller kingdoms that at one time in hanced the continent of Africa and contributed much in the progressive academia, economical, political development , growth and advancement of Greece, Rome, China, European, as well as some Arabic nations. Africa is made up of 30 some countries. Many different languages culturals and tribes. Babylonian times was considered to be initially, the first real civilized throughout the world of that time. Trading, migration of peoples and the mixing of groups of humanity has been taken place for thousands of years. Slavery in any form is wrong in my personal opinion, but because humanity has a innate ability and desire to conquer, whether internal, or external, slavery seems to be a ever present means to obtaining one’s sense of worth and power over resources. The problem with slavery is that it creates inhumane conditioning, captivity, and devaluing of humanity as well as many other evils. God created all things, great and small. Slavery removes the freedom that God created in man for himself, and the world around him. God gave man ability to choose. Slavery takes away choice. The inability to not be able to choose goes against God’s righteousness. Yet, God knew man’s rebellious spirit, so he place parameters around the master’s treatment of his slave. Man has left these parameters, and chose evil acts. Evil acts have been committed for thousands of years against slaves, but to strip humans of their language name and culture is pure evil and humane. There is nothing wrong in nations borrowing from other nations to enhance their own growth, but to claim something that you did not discover, or produce is a real lack of knowledge because as long as there is a Supreme Being! Truth, Righteousness, and Liberty will prevail. I’m just saying. Knowledge and truth always wins out

Quite an interesting article although I find some of the assumptions and conclusions not particularly correct…at least in my own reading of history.

First, there is the underlying assumptions that homogenizes all black people as though they are one monolith with the same experiences and all. This faulty assumption which is eurocentric in source has always created a faulty understanding of African history.

Secondly, we Africans were active participants in the slave trade and sadly, many of the coastal kingdoms in pre colonial Nigeria had their political systems built around one thing, slaves and much later oil after the abolition of slave trade. In fact, King Pepple, one of the coastal kingdom leaders was said to have negotiated and collected about £10,000 from the British to end his trade in slaves. To an outsider, they may be wondering why black people will want to sell black people, the answer lies in the first point, that communities were different with different beliefs and some communities saw the the communities as enemies (not brothers) in pre colonial Africa.

I will suggest that you a closer reading of African historians like Kenneth Dike will help broaden the discussion around the subject matter.

It’s so sad that as a black woman the only history that the oppressors want us to believe is that we were slaves and nothing else. I see many comments about the Bible and how we were to be treated as slaves. I strongly encourage black people to stop letting other cultures tell us what we were and our history. This page is the example of how still today we are being taught that we are less than. When in fact the only cursed people in the Bible were The children of Israel. God’s chosen people who are today is labeled so-called blacks or African Americans, Hispanics, and the Native Americans. No one mentions the book of Leviticus or Deuteronomy. Where the Most High mentions that we should follow his commands. Black people we need to do our own research and understand that we must read the Bible and follow the Most High’s commands!!! We are Yahawah’s chosen people and the commands and statutes is for us and us only. The 12 Tribes of Israel!! Our ancestors chose to break these commands and follow the heathen’s Gods. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28 kjv it’s there in plain sight everything our ancestors experienced during slavery and what we are experiencing today. Read!!!

This is the biggest pile of stealing garbage and those talking about racism and having degrees are either COMPLETELY unscholarly or as fraudulent as the author. The transatlantic myth was for one thing only. …to disenherit and disenfranchiseven the so called African American who is the original person found in the Americas from the Antilles to Greenland.
How do you COMPLETELY ignore the original explorers who throughly documented the aboriginal COPPER colored people of the Americas. One can, right now examine the book, America: Being THE Most Accurate Depiction of The New World online in pdf form for free! There’s only a couple surviving copies housed in the Library of Congress.
You will NEVER find any depiction or description of Eurasian natives in the Americas by any early explorers! You won’t find mention our pictures of them until the advent of the camera and the first SURVIVING census in the 1800’s. And when you read the instructions for “Indians not taxed” (to which there is a difference between Indian and native American which only means born here) the takers were told to list them as colored!
No other people have been reclassified or I should say slandered publicly in so many ways: negro, colored, mulatto, black then African American. It doesn’t get any more obvious than that! None of which were self chosen and WHY wouldn’t they just be called African?
I could go into the fact the transatlantic passing was an impossibility technologically! Wins and currents flow west east so you can’t SAIL them. The ships had no ballast to maintain neutral buoyancy! No provisions for sanitation! No storage for clean water and supplies. NO SHIPS FOUND INTACT OR EVEN CLOSE! So called slave forts being listed as private residencies.
The most telling going is no great “African” or trial literary works about the theft of over 20 million people! No stories. NOTHING. Better still are west Africans that have migrated here and NEVER heard of the stories OR only learned in western schools or upon arrival! Videos of dime if their interviews can be YouTube’d! There are paid shills that try to sell the story because they gain revenue from simple minded tourists! They can only site the. ..ahem. ..seminal work. ..errr…plagurized work of Alex Haley’s Roots which was not only stolen but the genealogy was made up. Want a good laugh and an insight as to how they played people? Look up the fact that Kunta Kente is an aboriginal American name.
This poorly stacked house of cards is crumbling right along with the fake out of Africa theory. At this point is just sad and too easily demythologized! I didn’t even scratch the surface.

An interesting read, definitely worth taking the time.

North Africans were different from sub Saharan Africans hence the term sub Saharan African when talking about dna. The ancient Egyptians were of the Caucasian race.Black Africans took blacks as slaves first and that is the reason the Muslims of the Middle East took them also.Muslims had black slaves for about 900 years before the Europeans did.Just because it says Africa doesnt mean its black.Its like saying Polish people are just like vietnamese because the land is literally connected.Stop buying into the destruction of our society by an ideology that wants to cause division.They start with speech and culture and invert it.

Rich Block. You talk absolute. nonsense. No white civilisation have been found in Africa much less Egypt. The Egyptians migrated from Niger. A place the house the oldest Sphinx and Pyramid.
The Egyptians were all over Africa. You would evidence of that if you would go and investigate instead regurgitating the Ethnocentric nonsense the white privilege made up about a continent and it’s people. They that were living in European caves at the time of the Egyptians and didn’t know anything about a place called Africa, that wasn’t even its name, could never in a million years be in possession the truth especially when you all tell some much lies and not interested in the truth just because of your own racism alone.
Black Africans did not have slaves you cannot provide on proof of it. Not physical proof of it, Only what you people wrote in your pages.
The term Sub-Saharan African is a term derived by the White person to try and make a distinction/isolate Egypt from the rest of Africa knowing full well that the Egyptian were connected to all parts of Africa, The term have it’s root in the French white Europeans.

Before white Europeans and Arabs, that are nothing but left overs from Ottoman Empire, Africa stretched to Arabia and beyond Israel. In Ancient time these people would try to settle in the land of Canaanite but the Egyptian would ride out and destroy them. They are not indigenous to Arabia. The black Africa was there long before them. If you don’t believe me go look it in the encyclopedia Britannica. It will tell you. The African don’;t need to.

This article is jus a piece of insight not an answer so those giving negative feed back should add to it instead of trying to debunk it or do your own research on it one thing i know life and living is about collective see some of y’all state of mind is based in a westerners ego and pride state

Didn’t the Egyptians take slaves Israelites and slavery was common practice in Africa? Even the tombs of the kings had 360 slave statues, one for each day of the Egyptian year.

I’ve heard many stories, but one that’s come up several times is that Africa was the first place to take slaves. Many of the europeans came and saw Africans having slaves for the first time and some started buying them first. Word spread and that led to this bigger seizing of slaves, sadly.

Since there is a lot of trauma still being carried around this, I am really curious. It like declaring, the Germans they are the ones responsible for all this war on the planet. They may have killed a lot of people but there were many other wars before that. We are at a point in our society where all of us have ancestors that have been raped, enslaved, pillaged, murdered, tortured. And if we keep pointing fingers at each other we are never actually going to process the anger, grief, and emotions we are holding.

All war and slavery is our own inner environment of the mind. If we can all find peace within, that is how we end the war. We end the slavery by taking ownership for our power. I am not talking about the past, I am talking about now. Give you power now to inner peace and liberate yourself.

The huna shaman from Hawaii have a special prayer that ends all war and suffering. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Our history was a learning experience. Let’s learn from it what not to do going forward.

We are all one. We come from the same place.

Our history and even now news is distorted. Not just black history. There were entire civilizations wiped out and there is a current effort by the Egyptian government to prevent any new discoveries that would prove their theories of the pyramids being tombs that were built during the pharaonic times.

Can someone help me, please? I’m looking to study pre and post African colonialism. I’m doing this to be able to gain some knowledge on the human mechanics of the whole current situation of struggle and poverty. Can someone point me in the right direction as a starting point. I just want to try to help in some way and I think the first step is understanding how Africa got to where it is today.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Your article is good, it’s a fact no one is ashamed of yet.

Shaka’s history has been distorted a lot by colonizers who used his story to miseducated Southern Africans about their real history… He was Imbube/Induna yezikhali and served under King Menzi the true founder of the Zulu nation.

Menzi placed Senzangakhona as the protector of the nation and when he rejected his son, it was Menzi’s wife who raised Shaka – he is still today known or referred to as “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” literally meaning he gained fame by residing in Menzi’s home. Menzi had a son he named Nkayishana.

If you do your research you will know that amaZulu refer to themselves as “abeNkayishana kaMenzi” literally meaning they belong to the son of Menzi; Nkayishana – even the current Zulu monarch’s clan praise refers to that. I can go on and on about this but the point is


African Royal King: Menzi “Pete” Xaba is the father to the Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” Xaba father to Nkwankwini “Moshe” Xaba who is the brother to Mpangele “Aron” Xaba the biological father to King Dinizulu “INkayishana encane kaMenzi” Xaba who is the father of Princess Magogo who is the biological mother to Prince: Dr Mangosuthu G Buthelezi (IFP Leader)

Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” was buried alive chained both hands and legs by the White People on the 5th of May 1603 Friday and that day was celebrated till date as “Good Friday” meaning the Royal King position was led by the African Royal King (Black person) and the Royal Queen position led and still in hands of Royal Queen (White People)

The African Royal King: Menzi “Pete” Xaba is also the founder of the so called “Royal Education” which later known as “OBE/ CAPS”. The Xaba surname was Qaba before it became Xaba due to the fact that Xaba people are the San/ Khoisan aka Abathwa as some of you know them as “Abathwa baka Menzi”

The Xaba Royal Kingdom position consists of the three (3) Royal Kingdom seats namely:

a) ISilo: Menzi/ Nkayishana
b) IBhubesi: Royal King-Menzi appointed Langalibalele Hadebe to lead that department
c) IMbube: Royal King-Menzi appointed Shaka kaSenzangakhona aka “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” to lead that department later under the leadership of Goodwill Zwelithini Lifelolenja not Zulu (His hidden surname)

Several Xaba men, women, children were kidnapped to America and other countries and those who went to America were humiliated so hard in order to force them change their original XABA surname into a new surname “Jackson” (Jack is the most powerful tool on earth and Son-people/ Nation) which existed as from 1603 till date. The White people did their best to destroy Xaba Royal Kingdom and spread false history about this royal family.

Please allow me to leave here it long and painful but thanks God we are the Peace Ambassadors among other existing Nations on planet. Today on the 19th of August 2017 our Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” Xaba is making the 414 years buried alive chained both hands and legs.

The White led Government knew about this
The Black led Government knew and know about this (From Hon. PW Botha to Hon. Pres-JG Zuma

The article was brilliantly written with facts and truths throughout. It was just what i was looking for! Eloquent.

What is the author of the article’s name?

Like your post.

This article claims to be talking about black history yet it almost only talks about Egyptians and other north Africa people who are Caucasian. On top of this it continually uses biased, exaggerated and opinionated words to deceive people on how developed some African nations were and their contributions to the world. Very misleading Article

Of course the people denying Africans have accomplished anything are white. No surprise there. Great article. More people need to hear the truth.

First I must say this seems like you have stired up the bees nest. I must say it is a good way to start. We must start the education from some where so this is a good start. Lets forget about the hatred and evil comments. How can we learn, educate and form a more civilized human race. Thank you for starting the education. lets keep improving our civilization by educating the human race, that hate and evil has no place in it

Africa is the cradle of civilization not Mesopotamia. The culture flowed from the Lake Victoria region where the white and blue Nile merged flowing up north establishing Ta Seti, Abydos and Luxor. The Middle East was made up after WW1 to take the north east section away from Africa and put it in the hands of the Arabs and the British. So what that did was give them a hold on the holy land and take it from black Africans. Yes we helped enslave some of our people but it wasn’t the same viciousness of the Arab and Trans Atlantic slave trade where the African people were stripped of all knowledge of self. History was written away from Africa and given a European and Arab narrative but now the veil of ignorance of self is lifted. Africa needs to consider itself as one country with many states instead of a continent with many countries. That way all the countries can benefit from the vast resources. Put down your petty differences take back your continent, invite blacks back from all over the world so we have a sense of belonging and a great nation could rise from the ashes.

One man’s writings is one man’s opinion there are millions of opinions written on paper anyone can choose which opinion they want to believe .but one thing for sure the white race could never treat us as equal and that is the lost secret of why.but it will be revealed one day and hopefully history don’t repeat itself.that could be real ugly for the suffering our people have endured.

Very insightful piece on Africa and it’s position in the world before the European Reformation Movements and conferences that began in the early fifteenth to change the world’s view of Africa and to deprive it’s various indigenous African diaspora on the continent of it rich history and their rightful place in history.

This is only part of the destruction of the black race and their culture.. the same formula can be seen throughout the Americas.. greed and the justification of being white if basically the formula for this madness also neocoloniyiism.. my people including white supremacists are in denial. Read !!!

Thank you for this article!! It sheds some light on facts and topics that we can pay more attention to and question what we’ve been taught over the years.

Thank you very much. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Factual keys to the past and no it won’t be received by all..
How do I get involved?

If sharing of information, is the Idea of this small ,and interesting walk through African History, a lot of us by having a closed mind and being disrespectful of each other’s views , Do yourselves a big disservice None of us know as much as we think we know,and None of us are as smart as we think we are! We all have a very small idea of our History,

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and the comments from the biased ignorant people who believe that the Europeans have not started racism in a manner to appeal to all other nations to follow their lead to think African people’s are less than whites is ridiculous. Racism and ignorance came from the European gentiles and they need to learn from their mistakes and ignorance. If they never lived in the black skin they will never understand how being black feels so they could NEVER I MEAN NEVER Understand what it’s like being black.

I love this

History, is history, is history is history. The reality is slavery in America is American history. No matter how they chose to write it facts are being discovered that this practice of slavery was the most violent, dehumanizing, demented form of slavery in this the land of the “FREE” Why built into the Constitution there is a clause that classifies us (African Americans) as being counted as 3/5ths of a man. So our struggle was and always will be is to be recognized as a man and not chattel, not property, not less than, not lower than and certainly not disrespected based on some erroneous doctrine perpetuated by this country.

