Sunday 17 October 2021

An Anime-inspired physical theatre piece about Kill, a young man who wakes up in Dead Yard.


The piece takes as its starting point the struggle of a young black man trying to maintain mental stability on a chaotic council estate. Created a Monster explore isolations and physical scores, researching how these rhythmic expressions of vitality can express stagnation, pain and the fragmentation of Kill’s body.

This project derives from an inquiry into the lived experience of a young mixed-race man and his mental struggles facing the racial injustices, hypocrisies and complexities that remain unresolved in his own body and the outer world, a story that is cross-sectioned with the highly-polished, maniacal and brutal physical language, conceits and tropes of anime as a framing research: the resonance of anime for black lives existing within stories of the underdog who work and fight to achieve greatness; the escape from seemingly impossible situations; the presence of legacy and the search for justice in an oftentimes unjust world.

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