Brixton Come Together

BCT on 29th, 30th Sep and 1st Oct 2017

This weekend the St Matthew’s Peace Gardens were taken over by a fantastic community festival organized by Maria Santos. The festival is called Brixton Come Together and is an inclusive event for all parts of the Brixton community.

The Saturday night ended with a magical atmosphere. Jhemar Jonas (aged 10), one of the kids from Hill Mead Primary, played the whole concert alongside Manu Chao and his band under a full moon with the beautiful St Matthew’s Church behind.

The festival was paid for with the proceeds from the concert Manu Chao performed at the Electric on Sunday the last night of the festival. With the rest of the Brixton community contributing: Sudbourne Primary School lent their stage; other parts of the community lending marquees, tables etc.

Brixton Green were very proud to be part of this festival and happy to see so many of our members contributing. Other great Brixton community organizations attended the event including Colombiage.

Dennis Gyamfi, a trustee and founding member of Brixton Green, gave a great speech explaining the importance of Brixton people uniting particularly at this time.

We had the chance to speak with many members of the Brixton community and had some important conversations on how we can protect and unite our community.

Many more people became shareholders of Brixton Green. Now over 1,000 Brixton people are shareholders in Brixton Green!

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