There is no birthplace of humanity, the out of Africa theory BEEN debunked, who still believes that today is not a free thinker and truly indoctrinated in darwinism and later eugenics. Furthermore it is the birthplace of bullshit religions, which is the real reason why it’s said to be the birthplace of CIVILIZATION, to be civilized…through bullshit religious beliefs. Then you got to be super slow, basic, and not a proficient researcher of history, world history and global structures…if you did you would know and logically be able to see that the temples and mounds that you may call pyramids in the AMERICAS are way more ancient and developed and then link to fact that the ppl who CIVILIZED those areas in what is now called Africa came from the AMERICAS actually. Also, dark skinned ppl were EVERYWHERE, including Europe, Russia etc. Stop this dumb shit here

I am so heartened by the many comments from African and other Black brethren who see through this load of CRAP American Negroes have been fed and accepting for the past 60 or more years. Africa was and is no better than all of the other tribalcentric (my own word) lands in this world. A simple Western Civ. class dealing with Europe and the Americas should put this to rest. The European tribes whether Slavic, Norse, Germanic, Anglo, Saxon, Romantic were as brutal toward and enslaved each other just as they did Africans. Let’s not EVEN go to the Americas. Did Native Americans, Central and south American tribes not butcher and enslave one another? Did we forget about HUMAN SACRIFICE among the Mayans and others? Also our so-called enlightened African Bantu brothers such a Shaka the Zulu slaughtered thousands of fellow Bantus. So, please get off of your high horses and get real. Europeans and early Americans were no better and no worse than any other people around the world. I will finish saying that NO people anywhere on earth have given more or sacrificed more for the Africa and Asia, than white Americans.

Daniele Williams I agree with you 100 percent. I’m sure the people that are disagreeing with this article and claiming that white people were not responsible for slavery are clearly lying to themselves and others. White people want to take the credit for any accomplishment a black person has made which is very sickening. Their hatred is ingrained in them from birth. I honestly don’t understand why so many white people are racist to begin with given their history with hurting other races in the past and present. I truly believe this world would have been a lot more peaceful and loving if they had not spread their racism around the world.

This was a most unique, interesting and informative read I wish I had this kind of information on a regular basis so that I could educate myself about my own origin.

Well Presumably the write up has some positive historic content but I will it’s still some hidden details that I feel is being sunk in the sands like a myth we can all arguably talk about the Egyptians as way back as the roots of Africa but the specificities in this article is obviously bias

Thank for this enlightening article. Contrary to many opinions expressed in the opinions section. I found it to be quite enlightening, what is alarming though is how there is so many dissenting views among us people of African origin. Even at this opportunity to unite and enlighten each other of our erased history we fight and diss each other. Even so I hope the seeds of separatism in the form of ethnicity, colourism, superiority will one day with constant small efforts be erased and we will emerge victorious.

Unfortunately, self-hatred and anti-black bias drives commentary and discussion on the African origins of civilization, enslavement and slavery. Those negroes and so-called white allies that negatively comment erroneously with the purpose of deflecting historical realities are also silent and complicit with scholarship and scholars that are wittingly and unwittingly prejudice, bigoted and racist (all three terms conveying different things on a continuum of racial bias). The study of Black History requires context and nuance–a parsing of woven histories to distill truth.

The unadulterated truth of persons of African descent is rooted in Black History. It has the power to awaken the masses–to transform the hearts and minds of African peoples all over the world–to maximize their colossal human potential to empower black people and hence the world. Black accommodative reactionary intellectuals and gate keeping white liberals fear Black Power and view it with the same disdain and fear as many whites and other non-black protagonists.

Is the man that kills you because he views you as an animal the same as the man that kills you because the man that considers you as an animal held a gun to his head and told him too?

Such Sincerity And Profoundly Magical.
The truth hurts and for some reason it only harms the perpetrator… every single one of our African kids deserve such honesty. Thank you, I love it.

Great article. Sometimes the truth still hurts many when you have been brainwashed for centuries. I wish we all had a TV to see real time events of how everything came into place, but even with solid visual knowledge some would still be in disbelief. This article took time, and research and for this I greatly appreciate you the writer.

Excellent read, great research! Please write more. A great topic is to explore what happened internally with the African Kingdoms that allowed the Arabs and the Europeans to conquer and colonize them? What were the mistakes that allowed the Arabs and Europeans to take and continue to control Africa’s natural resources, Africa’s governments and the people of Africa? Understanding the history of colonization of Africa and non-white people around the globe, what must be done to liberate Black African people in 2020? Would love to see more research and articles of this sort. Also, please give us more information on those Africans, both female and male warriors who fought back. Thank you! Enjoyed this! We want more

Very beautiful tale but millions didnt come over in boats and we Black women weren’t hearded like animals to have babies.
Millions of our people Black Aborigines of America were already here. You cant bring a person way from Africa and their gonna know how to farm a land they dont know that’s completely different from theres. And the caucasians that colonized this land didnt know either.
Think people America wasn’t some abandoned land or new world that had no civilization. Caucasians say that every time they reach a land. Because they think were savages. The Spanish paint a different picture of America. The Spanish Conquistadors came here and seen palaces, roads lite, prymaids that emitted power for electricity, its inhabitants were gold dripping like we do know because we know its metaphysical power. The Spanish actually admitted to coming here looking for the holy land. But the European says ant nothing here we need to research the Spanish, Italian, and early British settlers because they paint a different picture. We (Black, Cooper Colored races) are the Original inhabitants of America we are not Africans. This is the biggest lie every told. How they gonna bring millions of Africans and they themselves couldn’t get of here with out starving becoming cannibals diseased up.

This article is amazingly accurate. What some people commented is negative because they do not have a open mind and frame of reference to the true history of Africa. I have done investigations of the history of Africa over 50 years. One notable source to substantiate this article is Dr. Henrik Clark. There are others that corroborate your history of “The Great African Cultural History”. The rest of these knuckle heads that refute this article have no means of proving it different. Their beliefs are centered in the lies that have been told for centuries.
Thank you for a wonderful history lesson.

Hello how you doing. To who this may concern. First of all there was never a transatlantic slave trade. Africans were never brought to the Americas. It was the slave trading of the Indians never Africans. Columbus and others can here to enslave Indians and take them back to Spain and other parts of Europe. This truth was hidden from so many because of the whites that came and destroyed and told the wrong story. But now the truth is finally coming out and more people are learning this now. There was never no African slave trade. The people that they been calling free people of color,free people,colored people,black people and African American are the true indigenous people of this land. They are Indians that Columbus and others were enslaving

The indigenous of north,central and south America and the Caribbean were giving many names. First they were called Indians,free people of color, free people,negro, mulatto, and black. And now we have African American. These were the terms they gave people to take away who they really were. This is paper genocide because most people think that all of the natives were wiped out but they never were. They were sending the natives from north america to south america and to Spain, Portugal and Africa and a few other places. But never was there any Africans sent through slavery here. It was the the white immigrants plan to tell history in reverse. These copper color people in the Americas are the true natives indigenous people of this land. There are documents to prove it. The government just don’t want people to know but they also know more people are learning that history was told in reverse and the is coming out more and more today. One thing you have to always know the truth always comes out no matter how long it takes.

This comment is coming from a minority woman in search of the history of slavery. I found this article to be filled with great information and answered numerous questions I had as to how all this mess started. I was surprised to discover that leaders in Africa had a hand in the trading of their own people for slave labor, trading them like currency and as white American’s do . . sadly we ran with it. Thank you for this insightful article – America as a whole has their work cut out for them.

Ok..but who does the restoration, neo colonized Africans or European political capitalists?

The error of history education is leaving the parts out that do not tell the entire truth. You can create your own agenda with bits and pieces of truth and that is exactly what I see this article doing. I beg anyone finding it inquisitive to learn about what the origins of the enslavement of Africans is to research these words and you will come away with a different picture being portrayed: Dahomey, St. Helena, Bight of Biafra, Bight of Benin, Gold Coast of Africa, Abomey, and last but certainly not least, deSouza.

Great article Thanks

As a white person I am proud that my Nation created the largest Empire in history. Whether by trade and military means we conquered and ruled. Exactly in the same way as the Romans and other civilisations before. Some peoples were enslaved but that was the way of the World at that time and nothing to be apologetic about. Slavery was part of the World’s history and both white and Black played a part in it. Before attacking British Colonisers and institutions I would suggest that Black people look to their own past and kith and kin first.

Finally truth Europeans try to claim everything that was never theres period. I

Trued is a bitter words I see some peoples condemning this articles they dont want to hear the real fact about the history of their Nation how the white enslave their forefathers in a crueway yet they too are doing a modern day slavery in whiteman Land I thinks thus is right time Africa should wake up from their slumbering and do the needful

It is hood black people the world over know the world over. I changed my from European slave name from Carleton Wayde Aleexander to Congo Wumeli Abubakari. Looking for black sister or black brother who has changed their name to African name or is in process of doing so. Call me daily from 8a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday to Saturday.

Can anyone point me in the direction of african historical works that explains how the slave trade was allowed to happen. Reading in between the lines, was it due to the smaller communities, lack of centralised system so no organised military resistance? For example feudal system theoretically could bring all the men into the army to fight. (very simple I know). Whenever I hear about resistance to slavery it is from people who were already slaves.. missing a big chunk in my knowledge. Also any books that deal with the slave trade to the east that is also touched upon, was that ended with European colonization? Thank you for the help

This is a fantastic piece of script. I like the logic of this presentation. The issue of racism should be debated better. Racism goes hand in hand with economic and political domination that seeks to create hegemony for the rest of the world to follow. Africans you are correct have continued to model their development according to the European one something which is very unfortunate. How can you beat a man in his court? Create your own court as Fanon in his The Wretched of the Earth and Rodney in his How Europe Underdeveloped Africa had advised the continent to devise an economic model that is suitable to the continent that can compete against the European capitalist system.

It’s my suggestion that you educate yourself, suggestions first start with Dr. John Chancellor Williams Destruction of A Black Civilization that would be a start, and should not only be a point of reference for any true African Historian. It’s probably the most unbiased thoroughly researched pieces of literature in existence. So thorough he lost his eyesight during his research while in (Ethiopia) modern day upper Egypt. Prior to the invasion of Egypt by Greeces Alexander the great in 332BC there was no Egypt. There was the Empire of Ethiopia. Also when we talk about the enslavement of of Africans, there the only nationality to have been enslaved by almost every other nationality in the world starting with the Portuguese. And yes Arabs enslaved africans as well. There are tribes however that didn’t fall to foreign domination. For example Queen Nzinga, who defeated her foes and whose military strategies are being used today by Westpoint military Academy and is considered to be one of the greatest military strategist history has known. So I thought instead of just posting my likes or dislike of particular comments I thought I’d be informative educate yourself. No really educate yourself, I’m not referring to research online, but truly investing time into reading. And educate yourself not only on your interest, but the history of others. One of the first things you’ll see in Dr. Williams foreward to his book, was his need to learn their history first before he could accurately portray his own.

I find this interesting and don’t be confused by negative comments coming from coucasian and other black stooges cos they want to fit in in a system that was not build with them in mind.The black history is distorted in order for the blacks to be confused with no reference to this day when trying to construct/write any piece of history of his own origin .Shaka was not just a king but also a prophecy he saw white people sailing to RSA long before they came and try to unite tribe into Zulu nation in order to fight the whites ,his real story is in London art gallery we were left and thought the lies of dictatorial king who never mind cutting a pregnant woman to see the unborn baby.

I read so many comments here that are just outright ignorant and stupid! I mean how do you condemn the author of the article without contributing or contradicting such with alternative historically factual perspectives? Before you open your stench, go to European libraries and read their twisted narratives that are mostly contradictory. For example they claimed Africans were barbarical yet marvelled at their Arts?

Great article!!! It’s funny though how it’s ok for people to distort history and have black people believe that we have “no history”, but one little article that won’t change a thing historically is making so many people upset. It’s laughable. Edris Elba can’t even play the role of James Bond, a fictional character silly people. If the current people are any indication of who your ancestor were then there is no possible way that you contributed anything positive to this world at any given time.

Lol funny how it hurts some people to hear how Africans was well off before the white man invaded

We know that brutal bararic actions have taken place thru the past historic years but the Europeans were not forced to purchase people especially knowing that it was wrong to treat people in that manner. Think about how much better the world and our society would be if The Europeans would have set a high standard of how people are treated. As such, we would not have police murdering black skin American citizens in the streets.

We are tired of all the bs,,,!!!
They know wat they have done and wat the are still doing… fuck Martin,,, we finna run wit Malcolm now…!!! No more Mr nice guy turning the other cheek bs…!!!

I know truth can be a hard pill to swallow, but, the one minded bigotry found in these comments are beyond pathetic. I could never understand why Caucasians hate admitting the truth. Is it scary to admit that you have not created civilization? Is it not fair to share history? It’s a very sickening trait. Stop with the hate!

So for the 6,000 years where ever European s go they bring war,ruin,death! IEven “Oden” said it best in Avengersget it now thanks for the article.

Still racist,evil.

Revelation 13:9-10

Well, in my opinion, when people speak up on being African, other people get foolish thoughts about our African history. I’ll not try to reason with them because it’s not worth my time. It will lower my status as a African descendant living in America. Other races don’t,can’t and will not relate to my experience, they don’t care. So I’m speaking to those brothers and sisters of African descent who understand that we are a people that others hate, despise or experience and or lives to flourish. German Americans, Italian American, Irish American and Arab American and other geopolitical titles they hold fear us. We as Africans have in our DNA that they crave and want so much to be connected with, our music, our talk and as far as our women they crave her feature, no doubt about this. To the brothers and sisters who agree keep teaching our babies that their ancestors left us a legacy that can’t be dismissed nor dismantled to suit their inferior way of thinking. To those others that deny and/or disapprove to the notion that other have and still to this day do not acknowledged that our spiritual base has power, then I wish you well. I acknowledge that others can’t hold me or my people down because it’s up to me to rise on my on merit and have done so. So let’s throw that victim bullshit out and get busy riding as one, because they can never hold my people down. You see if they divide us they can conquer us as they have done with mother Africa(berlin conference) and it relevant to this day in the 21st century. You see they came together as European nation with one thought and that is to stop fighting each other and let us divide Africa for our own purposes and then we can take the wealth and other resources and trade among ourselves. Now there are millions of expatriates that send trillions back to the mother Africa yearly because we have family back home(please continue this practice). For one day, in the future, they’ll understand that we of the African diaspora will have built our nation up(surprise). So to each their own, I’ll continue to do my work to build with like minds those who see and understand the mission, so forget all the negative, foolish, misinformed haters and loss in their mind individuals who think the world is alright and fine with dismissal of Africa. In closing, I may not be here nor see the revival but in my heart and soul it will be so. That’s why they, whom ever , will continue to deny. Peace be upon all who are down, John. P.S. I’m not afraid because my soul doesn’t concede to their demands.

