Why Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters should be made Christmas No 1

"It's Christmas" has all the makings of a future holiday classic. Lekiddo (The Lord of The Lobsters) seems like the kind of guy who'd be fun to hang with at one of his shows or at your annual Christmas party. …And, sure, you'll be scratching your head at first but, after a few minutes, you'll likely find yourself doing the "Pinchy Pinchy Kiss Kiss" without even knowing it.”

“I wanted to bring back a Christmas song that people could get involved in,” says Lekiddo. “It has to uplift you, and I can’t recall a Christmas song lately that’s done that.”

Lekiddo, it has to be said, is an unusual candidate for the country’s chief festive songsmith. For a start, he claims that his moniker arose from a time eight years ago when he was chosen by the world’s lobster population to represent them: ““I realised that the crustaceans shall inherit the kitchen,” he says, matter of factly. “The lobsters knew that I knew this, so they chose me as their lord, and now I go around spreading lobster love.”

“I was raised in a Ghanaian party-loving home in London,” says Lekiddo. “So we played highlife and calypso as well as pop and classical music, so there’s a lot inside me.”