Fighting the slave master: Past and Present

Friday 29 March

This Black history walk features several financial institutions, Lloyds of London insurance in particular, and will show how they made money from kidnapped Africans and how those people fought back using any means necessary.


Each location will link to the trillions of pounds that filtered through the City of London due to British slavery. We illustrate who the enslaved people were, where they were from and most importantly, the variety of ways in which they fought back; from one person learning to read to armed revolts of half a million people

We will provide examples and references drawn from our two books, ‘Black History Walks Volume 1 and Volume 2’, and our Pearson GCSE History exam text book now used in schools.

This walk will also highlight and amplify the work of Black Data Beyond/ Johns Hopkins University and their pioneering database which investigates Lloyds of London’s role in insuring slave ships.

We will cover :

  • Death rather than slavery
  • Revolts on board hostage ships, the insurance premiums
  • Undercover fighting on the plantations and streets of London
  • The Black man who wanted to take over Britain
  • Cultural resistance: hair, language and spirituality as weapons
  • Warrior queens, women armies and female fighters
  • Pirates of the Caribbean and the Bank of England
  • The Bank of the West Indies in Threadneedle Street
  • Enslaved Black scientists and their legacy in the NHS
  • White Christian slave owners and Black deaths in custody
  • Apologists for white supremacy
  • The need for more historical Black plaques Nubian Jak Black Plaques (

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