This race based discussion of slavery is rather silly. Slavery was an economic institution of humanity since prehistoric times. More slaves by far were taken by the Turks from Europe than were ever brought to North America. The Portugese reoccupied their southern coast after it was emptied and all the occupants taken away by African slavers. Welsh children were specially valued as slaves in North Africa in the Middle Ages and were grabbed by slavers raiding from Africa. The Slavs of Eastern Europe gave us the English name for slaves. The Mongols and others enslaved whole cities as they conquered. In fact the first overseas engagement of the U. S. Navy was to Africa to stop the Barbary Pirates from grabbing the mainly white crews of American ships for slaves. It was the reformers of the last 200 years who ended the practise of slavery.

I swear white supremacists are so hurt to hear half the things they claimed as their own were not even theirs. Another article showed ancient marlians sailing to the Americas in 1311, a lot earlier than Christopher Columbus did, funny how Africans had gone to America and nobody got hurt, when white people go everyone gets killed.
Go research on the Dogon tribe and see their ancient discoveries of solar systems and planets in 3200 BC, Way before white scientists discovered them in 1862.
The truth that white people cant handle is the world would have progressed without them regardless, they are hurt about people trying to remove statues because it’s their “history” meanwhile they spent hundreds of years wiping out the history of other people’s cultures and countries and claiming it as their own. I think they fear that one day all these countries would need an answer and some kind of big compensation they aren’t prepared to say that they were disgusting horrible people.
A black/British comedian pointed out how white people always say “oH wElL sLaVeRy WaS iN aFrIcA bEfOrE” about a couple thousand
How is that an excuse to crank it up to over 60million?

In all the European countries and white countries we’re always taught about Hitler from a young age how he was such a horrible person, that’s because he affected a lot of EUROPEANS and British people.
King Leopard ll murdered over DOUBLE the amount of humans that Hitler was responsible for their deaths, yet he is a hero just because he benefited you? Grow up. King Leopard ll was responsible for killing OVER 15 MILLION AFRICANS, many of the other records were destroyed, research shows it was possibly a lot more that died under his rule.

Why do white people always have to attack someone when they point out their faults, they call Hitler such a terrible person but they have statues of people who did ALOT WORSE, cutting off hands of their children in their faces just because they didn’t collect enough rubber that day.
White people always go on about other races and their characters
But History has clearly shown white people are the most cruel, violent, horrible people through-out history, the real cancer of the human race.
Sad that they can’t accept it, but at least everyone can see it now.

I see some of the comments being proud of the cruel behaviour just because they conquered and succeeded , but when it is somebody else the person is a terrorist, or the anti-christ … pot calling the kettle black eh..

The world is waking up, the more the white supremacists resist then the worse the world will be, eventually everyone will get really tired and all the truth will come out, maybe in 200 years we’d be dead by then, but the way everyone is waking up now and seeing that actually white people have no culture, most of their “discoveries” were actually taken from a different race and claimed as their own, how violent minded they really are, and how cruel they are.

For those of you trying to discredit or say it didn’t come from Africa please educate yourself further and don’t be so butt-hurt when you find out the truth that actually, you weren’t as great as you thought you were.

A totally wrong article. Africa isn’t neither the cradle of the civilization, neither the birthplace of “mankind”. In the rest I agree with the idea of being anti-colonialism. But we cannot say that Africa is the centre of the world just to make them to feel more confident and comfortable about themselves. Nobody is the the centre of the “mankind”.

African propaganda….go and learn more history first before writing an article about “mankind”. This racism goes nowhere. And nobody will come to invest in Africa with this kind of attitude you show…

If this were a scholarly article it would have footnotes or hot links to sources, and bear the names of the author(s).
In the meantime, it lacks such persuasive credibility, meaning it is not to be relied on other than possible entertainment value. One cannot cite it as an authoritative, a reliable piece of historical research.

Author: please save yourself and this piece by providing the missing information noted above.


Our forefathers knowledge in medicine architecture and religion in Africa was either plagiarized or stolen together with our people. It’s high time to tell the Real truth.

@ Mandy Morse

Should I, born in 1990, as a white man, be ashamed that I am white? Al I violent minded and cruel simply because I am white?

Everyone made achievements and everyone fucked up….and still are. Draw a line and move forward. Currently everyone is going backwards to Armageddon.

I read the article & find it to be credible. I profusely thank the author as so much truth is being revealed in these latter times that enangers those who are guilty and simply can not accept truth! This is proven info that most whites can not accept, bc it exposes who we are and the deception of who they really are. Note how the commentaries begin negatively, then progressively morph into being more informative & truthful. There are obviously a number of low information, uneducated people here. Trolls to be accurate, but their ignorance does not change the narrative which is true. The initial commentaries, I believe, were all contrived. Whites cannot accept truth about who they really are, nor truth about who we as Blacks really are. They are not & have never been superior to any one. The world hates us bc we, Black descendants of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, are the true “chosen” people of the Bible, transported to the 4 corners of this universe. Deuteronomy 28:16-68 tells a huge part of our history in plain site. Not one of these “curses” or events happened to the imposter Jews, now residing In Israel/Palestine, since 1948. They stole the land Of Palestine via The Balfour Declaration. They stole a heritage (Black Hebrews), that did not belong to them, strategically went into West Africa, Juda/Wyda, to kidnap and capture those people who were Hebrews. Jews were the financers of the slave ships and owned huge plantations to hold them captive. This is yhe biggest identity theft ever perpetrated in history of mankind & they will pay for it via YAH’s judgment. They changed oUr names, studied our Hebrew lifestyle, made it their own, raped, robbed, killed, destroyed & displaced historically. They knew exactly what they were doing from their history under their King Bulan, who stole our religion in 740 AD, brought in Hebrew rabbis to teach these Eastern Europeans Torah, Hebrew & so called Judaic practices, converting these Europeans into so called Jews. I say so called, bc our ancestors never used that terminology. These Eastern Europeans, after exteacting every thing they could from the real Hebrews, they then converted to what is known today as “Judaism”. They are not real Jews, they are not Hebrews, instead Askenazii Jews. So they have deceived the entire world & have been kicked out of 100+ countries. Revelation 2:9 …. tells the reader exactly who these imposters Jews really are…rich, blasphemous, not really Jews, of the synagogue of Satan Revelation 3:9…liars, but they in the end will come & worship at the feet of the true “chosen”. So scripture spells it out in plain sight, but the 21st Century, Modern Day Church, is silent. There is an awakening occurring globally and what the world is experiencing is a watershed moment. Babylon is falling bc of all her iniquities, of which the enslavement & murderings of God’s “chosen” people are prime, no repentance, no love or remorse, will be her cause for destruction. All those complicit, all those who benefitted from the enslavement of Blacks, all who hate Blacks, all who have in any way demonstrated racism, bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, covert or overt superiority, shall all be judged & damned. The perpetrators have NEVER repented and shall pay! This is what the Most High says, not me & I could care less whether or not you believe this truth. Shalom to all the repentant true Believers posting here.

I think all this slavery business ,is a denial of black history , denying the real truth . the African people went into slavery voluntarily . They knew they would be better of living the life of a slave , just like my dog I open the door everyday.For him Does he run away , no . My great granddaddy had a plantation in the Deep South. He owned 50 slaves . He treated them like his sons. (Mind you a few of them were). I’ve read read his diary. He only ever gave two people a whooping. Which. In 40 years is not abominable. Oh and he had to cut toms foot off as he kept running away. And about the discussion,white intelligence over black. Give me a black better version of Isaac Newton . Knowledge . Beethoven. Music. Velasquez. Art . Shakespeare. literature. Could go on but I’m of to enjoy the benefits of slavery.which I’ve been left with. Lots of money. Which is more important than human life.

North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa are different and populated by different races. This article is supposing that North Africa and all of the positive achievements that came from there were the result of black people that populate the Sub Saharan part of Africa. That is not true. North Africans are Arab and not black. They are distinctly different races. The Arabs have darker skin than the Europeans so may have been perceived as black but they were not Sub Saharan Black. DNA tests prove this.

The truth is always bitter…fantastic article … forms a basis for further research.. Sensible historians will not criticise foolishly but research more to correct misinformation and set the records straight…there is a deliberate ploy to keep the status quo of distorted and negative black history, only passionate historians (black or white) will invest more time and efforts in setting the records straight
There are so many irrefutable accounts here that cannot just brushed aside by the usual name callings.. we will continue to question historical accounts written by slave masters, the time has come that slave master’s children are now asking questions!

Thanks a million for this piece is definitely a starting point ..please ignore all the divisive evil comments …they are playing to their agenda.. we have known the truth and it will set us free..the jinni is now out of the bottle ..No going back again …. ‘The guilty are afraid’

Thank you for the article. I am a historian by degree (s) and many sources during my research over the years line up with your article. I am in the process of writing a book on African-Americans History from 1400s -2020. I I am tracing progress made in achieving equality and the ubsequent actions taken either by law or violence, resulting in the progress being destroyed . Quite
interesting are the comments shared by others. I am glad people are interested in learning more about American History. Because it has been purposely distorted, it really takes individual research to come close to the truth. As Americans we are so fortunate to have unlimited access to information, however, we tend to be extremely ignorant about our history. Unfortunately we also lack critical thinking skills, Thank you again for your article.

The cradle of civilization is not in Africa LOL civilization started in Mexico North America the first slaves to come to America with white not black

Earl Keller you must be a fool, civilization started in Egypt OK and that’s Africa you foolish being. Great article OK. I am glad that we Africans are now getting wiser day by day. I still pity some foolish Africans worshipping this white God they claim is the saviour of the world (fuck that shit). All this are white mans conspiracy in order to enslave us black because they noticed that we are highly religious and cultural in nature. White mans religion(Christianity ) is nothing but racism OK. And if your a black here and you see this article as trash, just go and read the history of Congo and who they were enslaved by the Belgians. Well this is 21century and I can’t be a racist but at the same time I can’t be a slave.

Quite astonishing to read the negative comments. If you have any doubts as to beautiful and decolonised views of Africa expressed by this author, fill in the gaps with the 2020 award-winning book by Tony Green, a historian at King College.

He produces a tantalising researched history of Africa that is free of the bias and prejudice that many here express towards Africa and the havoc wrecked upon its development as of when the first Portuguese first arrived the coast of West Africa: A fistfull of Shells.

The truth which has been hiding as Europeans have attempted to airbrush Africa’s history, in plain sight can no longer be hidden.

I leave you with one puzzle. Which is more difficult, writing our history into library books or writing your history into the shelves of the brain and succeed in passing it on from onegeneration to next?

I thought this was a wonderful article. Beautifully written and accurate. I love reading about aspects of black African history and seeing white people display loads of ‘white guilt’ by trying to justify or downplay the horrific and criminal things they have done to other people of the human race … especially black people, Dishonest white people will deflect on this subject all day long but the only thing worse than them is black conservative people. Black republicans and
‘Christianized’ Africans who for whatever reason refuse to even acknowledge slavery, colonialism, and racism existed. Please keep writing more beautiful articles like this and shining a light on Africa and black Africans, where the focus belongs.

I thought this was a wonderful article. Beautifully written and accurate. I love reading about aspects of black African history and seeing white people display loads of ‘white guilt’ by trying to justify or downplay the horrific and criminal things they have done to other people of the human race … especially black people, Dishonest white people will deflect on this subject all day long but the only thing worse than them is black conservative people. Black republicans and
‘Christianized’ Africans who for whatever reason refuse to even acknowledge slavery, colonialism, and racism existed. I would never read anything by Thomas Sowell seeing as how he has more of a ‘white’ agenda than white people do. Please keep writing more beautiful articles like this and shining a light on Africa and black Africans, where the focus belongs.

As a White European with no known historical ties to the slave trade, I take great comfort in the knowledge that many (unfortunately still not most) Whites / Europeans / Caucasians (whatever you call us) acknowledge the detrimental role of our race in history and the damage we have done to fellow human beings, of our own and of other races. As individuals, acceptance of this role, a mea culpa on personal level, and not repeating the same in our own lifetime is all we can do now. Sticking to the slave trade: I hope that Black Africans, Arab Africans, Middle East Arabs, Mongols, Turk Ottomans, Chinese, Indians and all those other races and peoples will similarly acknowledge their own role in hurting other fellow humans. For over a millennium, Black African slave trade was run by Black Africans and Arab and Ottoman Muslims. White, Christian Europeans from Iceland to Russia were subject to the Muslim slave raids and Muslim slave trade. Slavery was prevalent in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Mauritania till late last century, and still occurs across Africa and the Middle East. It seems, it may take several centuries before Black Africans, Muslim Arabs and others will acknowledge their own role in this. It is not part of the narrative anywhere at all yet. Finger-pointing to others for their roles played in history is all too easy, but introspection to the own contributions, be they negative or positive, is much harder.

Referred to as “THE PECULIAR INSTITUTION”, knowhere in history has American Slavery or elsewhere, Mr.Georg Aufschnaiter, built a $$$300,000,000 BILLION DOLLAR Industry. Making America the most wealthy institution built on SLAVERY off the terrorism of African Descendants !!!

Should I start with the neglect of an Arab Slave Trade that STILL EXISTS TODAY in Mauritania, Libya, Sudan & Mali, and is responsible for the plight of the Bantu refugees, descendants of Arab slaves, who fled death/disposession in Somalia due to their darker skin?
Or should I start with the fact that the slaves brought across the Atlantic were purchased from AFRICANS who sold the captives of their conquests. (And who also kept some of those captives as their own slaves, keeping the ‘worthless ones’ as lion bait on the beaches. There is plenty of blame to spread around for the past, and, ironically, un-pointed fingers for slavery that thrives and needs to be stopped.

Amazing that no-one mentions Islamic slave trade that started 1000 years before the Atlantic slave trade began and continues today or the fact the Islamic slave traders castrated the black males stopping them reproducing.

Interesting piece but evidently biased. Arab enslaved Blacks and they were notorious. Blacks were castrated in Arabia to prevent them from procreation and you need to read about Tippu Tip who was a notorious Arab-African slaver. He was actually the pretext for King Leopold 2’s sham philanthropic work in Congo where he promised to stop slavery but only transformed it into his fiefdom. His killed over 20million and mutilated several others before Congo took over the state.

“More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.”

“When slavery is mentioned, too many people automatically think of whites enslaving blacks. That is not even one-tenth of the story of slavery, which existed on every inhabited continent.”

“The very word “slave” derives from the word for some white people who were enslaved on a mass scale—the Slavs—for more centuries than blacks were enslaved in the Western Hemisphere.”

“Blacks were not enslaved because they were black but because they were available. Slavery has existed in the world for thousands of years. Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black was brought to the Western hemisphere. Asians enslaved Europeans. Asians enslaved other Asians. Africans enslaved other Africans, and indeed even today in North Africa, blacks continue to enslave blacks.”

Above quotes by Thomas Sowell. Heard of him? Probably not. He is one of the greatest economists alive today, still kicking at 89! He is a black-american and has never featured in 100+ greatest black americans in publications such as the Ebony magazine. I guess you can see why as it’s not what certain people want to hear or believe as it doesn’t help their cause. It’s sad because he just focuses on facts and truth yet gets called names like Uncle Tom, House N**ger and bootlicker.

