#BeComeTalks about #BlackLove: in our families

Wed, 18 March 2020 19:00 – 22:00

A 4 week discussion series around black love: as a community, family unit, individual, and in the bedroom! Real questions for real answers!

About this Event

If you feel awkward around taboo subjects, feel awkward when your views are challenged, or never willing to play devils advocate, this event is not for you! We will be asking some provocative questions and expecting you to be real and open! It’s a safe space!

This is the second of a series spread over 4 weeks where we discuss black love and its presence, absence, role and form within our communities, within our families, self love and sex.

What are the myths and realities? What do you have to back it up? What pet peeves do you have that you always thought was just you!?
We’ll be covering it all, and to get you comfortable, get a ticket with a roti and rum punch to greet you at the door!

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