“Love Sax and all that Jazz 2: Da Mans Dem”

Sun 21 Oct 2018 - 3.30pm (Doors 3pm)

Miles Chambers & Patricia Rhema are pleased to announce that the hit comedy stage play Da Mans Dem will receive a one-off performance at Bristol Old Vic on Sunday 21st October. Written by poet Alan Charles, Da Mans Dem is the sequel to the popular play Love Sax and all that Jazz. In this offering the brothers take centre stage and give their take on love and relationships. We get a glimpse of the male psyche as they attempt to explain: What do men want? Why do men cheat? And what defines a man?

Get ready for another dose of belly-busting laughter with the talented cast of Lloyd Reid, Courtney Hoilett, Rohan Alexander, Adrian Betton, Colin Burton, Angela Blake, Michelle Homer, Eugenie Burton, Amma Aning and Selina Alexander.