For me, it just shows how we humans treat each other in the given situation regardless of ethnicity and religion etc. We are all capable of rape, murder, greed and other unpleasantries, yet we are all capable of compassion, self-sacrifice, love and other beautiful qualities. I believe this to be true and factual and if we all agree on this then people would not become so defensive, bias and prejudice. One of the main obstacles is because people don’t ‘want’ to.

I’m curious to know why some of the commenters on this platform are so offended by this article if all they have to do is put up there own researched facts. In fact I’m African and to the best of my knowledge I or my ancestors were not enslaved but suffered or endured colonialization but that doesn’t & is besides the point. It should not matter if the positive things written in this article are attributed to black Africans to anyone with an open objective mind unless one’s ego & sense of security is so shallow. The last several centuries of eurocentric dominance have drowned pretty the entire planet with European contributions to mankind & everyone for the most part took the prescriptions, no questions asked for the most part while the histories & contributions of non Europeans were down played & outright dismissed. Some of the criticism here leaves you with the impression that the appropriation of other cultures, histories, political & economic contributions etc by European dominance is ok so long we everyone else keeps everything status quo & leaves the current narrative unchallenged. You don’t care about what race & ethnicity the contributors of this great history were then why are you so bothered when it’s credited to the Africans?

Thanks for your article I found it interesting and educating. It has opened my eyes to the reality of what exists even today

Life actually did not start in africa. There is proof of that through fossils found that date over 1000 years before the first life on africa was even found. The oldest fossils were found around Malaysia. Where the oldest and first known life was to begin on earth. That is a fact. False representations and statements can come back to bite you in the ass. Everything you need to find and fact check are all over google and even in history museum’s.

This is how we should approach Black History…..what you see vs what you don’t See! What you are told vs what you are not told…..when you see an Iceberg, that which is above the water doesn’t compare with whats below the Water!!!!!!!!

Remember that when you see an iceberg,although it might be compelling, what you don’t See below the surface will blow your mind!!!


This is a Great Article

What about the Islamic slave trade that started 1000 years before the Atlantic slave trade. The Islamic traders castrated the males so they could not reproduce. Wicked whitey didn’t do that. FYI that trade still exists today.

I loved the read. I think it’s a shame how all these comments are judging it based off their own point of views. The jealousy in their writings are recognizable. I believe they are taking a short summary for a novel. Unbelievable how upset people gets when the subject of Africa comes up. The fire. I wonder where is all that energy at in defending the honor of Africa? Instead of fighting over the way this information was delivered. There are many roads to take. To arrive to a single destination. When yall can understand that. Then you will begin to see the difference in every one’s approach to life. We all experience it differently.

From South Africa with love ❤️, Beautiful Article , I beg of you , write a book , publish it , if the world won’t listen , we have world class publishers in South Africa and Africa Abroad. We will ensure it is part of our learning curriculum. Africans need to hear this and engrave it in the DNA of our children

What happened to the writing in the article?? Why did it get light or gray letters against a white background? What happened? You should fix that.even post aent was bold black letters. The first few sentences were also

    WE are fixing it over the next couple of days

There’s so much missing from this piece. You only touched lightly about the Moors exploring Portugal and Spain but you left out the part where the true Hebrews, BLACK Shemetic (Semitic) people were also there with nobility and great wealth. Direct ancestors of King David and how during the Spanish Inquisition they were murdered, burned and children stolen by white missionary “godparents” and those who survived sent to the coastal regions of West Africa in the Portuguese owned territories and from there enslaved and sent to the Americas. These were the true biblical Jews not the imposter white ones who has no genetic ties to the true Hebrews of the Bible.

Also, you missed great periods like Negroland, where again the true Hebrews (Jews- Black people) who established the first universities in Timbuktu.

You touched in the monarchy in Britain but failed to mention the original monarchs who were Black. King James was a black man. There so many crumbs left there that reveal the true history not the whitewashed one.

Dig deeper, search for books written in the 16 and 1700’s and you will see how Europeans knew the excellent exploits of certain black nations. Africa is not one homogeneous group. There are many different nations, Shemetic and Hamitic people who have different agendas and purpose.

Wow! I found this article when asking the question “why has black history been erased” I think there has to be an acceptance that black peoples were civilised and had a history before slavery. That’s just a fact. My issue is why and how has thousands of years of black contributions to civilisation just seems to have been painted over. Unfortunately and understandably white people are uncomfortable with what they know has occurred. Why not start by teaching young people in school (and indeed their teachers that Egyptians looked like the black people in class, not the white or that some roman emperors were black or even that some Christian saints were black…If this thread is anything to go by, the road to anti racism has a long way to go.

I feel so bad. the Americans created and exploited was Kings and queens with no problems at all prior to our arrival. no war no famine no poverty. I wish I could be put in shackles to make amends for all the misery my ancestors have caused.

Those who think the article is biased by presenting Europeans as the wrong doers and Africans as victims have absolutely no idea of the magnitude and the sheer barbarity of the West enslavement of Africans. Come o think of a treatment like using African babies to lure alligators and crocodiles from rivers to be shot and killed by Whites who needed the gator skins for leather. How preposterously devious can one be towards his fellow human being under the pretext that we Africans were not humans and went ahead to justify this atrocious belief by holding that we Africans did not have souls. This is after so many years of African civilizations reaching their apex before the eyes of the very Europeans who were our trading partners for centuries. If ignorance deprives from appreciating the inhuman and uncivilized treatment the Whites meted out to Black, just shut the f..k up, for Christ sake. Don’t abuse your ignorance.

Thanks is an interesting article

Good information. Not everything is as accurate as I understand them but I have come across some of the same things spoken of here.
You can’t please everyone.

The people that think they are slaves that come a place called Africa. Study no history! The people they call black and African Americans. Are the people of the land. The Albions betrayed the first and longest lasting treatises of the world. Obama told everyone that the first country to recognize my country (US) was morrocc or al moroc. What people call america today! The slave trade was the moors over trading mostly Albions( the so called European). US only was recognized as a country because Morrocc i.e. america made them so. Basically addopted them. They betrayed us and have had us under colonial occupation since. As prisoners of war! Treaty of peace and friendship, act of Algeria, jay treaty, case of 1952 the release of US in Morrocc. Wben has the US EVER BEEN IN Morrocc. That anyone know of? This person is spreading lies. Just by searching law cases will send you to true history! The true white people a status of the nobility of the land! Was stolen by the albion. Peace to all humans and humankind that are on the good side of this battle. For the evil and traitors nature will sort you out for your harm to man and mankind! Peace

I don’t believe this I like how it only talks of Africa when referring to people of color it’s interesting that the Bible gives mention of two types of people of color which are hamites which are the people of Africa an the other age of Shem which are hebrew Israel the 12 tribes that came from judea so the Bible is very clear of this . Also they were taken into captivity in Egypt also when Roman persecution was coming to judea those of Judah that took heed to the Heavenly Father his warning fled down into the mountains of Africa and those who didn’t and were captured were taken into Arenas into cruel killings where there were gladiators so fast forward to the so called people being called African Americans weren’t African these are Hebrew Israel falsely being called African and they know this so the so called Africans don’t know who they are they are the only people who don’t know who they are the Bible again mentions this which is obvious just saying Black is a crayon by the way nowhere in the Bible did it called the Hebrew Israelite black they were always called by who they are.

Very insightful article, I wish our schools could teach this history.


This kind of voice is not HEARD like words in one’s ear it’s a sound interpreted in words of your preferred LANGUAGE. This happens quickly in the mind sometimes one can’t even notice the process were sound becomes words.

Deep down in your consciousness there will always be that VOICE and that IMAGES that reminds you that no matter how poor, brutalized, mistreated and segregated you are there’s something wonderful that you are oppressed to not MANIFEST. Because the oppressor knows how badly they will fall off while their riding on your back.

This VOICES (except the psychiatric invented voices) and IMAGES are that geneticall memory refusing to fade because are meant to unfold our future they keeps reflecting the kind of ANCESTORS’ EXPERIENCES that our wayforward should overlap and connect from. Of which comes as a nature of how the development of mankind is structured from primordial.

These voices and images cannot be erased neither by strong AMNESIA inducing drugs nor by genetically MODIFIED FOODS. We’ll always have that reflection of the foundation to overlap or build from.

To the BEARERS of MANKIND your background and your true image and identity may be distorted by deliberate efforts of some sick minds of those who took you for the ride due to your genuine nature of kindness which is the quality that makes you human and different from other creatures and animals.

To the natives of this continent, reawaken your attentiveness, listen from the bottom of your sincerity (other reslise and experiences this element when meditating if you can naturally become sincere you can experience this withou medidation) hear the voice of your ancestors and look sincerely into the visions coming through your mind and find your own truth. See things the way they are out of social conditioning.

As a child of the soil of this continent, made from the ancient genes of first humans, who were produced by the chemical reactions formulated by the environmental properties of this land, you’ll understand your world better than what is written wherever. Nobody no matter what knowledge they claim to have they will not able to deceive.

The big deception of the people of this continent is happening in schools and in many writings from your so called experts.

Looking into the HISTORY of this continent, if it can be HONESTLY told it’s a background of mankind.

The outstanding fact about this continent is that the NATIVE people of this CONTINENT were doing very well before they were invaded and interrupted by outsiders in terms of DEVELOPING HUMAN LIFE (life principles, they used wisdom, intellect, spiritual mysticism to coordinate daily life activities in families, clans and communities/societies), ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY ( they used effective trading systems such as buttering system which was ecologically advanced than the “currency system” that allows anyone to just sell by creating a demand which is so cunning and buy surplus things because one has money) TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT ( they used to mine gold, iron/metal and other minerals through ecofriendly methods hence they spiritually interacted with nature to find ecofriendly means when engaging on earthly workmanship), SPIRITUAL CONNECTIVITY (we lived through the interdependence guides of nature and all our creativity and productivity was inspired by consciousness, our medicine was herbal based, we were producing food and material through necessity and consensus of social sentiments that use to guide our daily life practices which were inspired by the spirit of ancestors).

Well one can imagine how far and wonderful would mankind be if all invaders (Europeans or Arabians) would have respect us and allowed us space to continue our journey.

To those who think the article instigate hatred if their mothers and fathers loved them they would know that love or hatred begin from home within a family not from reading a piece of history.

To those who think the article is narrow and lazy analysis of history if it was not told here would they bring their big truth of who was a better or worse invader. Of which they seem to have reflected their fears of us noticing how dangerous they are to mankind.

To me it doesn’t matter who invaded us first and how much damage they cost. To me what matters is that all those who disturbed the highest form of livelihood for mankind must be exposed, all the decedents who benefited from those who committed atrocities against mankind for self exultation and other unknown reasons must account. Thus the truth about the disturbed best work that people of this continent were doing in making life wonderful for themselves must now be honored and continue.

Giving instructions to people of this continent on how we must talk about what happened to us is a sign of a supremacy mentality. Rather sure us evidence of acknowledging all atrocities your side has and how you correcting the mistakes of your forefathers may be we can notice your fairness if fairness really exists in this life. But until you do that you will always carry the guilt and running for defense.

As to how KHOI-SANS, ZULUS/abaNGONI, baPEDI, vhaVENDA, baBATSONGA contributed into all that was happening in this continent before invaders that can’t help anyone unless if we want to allow tribalism to reign over us and we want to practice selfishness and claim intellectual property of which is a foreign practice in our society/families. The fact of the matter here is one idea influences many other ideas and all ideas are born of something from someone or somewhere. Our languages are interrelated our plural begins with in the same format.

For the mere fact the ideas of using bow and arrows was there amongst Nubians in the northeast and also found amongst the Khoi-Sans in the south one can see that there’s connection amongst the people of this continent.

It doesn’t matter whether there were pyramids somewhere in the north and there were round huts and stone buildings in the south. What matters is people were able to come up with ideas and influence others.

As to who came up with what first is a foolish argument that will lead to one person assuming power over another. Ideas influences one another. As to who is eldest or young mankind is older than all races. And our ancestors from this land were first to trample on the surface of earth. If you want to be truthful in anyway in this life always put that first in your mind.

Love your malinen it’s an original seed of mankind. Stand up build black families thus we’ll build one black invincible nation.

The Nubian

It s sad to see how much the truth can hurt. This is a great article. I hope you dont change the truth to please ppl. These negative comments clearly have a racist connotation that only those who were not affected by slavery are denying. Whether they like it or not, Africa reminds the mother of all civilizations. All civilizations took a piece from her. Not only that, the black race is the primitive race. All of you white folks are the sons of Esau which means red as described in the bible. Nonetheless, some of you white folks have done the dna test and were surprised to see that you have Africain DNA. How can you explain that. Just give me a break and accept the truth. Jacob your great grand fatherwas a black man. Esau, his son came out red, which was not normal. He went to live in the place called Caucasus Mountains. That s where the name caucasian comes from.

Article is the truth. Europeans have messed up the whole world. Facts

Go do some research its all facts and the first math tool ever was found in Africa who you think built most of the castle in Europe and the moors has taught some of you people greatest minds of all time like Leonardo de vinci for example. Europe kings and queens use to live with they animals in barns lol before the moors came in 711 and blacks were there before the moors came

This article is a commendable starting point in revisiting our (black mankind) past. I trust that the authors will continue to build in this. Keep up the good work.

As i aaid before it wasnt slavery it was genocide.and the evil of. The evil of the evil of the European is that they make evil excuses to justify their evil.After 400 years they haven’t changed.Still making excuses.Still evil 400 years later.

After reading through this piece of history, I’m compelled to make a statement, not specially in connection to the mainstream content but in response to some disgusting remarks of unrepented Caucasians on this very platform.

It’s grossly pathetic that till this day, the Caucasians, by the virtue of their arrogance as it clearly reflects in their comments right here, remain defiant in their evil and shows no iota of remorse over the nasty activities of their awkward ancestors in engaging in the most tragic and horrific dehumanization of Africans for almost 500 years! Indeed I can now conclude that wickedness and cruelty is part of their DNA.

You, Caucasians, do not need to remind Africans about the Arab’s version of slave trade in Africa! The contemporary Africans are enthusiastic learners of their history! We have the full awareness of all historic facts as it relates to Arab’s and western wickedness against the Africans, and we tell the stories one batch at a time. The fact that Arabs were also involved does not take away your own portion of wickedness in the said narratives!

The ultimate fact is that history can never be erased! They did everything to have all these narratives distorted and destroyed from general records but all to no avail! Till date, even the present day descendants of African enslavers could not hide their grief when the true story about the wickedness of their ancestors is being told! You like it or not, we would continue to echo it in all details.

