Petition for the inclusion of black history in the curriculum

My name is Tia Smith, I’m 16 years old and I was born and brought up in West London. I have been subject to the covertly damaging lack of diversity in the British curriculum.

I’ve been working with my peers, Elizabeth and Layla to raise awareness through a petition for changes to be made to the school system to address racial issues in the UK which we hope you will share and support.


The UK education system, although addresing topics such as slavery and colonisation, has disregarded vast sections of my communities history for too long. Black students make up 23% of British state schools, and not only would they benefit from further representation through diverse authors and historical figures, but feel empowered to honour their legacy.

Reforming our education system means the country’s youth can experience a curriculum that encourages diversity, and gain a reference frame for cultures other than their own. We believe that the implications of this change will be widespread. This is not simply for our generation, but for the generations that follow. We would like our future children to grow up in a world that appreciates their culture, with friends that understand where they come from. Education is the key to creating a generational shift in our attitudes.

We believe that the value of education deserves to be upheld by those in power, we thank you for hearing our plea, and we hope you will acknowledge our requests.

We trust that the significant impact of representation, particularly on young children, is something that is kept in mind when addressing our petition.