Help wanted in Manchester: Research in ‘oral history’ about Afro-Caribbean food.

I'm Chiara Lombardi, an Italian student at the University of Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna.

I’m currently working on the project for my master’s final dissertation in modern history. I would like to undertake a research in ‘oral history’ about Afro-Caribbean food consumption in England.

What I’m researching is if and how, between the ‘70s and ‘90s, Afro-Caribbean food-related traditions helped developing a sense of identity and cohesion in the migrating communities.

I would like to investigate behaviors and reactions to the migratory phenomenon and I would connect it to the food consumption.

What I would study is not only food in its material aspect, but also in its symbolic one, from the starting point that it could also be, in different ways, a manifestation of power.

My theory, in fact, is that Afro-Caribbean people could use food as an expression of identity, so that it could have different meanings in connection to different historical periods.

What I would do is interviewing people to try and understand how they perceived their food consumption during the period ’70s-’90s in the area of Greater Manchester or in the Moss Side neighborhood

I was wondering if you could be interested in my project and if you would like to participate in it. Having your collaboration and help would facilitate my ability to make contact with the local community.

In this project I will be totally financed by the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna. The period I would spend in the community is going to be very short (only two months, November and December).

If you would be interested in my work, or even if you know any association that could be, please don’t hesitate to contact me: any suggestion is very welcome!

Thank you for your attention and your time

Kind Regards,

Chiara Lombardi


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If you would like to assist Chiara in her research, please email her on