This article is not intellectually honest and does not give a proper representation of the history of Africa. It assumes all people on the continent were the same, paints nearly all other forms of slavery as “taking war captives” while somehow the transatlantic slave trade was the one that ruined the entire continent. Nevermind that the Arab slave trade lasted 900 years longer and dealt in large amounts hobbled and castrated slaves. Slavery of all forms is evil but it has been a way of life for all of history (still exists in parts of the world). To paint one slave trade as more evil than another, objectively larger slave trade is dishonest and scholastically lazy. Africa has developed the way it has primarily due to its inhabitants; take that how you will. The societies that organically arise in a region are a direct result of the people living there. A region with bad soil may cause one people to starve and perish while another may migrate, learn to adapt, or discover ways to improve the soil. Outside influences of course play a role (Carthage destroyed by Romans) but generally the people of a region and their culture will determine what sort of society is generated there. Also, I’m not one to consider a primitive lifestyle as “inferior” to a modern developed country’s society. It’s preferable to me personally as an American but in no way does it equal happiness, social cohesion, or racial flourishing. Anyway, I’m getting off topic; article was poorly written and seemed like a 5th grade book report where the kid didn’t read the book but tried to write the report based on the paragraph on the back (or their own imagination).

Nice article, keep it up.

African Americans aka black aka colored aka negro are not from Africa we are from these lands

We melanin people of continent Africa accepted word for it have existed here long before recorded history and yet we are still here and will be for it is designed by our creator

You mentioned the Arab invasion of North Africa. This was a major importance role a reshaping the later trans-atlantic European slavery trade. The North African slavery trade reshaping the continent and displacement of Millions of black African through various means genocide, slavery and force to flee further South into the African interior. Old Libya was Africa most important slavery Port and a gateway to Europe for the transportation of black Africa slaves..There were so many black slaves in Spain they called a area little Africa Once the New world was discovered the European only followed what the Arabs had already started and begin to ship black African slaves to the New World. The Arab invasion of North Africa was the beginning point of the trans international mass slavery trade.and is very sad the the Arabs major role and the slavery of Black African is rarely written are talked about and is gloss over with the religion of Islam.

Very little light is spread on the Arab invasion of North Africa and the major role Arabs played in foundation of the trans- international slavery of black Africans. This period of destruction in North Africa ked to the genocide, inslavement and displacement of millions of black African .My Africans fled south into Sub-Saharan Africa while other were captured and sold to Europe and Middle East. Old Libya was the first known destination where’s black African were shipped out to Europe. There were so many black African slaves in Spain that a area was called little Africa as written by English explorer who lived during that time. Once the New World was discovered the European only followed the model the the Arabs had already put in placed. I just a real tragedy that the Arabs role in the Trans-Alantic is gloss over with the spreading of the religion of Islam. The Arabs ignited the exploitation of black African through Slavery and exporting black African people’s into Europe.

Black Europeans ie Ethiopians are Europeans and they sold there own people out. Remember, the Europeans are black.

We are the Indigenous Moorish Americans and follow our Illustrious Prophet Noble Drew Ali. My people have done what I creator has deemed us to do and we will do even better than our Antiquous Family of Samal Mahgreb Alaqausa aka Al Amarakanos Estados aka North Amexm aka North America. My nation is healing and the truth is coming into the Light. Inshallah.

I found this article very interesting as well as the comments. My question is what do we do to instill love. Yesterday gone and today is here for us to make changes. I see the hate has returned more on the earth in the hearts of many. Separation starts in the mind and is walked out by one’s action. Africa, Europe, America, wherever it is time to truly realize the sun is going down and all humankind is in for future turmoil if we don’t get a grip on what God provided. Man loves the things that vanity explore.
We as an society owe it to God to turn from our wicked ways and bless this land that belongs to Him.
We have forgotten that God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills, the fullness of all creation, all means All and we where to take care of his creation.
Man meaning women to has dropped the ball and picked up hate and destruction, passing it along from country to country.
We wonder why the grave yards are filled up with much treasure, why the world can’t seem to rest from hate it’s because the fingers want stop pointing and give Almighty God Praise!!! Worship is not true to the only one true living God .
I am a African American woman and what I’ve experienced in my life is HATE! HATE! AND MORE HATE that has led many to follow.
How do we say we love Elohim and hate spool much?
I will state one thing I believe and has always even as a child; not seeing color or races but watching closely from my heart that continues to cry daily, and it is people are lost!!! The souls are stuck on past and to open up and release the anger and madness would show weakness when truly we all are weak, Yet God is strong and helps us when asked. No man want to be smaller than the next! Having more proves you are mighty one believes. Converting what a neighbor have is a worldly game. No different from the beginning just as Cain wanted what his brother Abel had.
Instead of asking God what is his will for our lives we as people go and take others wills…This world knows better but chooses to take the low road.
All the weapons on this earth was designed to hurt another, but is it any different from the weapons in the past? Sticks and Stones was the childhood nursery rhyme I recall that we song as children, and as we grew we lived it out!
In closing of this comment I just want to mention this one thing for all who may read….
There is a God that knows why slavery existed and still is mentally, that wants His People to return to him. And the only way is love and that is God’s love.
I can read a million books on hate and they would never help me if I never pick up a book of love and compare. God sent Jesus I believe to show us that we can choose a better life. One may not believe in Jesus but personally He has trully helped me see love over this worldly hate.
PEOPLE are so important to God and I look for God in all people dispite our weakness.
There is a diamond underneath the dirt o.k.
There is a pearl inside the shell o.k
There is a Man, a Woman that grew from a child o.k
So how do we walk away and forget we are all precious in God’s sight.
We need return in our minds and heart and remember our SOULS belong to God.
This is not our eternal home but while we are here can we ask ourselves what is the mission that God expects, is it to bundle up on stuff and feel rich or know the worth of family and others.
God Bless All of You!

Slavery of both Whites, Blacks and religious wars changed the ethnicies of damn near every country

Brilliant and most enriching piece of research well done, thank you profusely and keep up the good work of unearthing the worth of African cultural heritages. We salute all the writers and the variety of perspectives you share in your article are profoundly well received by us in Africa and across the world also known to be backed up by substantial evidence from many credible scientifically researched sources.

Barely mentions the Islamic sla e trade that started 1000 years before the wicked white man. The Muslim traders castrated the males so they could not reproduce. They took the very young women as sex slaves as they do today in Africa a d elsewhere.

I’m so HAPPY . I ran across this History like this. It’s to important to know our history of this caliber.Wow ,this was deep but true. Thank you for this wonderful history. Only one mad is the DEVIL/his followers. You did a FANTASTIC job on this. Even though, I’m like 2 yrs. Behind .Lol. All the best to your success in waking up the TRUE HISTORY OF OUR PEOPLE!


Southern African History is missing, I would like to know the development of Southern Africa, eg Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana etc

Good evening all,
As the saying goes each to their own. The negative comments by even some of us affected directly from the past is mind-boggling.
I will recommend the below books for each black person that made negative comments in relations to this article. This is for the expand in knowledge about self to read and free themselves from what our ancestors in the likes of Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and later in a song by Robert Nesta Marley as thus: “No one can free your mind from mental slavery or slavery mentality but yourself ” [paraphrasing them of course]
Nonetheless, the following are the recommended reading list to free the minds of our black brothers and sisters that don’t want to see the truth being revealed in this article.

1. “The African Origin Of Civilization: Myth or Reality” By Cheikh Anta Diop

(One of the leading Egyptologist, historian, anthropologist, and physicist in the world, is an African named Cheikh Anta Diop. Through his works and research, he proved beyond any reasonable doubt that mankind and human civilization started with Black people.Cheikh Anta Diop, was a Senegalese and studied at the University of Paris.

His book puts forward unarguable proof that ancient Egypt was solely and undoubtedly a Black African race, culture, and civilization in its initial 200 years of existence. His book proves that Black people were the first on the planet and from Black people, all others came.

If not for his finding and superior works, the world would still believe the Euro-centric lies that ancient Egypt was populated and built by white people. This book is a must-have for every black man.)

2. . “Developmental Psychology of the Black Child” by Amos N. Wilson

(For every race to survive and do better, the mental growth and mental awareness of their children must be of utmost importance to every member of that race.

Black people should start early to develop their children’s personality to be strong and dominant, and we can only do that by constantly making them self aware of who they – through history and books like this.

This book answers the questions for the development of a child from the Black perspective. It is the first of its series focused on the growth, development, and education of the black child – the future of the Black race.

Every home should have this book, in soft copy or hard copy.)

3. “The Mis-Education of the Negro” by Carter Godwin Woodson

(The major message brought forward in Woodson’s 1933 book is that African- Americans of that time (and even now) were culturally indoctrinated, and not taught the right things, in American schools. The cultural manipulation by schools makes African-Americans become over-dependent, and feel inferior when seeking positions in the larger American society. His book challenges his Black readers to “do for themselves,” no matter what they have been taught.

In his book, he wrote: “History shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.”

Every Black person, in Africa and Diaspora, young and old, should read this. Our time is now.)

4. . “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” as told to Alex Haley

(Malcolm X is arguably one of the greatest and most influential Black men in the history of America in the 20th Century. In this captivating account, he tells us of his journey from an American prison cell to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. He also described his transition from a hoodlum to a Muslim minister.

The book “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” is a phenomenal piece which has moved Malcolm’s life into an extraordinary legacy. Even after his generation is gone and another has come, the power and strength of his words and ideas have continued to inspire Black people.

Every Black man/woman who is willing to stand up for his race should get this book.)

5. “The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey” by Jacques Garvey

(Any student of African history and Black demand for independence, who has not read about Marcus Garvey, has skipped the first class. He is as important as learning about the ancient Egyptians. This book is a compilation of his speeches, thoughts, essays, and commentaries.

Marcus Garvey was the first Black leader to unite the Africans back in the motherland and those in Diaspora under one umbrella and towards one goal – African unity and emancipation. The book points on the need for Black people to create their own organizations and institutions, to protect and cater to the interests of Black people, just like other races)

6. The Wretched of the Earth” by Frantz Fanon

(The effect of colonization in Africa is one aspect of Black conscious thought that can’t be neglected. It is highly sensitive. In this book, Fanon puts together a unique analysis of the effect of colonization on colonized people and the possible paths to their liberation.

The book focuses on the displeasure and rage of colonized people, and also how colonizers planted discord among the people. The book the anger of colonized people and the role of violence in effecting historical change, the book incisively attacks the twin perils of post-independence colonial politics: the disenfranchisement of the masses by the elites on the one hand, and intertribal and interfaith animosities on the other.

Since the book was published in 1961, it has driven the consciousness of many black people, especially civil rights, anti-colonialism, and Black consciousness movements throughout the world. It was translated in 2007 by author Richard Philcox.

Fanon’s masterful work is a classic that stands with Edward Said’s “Orientalism” and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.”)

7.  “Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behaviour” by Marimba Ani

(In a world that is run on white supremacists ideologies and policies, this book by Marimba Ani unmasked the disguise and hidden workings of white supremacy – blueprint and system which makes sure that Europe and her few descendants are in control of the majority of the world’s resources and people.

The book criticizes wholely how white supremacy through the intellectual and cognitive rules of “assumption and ascendance”.

This book by Ani clearly views and focuses on European consciousness, worldview, and its global system of race domination from an African perspective. This book is an original, scholarly comprehensive and thorough analysis that lays out in systematic detail, the historical development and pattern of European world domination, its core structures, and key expressive components.

They say if you must find out the true causes of your problems, you must start from the source. This book is an attempt to catch the causes of white supremacy at its source and origin.)

The Source For The Above Recommended Reading List Is:

The sad thing I’m picking up from some comments is that the “divide and rule” card is being used to separate us into little components that can be easily attacked and crushed to the ground. Such comments about Zulus and Bushmen having no writing skills and no mathematical skills and attributing thus skills to Egypt exclusively are a clear Mandate to promote division in Africa. I am a South African and I believe I am a descendent of the people from great West and Southern Africa kingdoms, Great Zimbabwe being one of them. Our dialect is very closely related that is why we communicate with ease. I would also like to be directed to sources that prove slave trade existed in Africa before Arabi trade slave began there. I strongly dispute this fact and would love some assistance on this. While we cannot excuse our African leaders and Arab traders as pioneers of the selling of our people to Europe, we cannot deny that the now termed transatlantic slave trade was the most gruesome act of crime against humanity, particularly when considering how Africans were treated in the most inhumane way. The word “kafir” that is used by the Deutch in South Africa originate from the Arab language and is a derogatory word used to describe black people who did not believe in Islamic religion as pagans. The role of Arabs and the use of religion in the history of enslaving African people is definitely under played whenever this History is related.

I love the effort and desire for providing the true history of our people. I would for you write about he bones that were 2.7million years old named Lucy “Momma Dinkanesh” who was found in Tanzania. You could also include Imhotep- the founder of math and science, the first university (the university of Ipet Isut, 2055BC), The first astrology-the Dogon people of Mali, the first surgical document (Edwin Smith Papyrus), the actual creator of the Pythagorean’s theory… always question the source and the lens of resources… who agenda are they pushing…

We created and establish education, Institutes, economics,medicine, spirituality, the arts, Astrology, innovations and all things excellent. PERIOD
My mentor said, “You don’t steal a fool, you steal excellence!”

I would love for you to write about the war history in Africa

War episode #1, 4200 BC VICTORY
War episode #2 3000BC VICTORY
Episode #3 2000BC VICTORY
Episode #4 1100BC VICTORY
Episode #5 990BC loss
Episode #6 loss

Episode #7 1500AD loss to Europeans… they had the best tactic of convincing those who loss that there is no war… there is still a war on blacks(physical, identity, economics, propaganda, Mid education, GMO, spiritual, Sterilization, mental, Assimilation, Promotion of self hate, relaxed in state of trauma,etc).

I would love for you to write about Negroland and how they literally erased it off the map because they did not want us negros to know that we actually care from a place in Africa… hence the reason they changes “negro” to “black” and “African American”

You could even write the origins of chickens pox- white people living with their farm animals until we brought soap, medicine shampoo and sooooooo much more to clean them up and make them civilized… we taught them not to live in filth or with your food…

Hell you could even write about Buddha being a black man… look at his knotty hair… It doesn’t matter- I support all levels of learning, growing and building up of our community.

I’m just saying… we are everywhere and have influenced everything…

But the idea of so many people bring negative energy to efforts of dismantling white supremacy, eccentric ideologies and “White” LIES is unfortunate. History was written by victors and the oppressor…

If you see something inaccurate. Simply teach a person. Share resources(Not Wikipedia and other white written, white washed, Eurocentric, Etc) and knowledge, enlighten them.

Don’t further their agenda with hate, division And tearing down one another….
Protect your energy, what you put out there always comes back to you… always

I salute your astutness in the dispensation of your writings. I don’t blame those countering your works. I’m a certified african historian and I understand the depth of what you have written well. Never mind, non-african will always speak to suit themselves (Eurocentric) . In my own opinion, white has never done anything good, introducing religion was a systematic process if exploitation which is very obvious and has caused so much arm. We are better of before their stupid involvement in Africa.

