London Unseen: Black Abolitionist Walking Tour in London

90min in-person walking tour of London, highlighting 5 sites where African American activists made an important impact on the UK landscape

Black freedom fighters travelled to the British Isles during the c19th to educate audiences about the brutalities of slavery, to write and publish their narratives, raise money to legally purchase themselves or family members, or to settle and work here.


In their radical and politicised journeys of freedom, they travelled thousands of miles to give lectures in large cities like London and Edinburgh, to small villages like Bakewell, Keswick and Pembroke. Whilst some of the buildings visited by these individuals do not remain, it is impossible to deny that we walk past important Black history sites on a daily basis, without realising the impact these men and women had on British society.

Freemasons Hall
60 Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5Az

Time:  Tuesday 23th August , 10:00 – 11:30 BST

In this in-person tour, Dr. Hannah-Rose Murray will take you to several sites related to Black activism and share stories of powerful oratory, literary work, and the relentless campaigns against slavery made by both Black women and men.

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