Petition for the inclusion of black history in the curriculum

My name is Tia Smith, I’m 16 years old and I was born and brought up in West London. I have been subject to the covertly damaging lack of diversity in the British curriculum.

I’ve been working with my peers, Elizabeth and Layla to raise awareness through a petition for changes to be made to the school system to address racial issues in the UK which we hope you will share and support.


The UK education system, although addresing topics such as slavery and colonisation, has disregarded vast sections of my communities history for too long. Black students make up 23% of British state schools, and not only would they benefit from further representation through diverse authors and historical figures, but feel empowered to honour their legacy.

Reforming our education system means the country’s youth can experience a curriculum that encourages diversity, and gain a reference frame for cultures other than their own. We believe that the implications of this change will be widespread. This is not simply for our generation, but for the generations that follow. We would like our future children to grow up in a world that appreciates their culture, with friends that understand where they come from. Education is the key to creating a generational shift in our attitudes.

We believe that the value of education deserves to be upheld by those in power, we thank you for hearing our plea, and we hope you will acknowledge our requests.

We trust that the significant impact of representation, particularly on young children, is something that is kept in mind when addressing our petition.


I think that it is important black history is taught in all schools

All schools around the world should be taught Black history.

It’s definitely long overdue.

Completely agree !!!

Amazing work

Black history should be embedded into our school curriculum.

I agree with the above statement. As a child growing up in Bristol my schools taught about slavery, the empire and colonialism. The introduction since of the National Curriculum and it’s terrible omission of black history needs to change. I was shocked 10 years ago when speaking to my teenage children re the transatlantic slavery that they had been taught nothing about it at school. This is wrong.

This is crucial as part of the whole philosophy in equality and inclusion, plus identity for all Black students.


The moment has arrived, we must use it wisely, and use it #peacefully, as a catalyst for change to tackle racism, discrimination and inequality – wherever it is.

A Royal Commission into the slave trade, the full history, and its impact, should also be established – to ensure oversight for the future, and to make recommendations regarding all relevant aspects; including recommendations to ensure an appropriate curriculum for all children and young people is provided.

If you agree then please could you support this petition?

History should be about notable events, people and trends in world events. “Black” history does not merit such individual attention in the evolution of mankind and the developments of the knowledge that necessary to sustain a future of our species.


Countries need to be transparent about the past no matter how awful.

So should we also include India history? Pakistani history?
Jewish history?
These are all ethnic minorities that have seen poor treatment in the past and still do.
Should we then also have Jewish History month and the same for all the others? Or just stop making it all about colour or ethnicity?
Watch Morgan Freemans interview, one of the most successful people of all time. And yes I said people I did not call him black. See what he thinks about BHM,

It’s imperative that black history is taught across all aspects of the curriculum and in all schools with no exclusions.


I think placing black History in our schools is a great idea. The Portuguese who were just one of the many participants in enslavement is now making the truth about black enslavement part of their history. I believe this should be the same all around the world. Because enslavers engaged in enslavement was done all around the world.

Enslavers are disgusting people with the sole purpose of degrading others. enslavement is something that decent people do not want to see again in our world. This can only be done by exposing such brutal actions towards other human beings and exposing the enslavers behavioural patterns is a step forward to eradicating the enslaver’s beliefs. making known to children in schools worldwide that such oppression of others is wrong and will NOT be tolerated again in our world.

It is time to stop putting such abusers up on a pedal stool and to view them for who and what they really are. “ABUSERS, DESTROYERS OF LIFE”.

Enslaved people should be rewarded by placing them in History for the good and creative work they have done for our society. They should be recognised for their hard work in servicing others while working for people who had “NO GRATITUDE” and who simply view them as “THEIR PROPERTY”. Enslaved people should be recognised for their creation of roads, railways and beautiful buildings that stand before us today. Enslaved people were never paid for their hard work during those brutal and suppressive times where enslaved people worked hard In England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Russia, Germany, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Australia, other parts of Europe and the Middle East. They abused and suppressed people of the Caribbean, Aboriginal, African, and Asian cultures. Their only reward and exchange were brutality and disfigurement of mind, body and spirit.

I think this would be a great start to have by placing this article in the school’s History education system in relation to the Caribbean enslavers. I went to the website at and found this Biography on an enslaver called John Gladstone. The website is called Legacies of British Slave-ownership.

All you need to do is type in a surname and click the search button to see if a known surname be it (African, Caribbean, mixed race, Asian or white with a non-African Surname name) will show up on the slave-ownership site. You can type in your own surname, family surname, friends, famous Caribbean Americans, African Americans, Caribbean “British” or African “British” Actors or singers’ surnames etc. To search the British slave- ownership website. Look and see if your surname is connected by ancestry to British enslavers. (Slave-owners) who back then changed the names of ALL slaves. Enslaved people were renamed by using the enslaver’s family surname name, but some enslaved people were renamed, and their first name came from a Slavers ship or a pirate’s name.

Some actors go by a different acting name so you will need to search the internet to find their birth name. Example Vin Diesel changed his birth name to Vin which is short for his Stepfather’s surname which is VINCENT and Diesel which is his school nickname given to him because his classmates said he always had a lot of energy. Vin’s mother’s surname is SINCLAIR. If you type in BOTH these surnames you will find them under British Slave-ownership. In fact, if you type in such surnames as Jackson, Kelly, Davis, Rowland, Washington, Freeman, Smith, Pinkett, Turner, Brown, Knowles, Glover, Howard, Gooding, Armstrong, Simonet, Crosby, Hayes, Holland, Knight, Gibson, Clarke, Harewood, Harris, Rev. Chaplin, Betts, even British MPs such as Enock Powell, John Gladstone or just Gladstone to see the enormous pay-out that was made to just some slave-owners for what was classed as “their Property” i.e. enslaved people to supposedly “END SLAVERY”. please Remember back in 1836 money value was not the same as today. If you were to look at the equivalent value in today’s money you would be looking at millions which were paid out to some enslavers for their “Property”, Caribbean slaves and some slave owners who also stayed and lived in Britain, Scotland, Wales, Some moved to the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia taking over these places and building grand expensive homes for their families, and for their entertainment all by still enslaving when slavery should have ended.

Even with their enormous pay-out, Slavery and brutality did not end for many in the Caribbean. Bechuanaland is known today as Botswana, but if it were not for the 3 Chiefs. In 1895 three Batswana chiefs, Khama, Bathoen and Sebele, travelled to London to plead a case against the British government handing over the Protectorate to Rhodes, whom they did not trust. They WON their case by using British public petition as NOT all The British people agreed with slavery. They presented their petition to the then British Queen Victoria and WON!
Unfortunately, an enslavers way of thinking IS NOT only in the past it is very much in the present working towards the future with a noticeably clear and persistent negative intention towards others. Abusers use colour etc as an excuse to abuse others. Therefore, if we were made all the same colour, size, sex and nationality the abuser, enslaver certainly would find another excuse to abuse.

So, by observing the enslavers past actions you can certainly get a broader picture of their present and coming future behaviour. It seems that enslavers have simply evolved their behaviour to fit in as it were with modern times. But their behavioural intentions are very much geared toward suppression of artists and the general public who try to succeed in life and who do not fit into their ideal world. Just how many enslavers back then and their long family history that has moved into our present environment would if given the chance to enslave would not take the opportunity to do so again unless stopped by decent people?

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