It is real definitely to Africa history

Thank you for sharing this information. For those who are having a challenge with the realities lived during that period, I question their understanding of enslavement of Black human
beings. I am white and yes I am ashamed of the role we played destroying the lives of people of African dissent. We can hide the fact that our ancestors were the victimizers. We have benefited from slavery and we continue to move forward while black people are ignored. I have grand children who acquired post graduate degrees and yet my while grandchildren with Bachelor degree are presented with more opportunities for advancement. Racism is alive and well.

I still laugh at most ignorant and naive people here….and those white who are trying to offend the truth,it is no secret the psychological warefare campaign that is going on in the world…caucasians have maintained dominance over centuries through distorting the view of ourselves(divide and conquer)that’s because they control every source of our information giving history of slavery to make you think in ways that will serve their interest…that why am still LOL… see people bringing different views through that isn’t matching with another person view….it is to create confusion amongst you and lastly you rest the case to die in ur mind….in Americas textbook, there are depiction of Africans selling their fellow Africans as slave to Jesus(slave ship)… Suppose white here should bear me witness…how possible is that….how would people who brutally enslaved,torture and rape you still tell you the truth about what happened….we are all still at playground because when the real truth is exposed, cry for other will totally weak you…they controll all your source of information…they won’t expose to you the real thing…they are just showing the surface to you and you are thoroughly angry, when the real thing is exposed, you will even hate a white car or paper…infact the colour “white”….how wud you tell me that Africans just sat and received whatever the white man is telling them then? Where there that foolish? For your information,christianity was forced upon Africans! There were not that foolish to accept whatever bullshit that was fed to their ears….all the information you recieve are from their source so they could shape ur thinking in ways that will favor them!

Europeans came to Africa to remove African human beings to enslave and use their labor for free for hundreds of years.The western society as known was built on the backs of enslaved African men, women, and children. Present day america comes out of this atrocity. Africans did not get on ships chain themselves below deck and ride in their own filth until released to be auctioned . This did happen. The Arabs also participated in East Africa (first) and later in West Africa. Yes, there were Africans that also participated (by choice and by force) , but one must grant that Africans did not create the market for other Africans in the Americas or in Asia for enslavement.
The achievements of Africa are actual and real and occurred years/centuries before Europeans use of this same knowledge. These are the bottom line facts. Any and all of the other BS mentioned above is useless information.

Cheers for the article I enjoyed it. Interesting that a significant number of comments relate to the slavery issue. Clearly a hugely significant issue. Shocking how we don’t seem to learn even though it cuts to the quick.. and the slave trade continues. Makes you wonder if we care enough about the here, now and future. Anyway cheers again for the article and the stimulation.

Very Interesting to learn about our amazing, rich, cultural history.

European used influence create abominable history in Africans were are the souls that wasted at that time now the will say forget but the cause of our forefathers as kept us in one conner.

Wow, this is very interesting reading. Is my understanding correct, distilled to the most simplistic terms, every civilization on the Africian Continent engaged in slavery at some point in time. It is my understanding there has never been a civilization which did not engage in slavery.

It always amazes me when those with the dirtiest hands, try to narrate the history of others to fit their own design. It is shocking to hear the comments ,such as “Whites ended slavery”, or”Europeans did Africans a favor by manipulation of their natural wealth due to their ignorance”.This is both racist and ignorance manifest at once.

Excellent article.

This was a great article.Its ashame people hate to admit the truth.there are elements of egypt in different parts of africa.Africa was the beginning of civilization.The civilization of Sudan and Ethiopia predate Egypt.The bloodline of King Solomon extended even thru Ethiopia with queen Makeda onward thru the lineage to Heilie Selassie who died in the 1970s.If we are to move forward as humanity we must be truthful about the past.This article was lit.

I find some of theses opinions to be uneducated because this article challenges their reality or they don’t want to admit that all life started in Africa which they would probably deny, but history has shown that Caucasians have stolen so much from minorities from the science to the mathematicals to agriculture, which is why they can’t comprehend of all the invention they use in their daily lives where created by African descendants, they fear the truth or any article that paints them as the great sinner’s of Christian Faith, this our history and we are reclaiming our lives that they have destroyed and higjacked by the Caucasian race.its just like how they have changed the image of Jesus they made his white his hair straight which doesn’t fit the history of how Jesus looked, but once again it Thier narrative and it’s sad that they continue trying to control the entire world, but like a said a there is an awakening in the fabric of our society and reality will reflect all of their failures

I see a lot of people criticising the article and arguing that it’s biased without offering any evidence to counter the information. It is clear these people simply can’t deal with the fact that Africa is the birthplace of civilization and that western Europe has done much harm to Africa. This tendency by some Whites to deny history does not help us build a better future: there is healing in the truth.

There will always an inclination of European and AMERICAN Whites to not any give any credence to, or not pick at, the contribution of Brown people, while blindly accepting their own falsely recorded and attribution of their history

White people have cognitive dissonance and racism is so ingrained in their bones that they hate the fact that the original human being were black men that recreated civilization that we civilized them that everything they claimed to create they have stolen they named it the middle East to hide the fact that it is Africa Egyptians were not white by any means in the last dynasty there’s three white ferals that’s after Romans and Greeks conquered kemet most of the people traded in the slave trade were Israelites Hebrews the Africans that sold other Africans sold Hebrews who were different from the people in the air that they fled to if white people want to be mad and believe the laws that other white people have told them then good for them you would not divert the truth this time the Awakening is happening and when God returns either through the Hebrew Israelites or the so called black people you would have to pay for your actions or be destroyed this is not for all white people this is for the racist wicked ones

This article is just trying to create division…. What about white slavery, or does that not count?

This article/thesis is poor as it tries to justify Africa’s place in the world in the context of Europe.
It fails recognise the true extent of African tribal/cultural bigotry and warfare.
The slave trade in Africa was rife before the Arabians arrived with their prejudice systems of oppression and gender imbalance.
As a number, the transatlantic slave trade took almost as many slaves as the Arabs, however these combined do not give a picture of slavery in Africa.
How many million africans were enslaved over the years by Africans prior to export to other continents.
This article glosses tol much.
A lost fact is who sold their peoples to the Arabs and Europeans?
Africans did.
This failure to recognise and gloss over this key fact is historical rape.
The inflicted wounds of slavery are self-inflicted wounds.
The loss of millions to other continents was of Africans own doing.
I do not underestimate the impact of this loss, but, if Africans had never sold slaves, no trade would have been possible.

Lol. Based on these comments, we are nowhere near ready for what is coming next. For what comes next will be umpteen times heavier than what we ALL as human beings have ever faced. History dictates our future, and evolution is not biased (like most comments on this article) on whether and act, idea is good or bad, evolution does it’s job and evolves that which is good and that which is bad equally. Now, put your gadgets down and your tools of information gathering and turn to your own wisdom and knowledge. What do YOU think comes next? Are we as people ready for it? Because from where I sit there is no unity amongst people, the very unity that will save us from the acts that will follow.

Any article that expresses Negative Views but makes no attempt to express positive views is fundamentally biased. Should we not all be questioning our internal bias? Go and read some John Wesley for an alternative view.
All civilisations have been distorted by forced labour and slavery. My own ancestors in brutal slave owning England were land labourers under the feudal system and before that lived in Saxon slave-dependent lands. Chattel slavery was and is an abhorrrent creation but it is not racism that drives it. Racism is used to justify it, in the face of religious norms at the time. Chattel slavery is caused by the pursuit of profit or minimising cost. Christianity does not condone slavery. Islam does not condone slavery ( although there were some pretty unhealthy beliefs towards all non believers in Africa).
We should be railing against that sub-section of all societies that encourage, pursue or condone the pursuit of wealth at the cost of other people’s health, happiness and liberty. Look at your life through that prism, whether it be cheap clothing, sports shoes, coconut milk, soya, prostitution. Etc. Question whether people are being compelled to work or having their choices removed now.
Then you’ll recognise it has depressingly little to do with the false beliefs of racism. We could change beliefs, but it’s inordinately hard to alter the pursuit of wealth and resources.

History is what it is.HISTORY ,erase history and you’ll erase yourself,theres all kinds of history.The world will change , but HISTORY will live on.The truth will stand as evidence, From all different human race .History will tell is own story.

It’s funny how people not of brown, dark, or red skin complexion always feel offended when stories of histories shed light on who played a part in one of the biggest show of human rights atrocities in history it self. Yes it is true that every nationality has experience slavery on some level. But let us look at the the difference. Slavery was indentured servant with some owner being more aggressive and unfair then others. Yes england did it spain did it africa did it India did it as well as other continents. The moors did not institute slavery outside of indentured servant. Only the the africans, the arabs, the Spaniards and Europeans instituted slavery on the dark, brown and red skin families of this planet in such a harsh manner. Yes we the dark, brown , and red skin loss our way and contribute to our down fall and path to being victimized by other nationalities institution of genocide. But that does not excuse the color coded system that was instituted by the Spaniards overseen by Rome and the Catholic/Roman Christian Church then spreaded the politicize by Europe itself. With america taking use of it only after realizing that enslaving other nationalities was not working and that the dark and brown skin people if this planet were already broken down by other users. And that their was already a system in play which was capitalizing from the inflictions and derogatory treatment of dark and brown skin people. So no. I don’t blame Europeans or Arabs for the slave trade. I blame them for color code system that was made purely to strip away the humanity of the dark and brown skin people of this planet. It was not done to do anything other then give other nationalities power over dark and brown skin people. Yet in doing so you have room the planet because now Your people don’t know how to stop the rape of humanity. And by this action alone they now are doing the same thing to the planet as they did to the dark , brown , red , and yellow people of this planet. So I end this with a beware. No underground bunker can save u. No knowledge can save u. No fake concerned can save you. No one government or one world nationality can save you. This planet will punish us all for the atrocities and inflictions of her children. And God will punish us for the mishandling and use of his planet. So beware and rethink your comments history comes in two parts: one is by the victor of wars and the other is the truth. The truth will shine eventually. The long you block and distorted the stronger the storm of truth will hit. Let us cut the malarkey and become children of the planet again and not bickering greed and wealth chasers who think by controlling people through wick it ways will enhance their well being. Together is how you save a planet not by separation

Having spent the first 38 years of my life in Africa and the remaining 21 years in Europe I have come to the conclusion that this subject together is like religion. It’s best left alone. The one thing I can say with confidence is that until restitution is paid by those guilty of the exploitation of the African continent there will be no line drawn to this.

You can not occupy a mans house. Take his belongs and wealth and then when he wants it back he’s expected to pay for it.

What utter bull shit – North Africans we’re Arabs and they are the only true pioneers as for the rest – it’s only poverty destruction and murder ask me I’m African

I agree with you Mark. Been there seen and experienced that.

Everything included in the article I studied in Western Civilization at my Histirical Black College (HBCU). We were the first civilizationn of people, paolethic/old stone age people and neolithic/new stone age people. We learned many things as civilization developed. We invented the wet clay tablet and chisels made of stone. The garden of Eden is in Africa, which is where it all began. Sometimes it takes going beyond written material. Meditation and speaking with God will give you clarification of how it all began and started. Also, study and research. There is evidence that proves stated facts.

Africa for (Black)Africans!
Truth exposes darkness.

Who wrote this? This woefully inaccurate article brushes over Islamic conquests which DEVASTATED my people and started the mess we found ourselves in today whilst demonising whites.

The way it ends is shocking as well, implying Africa was all roses before the 1500s. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We had warlords, slavery, famines and diseases. The Europeans did not ruin this for us, OUR OWN PEOPLE RUINED OUR PROGRESS BY SELLING OUR PEOPLE TO THE EUROPEANS.

Not to mention, at least the Europeans outlawed slavery. My home city in Africa still has huge amounts of human trafficking, HENCE WHY I LEFT.

Europeans are not the problem – Africans are. My own people did this to themselves due to a fixation on greed and avarice. There was no cultural unity in Africa centuries ago – it was little tribes dominating each other. The conquered tribes were sold or killed.

What happened when they was in Jerusalem and they knew pedio Hebrew they was call the first black Jews

Interesting article from a European view, but this is particularly why I wrote a book on the world view of slavery as an African American. It is interesting to note that even Americans do not the of slavery because it was not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution nor was it taught in American Schools. However, African American History is not only American History, but it is World History from before the birth of Christ to the present.

Such a negligence in history!! This seems like an pro-2000 yrs instead that all us are beyond ignorant to our past civilizations!! One God religion has killed our species

A wonderful array of opinions expressed here. It really is what is needed at this time.
BLM movement has awoken us all to a truth that we have all known for some time but just chose to believe that enough was being done. Racism is still real and has to be dealt with.
I don’t think it is fair to say that Europeans gave up slavery for economic reasons. I really believe that the British did wake up to the fact that slavery was simply wrong and must stop. They realised that ‘yes, black lives do matter’ . Unfortunately, if you haven’t realised that black lives matter; if you just continue to behave as if black lives actually don’t matter, it is terribly difficult to change. Any amount of laws passed will not necessarily change you.
The British used a Royal Navy squadron based in Lagos (from I think 1830) to chase down slave ships of all nationalities and fine the captains £100 per slave and then return the slaves to Africa. They banned slavery in Nigeria, Sudan and other places. All that has not changed the minds of everybody. You can still go to a slave market and buy a person! How bizarre is that! And the only way someone can do that is if he thinks that the life of that person doesn’t matter.
Just a little ‘aside’ – as the white son of someone who worked as a civil servant in colonial Nigeria, I am constantly frustrated by the way that the British are so often painted as the worst villains of the piece. The Portuguese took 4.5 million Africans to Brazil and the British 2.5million. For nearly 200 years we have sought to stop slavery everywhere. The slaves escaping their masters in the USA found refuge in the British territory of Canada.
Of course what was done was a terrible crime and it must be so hard for people with recent ancestors who were slaves. I send them all my love and hope that the struggle can continue against very uncivilised people.

The writers of this article should ignore the negative comments from white supremacist or eurocentric trolls and know they did a good job covering a vast continent continent with thousands of ethnic groups and languages. Those who claim that the Egyptians were not black should remember that Herodotus whom the Europeans claim to be the father of history saw them when he went there to study and he said they were black. Also there is a picture of bust of the first Pharoah, Namer and his features are clearly negroid. Also Africa’s premier egyptologist Prof Cheikh Anta Diop tested the DNA of some mummies and the result showed them to be black. Of course, there were white pharoahs ie the Ptolomeic dynasty after Alexander the Macedonian invaded Egypt in 332 BC and handed it over to his general Ptolemy upon his death. There is also the Hunefer Papyrus in a European museum in which the ancient Egyptian recount how they came from the country of the great water (Lake Victoria), the country of the mountain of the moon. Both Kilimanjaro and Rwenzori mean mountain of the moon. To those who asked for resources on Africa history I refer them to the UNESCO General History of Africa at then search and the video series of it here:

The article is very informative and it does a great job of explaining the true history of Africa. Also for those so called scholars, most of Islam was spread through trade and the incidents of slavery were African (blacks) taking prisoners of war (slavery) totally different from Europeans (whites) form of slavery. I say to you so called educated folks do some more research. Read Dr Cheik Anta Diop, Count Coley, Heroditus and others it’s all there for all to seej.

interesting so Africa is the cradle of life now that’s funny. The Americans have the oldest pyramids there are Mayan Drawing in Egypt the Animals in the Bible are Indigenous to the Americas. The corn Indigenous to America. America has the oldest written manuscript. If you research alot you will question if Africa is really the cradle of life. I beg to differ. We already know history from school was told in reverse.

This is all bs…..people loves to make negative comments, without proper foundations…unfortunately that’s how the human being mind works….

Out of 5 slave trades all you guys do is talk about the Enslavement of West African Interracial Pagans which was the smallest slave population at 8%.
Let’s talk about Saqaliba or Weisse Sklaven or Witte Slaven or Hvid Slawen or Blanco Slav and how Black Russia used these slaves in the west Coast

Europeans were also slaves. The difference came when Arabs conquered Egypt and burnt-out all the schools and libraries. These forced the Egyptians to sail and hide in west Africa . History says 6 million Arabs were imported from Arabic countries to come and replace the Egyptians that have run into the dense forest of West Africa. Today the Arabs claim North Africa as their home . We in west Africa still bear our family names like Katu , kuffo ,Tuts. Sone , Ramse , all these are pheros. The Egyptians of pheros are the west Africans.

Very informative & true. The richness of the science & culture of Africa was demonized by the marauding Europeans. People were led to believe they were savages, with no scientific or engineering achievements. They were demoralized & led to believe they were inferior. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Up to the present day our biased image of people of color, in particular Black people, is one of disdain, distrust & in some cases, disgust. It’s an image that has been engrained into our minds for hundreds of years. Only through education & personal interaction, can we learn to appreciate each other & reverse the negative stereotypes. It starts with the children!

It is sad to see so many white people not liking this article. As the same as it is today, many white people act superior to every other race. Many believe that there is no history except European history. By the way, I am white. I love this article and it is accurate. Every one in the United States is actually African American but the birth place of civilization is Africa.

This confuses the blacks they hear Africa they think black . The twisting of the truth by left wing socialists just gets worse by the day

Thank you for this article. It is time for Africans all over the world to come together. ONE PEOPLE! Uncovering our incredibly ancient and glorious history and educating our own children is the answer.

Thank you for such an informative article on Africa. It was long overdue! Please advise if follow up articles will be published that can deepen the different regions & periods of Africa’s history & accomplishments, as this article touches only the surface of Africa’s historical reality. Don’t worry about negative comments as they reflect that you’re on the right track. I’m in the US but originate from Dom Rep where African slaves rebelled as early as 1519, joining the indigenous Tainos to wage the first war against Iberian invaders in the Americas. These early enslaved Africans in Dom Rep appear to have been very educated Iberians of African Muslim descent, from the defeated Moorish civilization in Europe’s Iberia & other north Africa regions. Ultimately, Latinos of African/indiginous mixed blood descend played the leading role in the Independence of the 33 nations of Latin America & abolition of slavery decades before the US 1865 Civil War. Please reach out to us as plans are in place to publish some of our findings, but how Africa connects with us is very important.

One is in owe of different opinions expressed from 2016 negative views to more positive views expressed to date. This is the most beautiful article that portrays Africans in the most profound way in history. It has taken time to awake Africans especially in the African Diaspora. The article depicts Africans as used to be rich people prior to colonization. The most interesting part was the highlight on portrayal of Ghana which resonates with how the current Ghanaian President Nana Ado resembles almost the same traits as mentioned in the article. The President knows the value of his country’s wealth and has used it to benefit of his people. There are other African Presidents in the Diaspora such as President Kagame, President Kenyata, Tanzanian President to name a few that are quite examplary. One is happy that Africa is free from colonialism. One thing that puzzles me though is that East African countries still allow France to print their currency post colonialism. Have they no plan for alternative?

What is the use of this today. Instead people should forge ahead with new reality and advancement of civilization and human development to make the world a beautiful place to live for all human.

The racist energy in the comment section is absolutely outstanding. But not surprising!

Thank you! The research speaks for itself. Your objectivity is to be honored and respected.

I’m black american, Floridian to be exact and I was raised on a totally different story…

Dane Calloway
Lex Will
Phoenix Moon
Tasha Xi
Young Pharaoh
UBTV (Uriah Brandon)
27_staywoke (instagram)
African American Ain’t African…

It’s all in who taught us

Even our so called heroes…

Fake, false cultural appropriation at its finest. West Africans are in no relation to North Africans. Stop this misinformation!!! It’s wrong and it’s not true!

I found this article in an online search for Precolonial African history. I am an American of mostly Italian ancestry. There are many histories, many apocryphal of early European and Middle East history. The only ancient history of Africa is Egyptian. Africa is currently considered the birthplace of humanity. The many cultures of the continent must have a rich precolonial history. African Americans, while they are obviously emotionally and financially marked by their more recent history, would be enriched by the history of their place of origin. Many of these histories and peoples comments seem compelled to accentuate the slavery by either fellow African tribes or European peoples. There is a much deeper and richer history to all people than that. There are hundreds if not thousands of Ethnicities with rich histories on the African subcontinent. Where is their deep story to be found?

I’m so proud that people are recognising the enormous anti-white racism that is in this article.
Fight Black Supremacy.

Instead of recognising everyone has engaged in racism and only white people abolished it, the author chose to cause more division.

Update, since this racism was published: The earliest remains were found in Greece not Africa.

It has been interesting to read the article and then the comments.

Clearly there is a lot of politics in this, dressed up as history. If you want to look at black history that is OK but you then have a problem writing about African history as not all Africans consider themselves to be black. Usually the claim of blackness is made by black people. The result is a lot of debating whether North Africans, Saharan Africans and others are black or not and distracts from a realistic review of African history and in particular African slavery.

Empires have risen and fallen in Africa from the earliest of time. Strong tribes subjugated weak tribes. The skin colour of the dominant tribe shouldn’t be the over riding factor in assessing an empire relative to the social mores of the time. Any assessment should be based on whether or not the empire was more enlightened than the one it had replaced. The British Protectorate of Zanzibar should not be assessed as the same as Leopold’s empire in the Congo because both heads of state were white.

Europeans went to Africa for gold. They found gold and slaves. Most studies show that virtually all slaves in the transatlantic slave trade were purchased from Africans in their established slave markets and half were sold by their own communities.

Focusing only on the transatlantic slave trade does not give a true picture of African slavery, past or present. The numbers of slaves in Africa are mind boggling. The latest reports estimate that some 9million Africans were in slavery in Africa in 2018.

Slavery was a part of the economic structure of African societies for many centuries.
Slaves are mentioned as a commodity in the sea trade from the eastern African Great Lakes region to Persia, China, and India during the first millennium AD. Ibn Battuta, who visited the ancient kingdom of Mali in the mid-14th century, recounts that the local inhabitants vied with each other in the number of slaves and servants they had, and was himself given a slave boy as a “hospitality gift.

Leo Africanus, was amazed at the wealth and quantity of slaves to be found in Gao, the capital of Songhay, which he visited in 1510 and 1513. “…here there is a certain place where slaves are sold, especially on those days when the merchants are assembled. And a young slave of fifteen years of age is sold for six ducats, and children are also sold. The king of this region has a certain private palace where he maintains a great number of concubines and slaves.”

The king of Bonny (in what is now the Nigerian delta) was dismayed when Britain declared all slave trading illegal. In 1807 he declared “We think this trade must go on. That is the verdict of our oracle and the priests. They say that your country, however great, can never stop a trade ordained by God himself.”

Ethiopia is a classic example. Lej Iyyasu personally went on a slave raiding expedition in 1912 against the Dizi in south western Ethiopia and enslavedment of a reported 40,000 people, half of whom died en route to Addis. Haile Sellasie presided over a nation that had an estimated 2million slaves in a population of around 12million. Under pressure from the British after they had kicked out the Italians and put him back on his throne, Sellasie finally issued a proclamation on 26th August 1942 to make slavery unlawful in Ethiopia.

Some studies into slavery in the Grasslands of the Cameroons show that this was a widespread practice used to ensure the celibacy of young men and allow senior men to have 10 or more wives. It was common practice for men to sell half brothers, cousins or nephews using slave traders called “rope holders”. The slaves were sold to work on Cameroonian plantations with no prospect of marriage or procreation and to provide money to allow the seller to buy a bride.

The Dahomey King Gezo said in the 1840’s he would do anything the British wanted him to do apart from giving up slave trade: “The slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and the glory of their wealth…the mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery…”
But in January 1852, Ghezo accepted a treaty with the British ending the export of slaves from Dahomey and Ghezo suspended large-scale military campaigns and human sacrifice in the kingdom. However internal Dahomey political pressure contributed to the resumption of slave trading in 1857.
The Annual Customs of Dahomey were the most notorious example of the human sacrifice of slaves, where 500 prisoners would be sacrificed. Sacrifices were carried out all along the West African coast and further inland. Sacrifices were common in the Benin Empire, in what is now Ghana, and in the small independent states in what is now southern Nigeria. In the Ashanti Region, human sacrifice was often combined with capital punishment. when a slave owner died it was common to bury slaves some of his slaves with him.

Some reported figures – In the Senegambia region, between 1300 and 1900, close to one-third of the population was enslaved. In early Islamic states of the western Sahel, including Ghana (750–1076), Mali (1235–1645), Segou (1712–1861), and Songhai (1275–1591), about a third of the population were enslaved. In Sierra Leone in the 19th century about half of the population consisted of enslaved people. Among the Vai people, during the 19th century, three quarters of people were slaves. In the 19th century at least half the population was enslaved among the Duala of the Cameroon and other peoples of the lower Niger, the Kongo, and the Kasanje kingdom and Chokwe of Angola. Among the Ashanti and Yoruba a third of the population consisted of enslaved people as well as the Bono. The population of the Kanem (1600–1800) was about one-third enslaved. It was perhaps 40% in Bornu (1580–1890). Between 1750 and 1900 from one- to two-thirds of the entire population of the Fulani jihad states consisted of enslaved people. The population of the Sokoto caliphate formed by Hausas in the northern Nigeria and Cameroon was half-enslaved in the 19th century. Slavery was widespread among Tuareg peoples and lasted until at least 1975. Among the Adrar 15 percent of people were enslaved, and 75 percent of the Gurma were enslaved.
When British rule was first imposed on the Sokoto Caliphate and the surrounding areas in northern Nigeria at the turn of the 20th century, approximately 2 million to 2.5 million people there were enslaved

Around the 1770’s merchants from Oman, India, and Southeast Africa began establishing plantations along the East African coasts and on the islands. To provide workers on these plantations, slave raiding and slave holding became increasingly important and slave traders ( Tippu Tip) became prominent. The Southeast African trade reached its height in the early decades of the 1800s with up to 30,000 slaves sold per year. Slavery was a significant part of the domestic economy in Zanzibar with plantation and agricultural slavery. Author and historian Timothy Insoll wrote: “Figures record the exporting of 718,000 slaves from the Swahili coast during the 19th century, and the retention of 769,000 on the coast.” At various times, between 65 and 90 percent of Zanzibar was enslaved. Along the Kenya coast, 90 percent of the population was enslaved, while half of Madagascar’s population was enslaved.

These figures are estimates and open to dispute. But there have been a large number of studies and any serious study should not be dismissed for political reasons or because the findings are unpalatable. The British spent decades debating slavery with volumes of records for all to review and deliberate on whereas the African records are sparse but that is no excuse for focusing entirely on the transatlantic slave trade. There are estimates of 50million Africans traded as slaves over the ages with 12million of those on the Atlantic trade route.
If colonialism ended 50 – 60 years ago and the current estimate of 9 million slaves in Africa is correct, we had better remove the blinkers and start to consider the real issues behind this. African Civil Rights activists are now rightly questioning the record of Africans.

Of course any discussion on African slavery runs the risk of accusations of racial bias and colour prejudice. But if we are to understand 19th Century European views of Africans it is important to be colour blind and consider the realities of African society at that time. Henry V111 of England was colour blind and personally gave equal pay to a black trumpeter; skin colour wasn’t an issue, it was what a person did that mattered.

” It is only in the last fifty years that it has been possible to redress this distortion and to begin to re-establish Africa’s rightful place in world history.”

Do you really believe that Africa has been restored to its rights as you mention?

regardless of any disagreement, European disruption changed the geography, the culture, the language, the aspirations of Africa.

I would focus more on how the Transatlantic slave trade and European colonialism halted African free development for possibly 400 years.

As painful as it may be, the West has altered the history of Africa with violence. The West ought to take responsibility by setting the record right.

This article is a gold mine of information and obviously a labor of love! Thanks to both the author here and the website management as a whole. It speaks volumes that comments have been ongoing for years! You know you have impact. And some of the comments are clearly motivated by deep commitment to the subject.

If I may say, my own education was in philosophy and I sincerely miss the usual academic footnotes. I always feel that however much I learn from a text, I will do a better job of passing along what I have learned if I can refer to primary sources, as well as to the overview article.

Still let me express again thanks for the serious work in this post. I will be referring many contacts to this page!

Kindly tell me why didn’t African empires explore other empty territories such Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde were uninhabited islands then they were taken by Portuguese colonisers ? ,google doesn’t response clearly, I look forwards to hearing from you

Best Regards

Very good article! Thank you!

I appreciate this article so much! It’s a great starting point for more research and learning. Of course there is African history … it just has not been sought out, researched, valued or taught in “the West” with the kind of attention paid to Euro- derived cultures. Thank you for the overview.

When you criticize an article like this baselessly without facts and truths, you end up propagating the same mockery that the Europeans have been found guilty of in the history of African colonization. This article may have omitted some important Kingdoms in West Africa that are equally pertinent to the discussion at hand ala the Benin Empire, the Old Oyo Empire etc. We learned about these Empires in high school. We know these empires existed because we still live them today as Africans despite modern civilizations and developments. We studied these Great Kings and kingdoms in school, their rise and fall; their great armies; their great exploits in history, medicine, science and technology. Mr.Ezhi Opfu will be served better to understand the economic, intellectual and political mayhem that was meted to the African way of life by simply visiting the London Museum and more so educating himself to the history of Africa and European colonial antecedents. In the London Museum there he will find rare and historical art works that were looted by the Europeans that stock that museum till this day. The Benin Empire is in present day Nigeria. The Nigeria Governments have been engaged in fierce attempts to have them returned to their historical place and the British Government refused.

The article does not attempt to fit any misguided narrative to justify the decadence we find in Africa today, I find the Article as an attempt to set the records straight whether you like it or not. We had a King called King Jaja of Opobo in the present day Rivers State Nigeria that at the epic of his reign controlled the transatlantic trade in Gold, Palm oil, palm canels, coral bids etc within the present day Niger Delta region. When he refused to relinquish the trading routs to the Europeans and resisted their attempted hostile takeover of these trading routes as well as his European based trading partners, the European Colonials tricked him by surreptitiously inviting him into their ship for a peace talk. He obliged and attended the peace talk in good faith. The ship sailed off and he became a captive for several years in the hand of the European sea marauders. The British Government reject the ship from docking in its shores, the ship headed to the North American Island of Trinidad and Tobago and finally to Jamaica. The African populations in these Islands attempted to attack the ship when the news of its famous captive spread. The captors had no choice but send King Jaja back to his homeland, Opobo Island. He died in route to Opobo. King Jaja was returned dead and his monument is erected at the Atlantic sea Waterfront in Opobo Town, Nigeria.
The second area of the article that may have not adequately presented the facts in more details is the influence of Islam in Africa. Islam is not an African Religion. Islam came into North African and then to the rest of south and west African regions through conquest and conversion. Violence and terror were their favorable tactics of conversion.

There was a confluence of events that took place at the time. Islamic expansion from the north coincided with the period the early European adventurism and colonialism were occurring in the south and west African regions moving towards the north.

Islam had spread to North Africa in the 7th century especially in the North African Kingdoms of Sudan, Egypt, Libya etc. and from there to other parts of Africa. The Islamic conquerors installed caliphates in all the places they conquered and exploited the aborigines. Ironically, the Islamic conquerors that came down south and western regions of Africa were at this time black Muslims fully converted and indoctrinated by the Arab Muslims of the north. The most famous in the spread of Islam in the Western African region was a famous Islamic Scholar and Philosopher Uthman Dan Fodio of the present day Sokoto Caliphate. His command to his Islamic followers was to conquer the present day West Africa; to establish and make converts of every living soul a Muslim all the way down to the Atlantic ocean. Well he militarily did not succeed then to get to the south Atlantic ocean because he was resisted by the Oba Of Benin of the Great Benin Empire and also because their mounted military horses could not navigate the southern rain forest terrain. The political conflagrations of present day Nigeria and West Africa at large have direct linkage to the Islamic/political ambition of achieving this jihadist dominance in West Africa.

Therefore, it is my take that the above article may not have been a comprehensive academic treatise of the socio-political dynamics of the colonial African paradigm, it is non the less a good Segway to scholastic inquiry and dialogue into the colonial era and slavery. Spouting the notorious conservative defensiveness of protective European privileged interest in the face of blatantly honest endeavor to know the truth about history, in itself borders on intellectual dishonesty.

I was born and raised here in American more than 300 years after slavery began here. Even now we still have people who denigrate that which they do not know and assign hierarchy to ‘the color of skin’. With the diversity of people living in this country it seems odd to be so influenced by European thought only….no attempt to acknowledge the continent of Africa, and yet whenever there are knowledge from the past about the longevity of humans on this planet it is made in Africa. Currently the “Rising Star” cave project in South Africa is rewriting the history of humans as we have known it.
If we are serious about learning ‘who we are’, from any point of view, learning must be universal. This may not be a true article, but if you know it is not true – enlighten us…Make you knowledge know—-not your opinion.


It was a really interesting article and I read a few comments and it really is sickening to see people just comment with their opinions. For those saying the article is not true , what ca you tell us about Kingdom of Mali? All the verified information we have about Mali, Timbaktu and their collection of books , their gold and their inventions.

Where, according to you Europe got the money to develop since it has no natural resources.

All those saying the article is incorrect , are simply blinded by their color and are not true learners of History. I am not African but it doesnt take one much to see who was the culprit behind the trans-atlantic trade.

I found this to be an excellent article, well researched and balanced. It seems extraordinary that many of your critics are unable to understand the impetus for a different view of history or even acknowledge that there might be one.

I’m currently working as an editor on a book on Black History and my major difficulty is finding quotations and written histories from the time when Europeans arrived in Africa that are not Eurocentric, negative and biased. I would be grateful for references for some of the material in your piece. Especially for the quotations and accounts in this section:

A 9th-century historian wrote: ‘The king of Ghana is a great king. In his territory are mines of gold.’ When al-Bakri, the famous historian of Muslim Spain, wrote about Ghana in the 11th century, he reported that its king ‘rules an enormous kingdom and has great power’. He was also said to have an army of 200,000 men and to rule over an extremely wealthy trading empire.

In the 14th century, the West African empire of Mali, which was larger than western Europe, was reputed to be one of the biggest, richest and most powerful states in the world. The Moroccan traveller Mohammed Ibn Batuta, when giving his very favourable impressions of this empire, reported that he had found ‘complete and general safety’ there. When the famous emperor of Mali, Mansa Musa, visited Cairo in 1324, it was said that he brought so much gold with him that its price fell dramatically and had not recovered its value even 12 years later.

Great God and ancestors of West Africa will judge them

The Khoisan would disagree with this depiction of the peace loving bantu after being displaced by black africans

You know all people are one race, theres no such thing as ‘browny black’ homo sapian or ‘whitey pink’ homo sapian – its all homo sapian sapian.

The only thing to understand is that at some point humans – wether their skin had alot of melanin in, a little amount of melanin or even the same amount of melanin have at some point oppressed, abused and destroyed the other.

Thats the history of humans and chimpanzees are no different.

But we are no longer primitive apes. we have a deeper connection to higher states of consciousness enabling understanding and compassion beyond all other creatures.

so using the egoic construct, as is seen here in the comments, where everyone is arguing to proove their truth is right, well its all pointless.

What matters is what we do now. Not what one primitive being did to another.

If there is oppression, subjugation and abuse happening now to any human or animal for that matter – all that matters and should be discussed is how to stop it and how we can ALL be more compassionate, understanding and loving towards others.

The ego loves to seperate self from other but each of us are not our egos – we are greater than that.

We are all human.

Im white and recognize that all races contributed to the great things as well as the fall of countries. Bottom line is, boasting about who did what and putting yourself above everyone else, creates the hate between races. History is the past, and unfortunately, without some form of slavery, nothing would get built. Some would say being forced to labor without payment is slavery. But what about your kids when you make them do things around the house? Are you teaching them to be better people, learn responsibility, or do as you are told? 99 percent of the world would just sit around doing nothing unless it was for them.

The suggestion here, that Europeans from multiple nations as well as explorers from Asia encountered black-African civilizations every bit as sophisticated and developed as their own but misrepresented the people as living primitive, savage lives because they all had an eye towards enslaving these equally advanced peoples and thus schemed to portray them inaccurately is absurd. Time and time again the accounts were appalled by the state of the people they encountered, so much so that they felt religious moral obligation to help the people and lift them out of savage darkness.

Trans-Atlantic slavery was made possible by the gulf in advancement between the slavers and the slaves. The fact that enslaved black-Africans had no written language or common language and so little knowledge of, well, much of anything, made them easier to enslave. The average 8 yr old in Europe was more educated than the average adult black-African. Most black-Africans knew nothing of the world beyond the 20-mile radius outside their tribal homeland. To venture beyond that meant death by rival tribe or carnivorous animal. This is why Europeans characterized them as “babes”.

Why we pretend otherwise is ridiculous.

this article has been up for quite a few while, more than 3 years. The people complaining about it actually don’t read well, as the author seems to be interested in examining all the various players involved in the slave trade. It’s not a screed against white people, it talks about all the players involved. I think white people can’t stand to hear truth.

Good article. You didn’t lie, you showed your perspective very well and,I love it.

When Esau wants everything to be about them hehe .Great article dear keep it up don’t worry about crazy comments from the Albinos they get angry when the truth is being told mxeeeee nonsense

Nice to see racism is alive and well in the comments. I love this information because it highlights the unfortunate loss of a civilization that was once thriving in many aspects. Whether or not the angle in which you are looking at it, transatlantic slavery changed the course of Africa forever. The Europeans and Americans did most of the harm. The argument of African tribes selling other African tribes into slavery is true, but no one could have anticipated the huge wave of slavery that transpired and the tribes that “sold” other tribes were sold as slaves as well. No one made it out on top except for white men. This isn’t political, it isn’t opinion based, this is literally fact and for people to come on here and act shocked or not want to play the “blame game” is bewildering to me why they are even reading this article. Go read a children’s book instead of educational essays. It just so happens that white colonies and men had enough advances in technology and weaponry and the desire to travel across oceans and conquer that they are the reason of the loss of many cultures, African’s and Native Americans specifically. Yes all civilizations have known slavery, but none knew slavery to the degree of African slaves in America and a lot of slaves in other civilizations were slaves for x amount of time and could become free and depending on the culture or society were treated as family or in better conditions then African slaves in America who were transported to entirely different continent. Like come on people, if you’re going to say something at least try to act smart while saying it.

We need to keep searching digging more to get the full information also how to catch up instead of following thier pattern (white men) what I see is that our king and queen back then we’re involved that was what destroy everything then the Arabs were the noise makers that causes European to be aware of Africa. tribal war caused/worse it because they were able to sell captive but all this introduce different things today which brought modern business also artificial robot which will replace slavery for man and woman.robots will be our new slave see our God solve problems . I will like to say more but I will cut it short and say remember your past and use it as weapon for you future though thing are corrupt we can find a way soon thanks

I read most of the comments on this article. Most people do not know that Africa has been colonized twice, the first colonization was by the Arabs and they exploited a system of slavery there that lasted almost 2000 years. Then came the Europeans.
To those who use the fact that Arabs enslaved Africans first to argue that Europeans are not responsible for the transatlantic slave trade, you are full of shit. Not only did they benefit from the trade but for Europeans, this was not just the work of single business men who were traders and abducted Africans to sell them, Europe made it their collective political and economic agenda of development and it worked to make Europe rich.
The trade by Arabs was extremely violent, especially sexually violent to black women, and they use to castrate black men. But the slave owners in America and the Caribbean’s also used to do inhuman things.
In addition to that there were the local African traders and some kings who participated in the trade
But at the end of the day, when you take a step back, the African population had been under colonization and slavery for over 2500 years. The impact of this colonization on African societies cannot be clearly assessed today. The conservative narrative that Africans participated to slavery so Europeans should not be held accountable is the same thing as saying that because there were some uncle Tom’s and some coins who were black men who collaborated with whites to control slaves in America then it means there is plenty of blame to share. This is not an honest account because the coon and the uncle Tom is the creation of the white man, they intentionally made then that way. So in Africa were Arabs created an international network of slave trade, you had generations is slave traders who were Africans themselves. You will hear the accounts of Africans themselves, but this was not a collective project. Slaves were abducted from their families.
There is actual historical evidence of African kingdoms fighting slavery and colonization. I think it is very offensive for anyone living in our time to look at slavery and think Africans did it to themselves.
Europeans went to great lengths to rewrite history and they are not done, they keep lying to people even today. Of course Egypt was black. The entire world was black at some point. Even Europe was black because Europeans just like all humans are descendants of Africans. So in Africa there was a high level of diversity in the economic and social advancement of societies. But today the main memory people have of Africans are the societies like pygmed and Masais that are living outside of so called advanced cities etc. But yes, a Zulu in South Africa has a history in common with an Egyptian, a Nubian. We all have a history in common. The history of Africa is the history of the world so instead of trying to blame Africans Arabs or Europeans, we need to realize we are the same people, we are all Africans, so in that sense, we all did it to ourselves. But today, white supremacy is the power that maintains most social injustices. And a good person wouldn’t support white supremacy. White supremacy is making the world a worse place for all of us.
We have to go back to a conception of Africa before it was colonized in antiquity a couple of hundred of years before Jesus. African societies were not perfect then but they were African. Our women were empowered, many societies were matriarchal, we had gender equality in our political system, many societies like the Akans were led by women. All that almost disappeared because of the patriarchal and capitalist nature of white supremacy. But the story telling of white supremacy has always been to remove it’s responsibility and promote the idea that blacks are inherently evil to justify their collective slave trade project, this is why racism was created in Europe. Slavery was practiced everywhere in the world but it was not a racial thing so there were no needs to create racism. There were even some Europeans who were slaves in Africa, probably sold by their fellow Europeans. So the question is not about blame, it is about how all this colonization impacted the black global community and the perception that we have of black people. Most people don’t even realize that blacks were they first ones to sail and explore the oceans on boats etc. Mansa Musa’s brother was a passionate sailor. The only reason why were are here now is because of two factors, Arabs and Islam negative influence on Africa and Europe grid, when Mansa musa went to the mecca that is when Europe started hearing about how much gold we had in Africa. They went for the gold to steal it, and there Arabs taught them they could use Africans as slaves.
The political establishment in Europe created racism to justify why they would take humans and force them to work. They had to say that we blacks are less than humans. Yet, for several centuries they mistreated, raped killed lynched black men women boys and girls, often in moments where an entire white family would enjoy the pain of these black slaves, which led to white sadistic behaviours that are still in existence today. The white sadistic behaviours gave birth in my opinion to the crazy white behaviours of serial killing and mass shootings that we see now. White people instead of listening to coins like Soto should follow the path of many whites we have seen in 2020 and do some soul searching instead of defending the idea that whites did nothing wrong. History teaching is not necessarily divisive, but we have to learn about a history were we all had different status, if that is divisive at least it is the truth, so we need to divide first with history and reunite with our current collective social project.

Yet to this day black people choose to live surrounded by whites every chance they get. Look at the neighborhoods every rich black politician lives in. Look at every country people of color immigrate to. Really confusing considering how racist they say white people are. If Europeans obtained their wealth through exploitation of successful black societies, why would these advanced societies allow stupid poor Europeans to come conquer the entire continent? It doesn’t make sense. Everyone of every race needs to stop living in the past and start working to fix the problems of the present. Africa is currently trashed, and Europe/North America are well on their way to collapsing as well. People get so obsessed with the actions of their ancestors and their racial identity. Just be a good human, mind your own business, and work hard. You will inevitably live a good life. This SJW crap is creating racism where there is none. It’s sad to watch race relations regress because losers of all races are setting the narrative that we are divided.

One of the issues not raised by those commenting sensibly, is that the driver for the European ‘age of discovery’, was nothing to do with Africa. It came from the desire to trade directly with India and China and avoid the Islamic world Christian Europe feared, hated and had been fighting for centuries.
The accidental colonisation and exploitation of the Americas, was initially by the enslavement of its indigenous people. Disease and mistreatment led to genocide and the failure of transported or indentured whites to provide a work force capable of functioning in subtropical or tropical environments, led to the abomination of the Atlantic slave trade and it racist justifications. Just because slavery existed prior to the Modern period, that can never be used to justify it.
A History Teacher (07/06/2021), stated that, ‘It just so happens that white…men had enough advances it technology and weaponry’, but without addressing why Western Europe had developed those advances.
Although Europe had begun developing new ideas and sciences before the late 18th Century, other than the ocean going ships developed to avoid the Islamic world, there is little evidence of Western technological superiority. In the Americas, sub-Saharan Africa and Australia this was enough, but it would take the development of nationalist, capitalist, military industrial complexes in the 19th Century before the West became globally dominant. Success reinforced racist attitudes and pseudoscience added to the toxicity.
Racism, like religion and nationalism, are an anathema to humanity. That which divides us makes us all weaker.

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