Black Girls Picnic

Sunday 17th July

This is a space for Black women and girls only! If you do not share this identity then please pass your ticket on to someone who is. FAQ: Q:I’m mixed race, my father is Black and my mother is White, can I still come? A:If you are mixed race which includes Black, see you there- you are most welcome. Q:I’m White and have adopted Black children, how could I make sure my children don’t miss out on this experience? A:Black Girls Picnic welcomes Transracial adopters. We understand that there are young Black children who have been adopted into White & other non-Black families. Transracial adopters and their children are welcome at BGP as we agree it’s important for young Black children to be involved as much as possible in cultural events such as these. If it’s possible, it would be preferable for the children to be supervised by a woman identified person on the day who is Black. If this isn’t possible then you can attend with your children. Please remember you’re a guest in this space, and we will be centring the children. This is the only exception for attendees who are not Black as defined in our previous description. Children are welcome in the space if they’re supervised by an adult who is 18 years or older.

A global movement in collective self care to celebrate all the beauty that is Black Womanhood. A space for Black women and girls only.

Bring your best friends, children, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties and grandmothers! Bring food, drinks and your blanket to sit on. BGP is led by Kayza Rose.

On arrival, you will be asked if you would like to write an anonymous note of affirmation to another Black girl. Near the end of day we will deliver the notes to all those who attended the picnic. Write as many as you want, share your tips on life, love and self care ♥

Expect stalls,performances,speakers,workshops, food, & more….

Crystal Workshop by @Afrikan_Krystal_Shop

AKS is hosting the Empresses’ Crystal Circle where you can explore using crystals for female wellness and joyful embodiment.

You can also visit her stall on the day for crystals, incense and other spiritual tools. Afrikan Krystal Shop: Healing crystals for your everyday self-care and spiritual practice.

Painting workshop by @cherellecreates / @brushstrokeartuk

Cherelle is a native South Londoner who amongst many things enjoys twerking to Beyonce whilst washing dishes. Although a lifelong arts enthusiast, Cherelle only started taking painting & visual art seriously after attending a ‘paint and sip’ class on a trip to Los Angeles in 2016. Since then she has experimented with different ways to express black womanhood on canvas & digitally. Cherelle has exhibited at various exhibitions & events in London as well as Black Joy Parade in Oakland, California.

Performance by @sharnacane

Sharna Cane is an astute and driven rapper, who was born and raised in South London. Sharna presents a refreshing sound fused from her unquestionable lyrical ability and unforgettable melodies. Her musical influences stem from music she heard growing up being played at home by her father. This was predominantly Reggae and he introduced her to legendary artists such as Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. The lyrics spoke on topics such as love, peace and togetherness, which is very present in her music now. During her teens, she loved watching musicals and loved drama, helping to spark the creativity that is lucidly present in her music. As she got into her late teens, Sharna further pushed herself into rap, regularly attending open mics and clashing with other MCS It was during these epic clashes that she acquired the name Sloozie. She would constantly ‘slew’ or demolish her opponents in lyrical battle, which led to spectators chanting Sloozie after each battle she’d won.

Gang life was presented to Sharna as it is to many young people growing up in London, but she had a passion for sport – football in particular. This passion led to Sharna having the opportunity to play football at a top level; she had trials and trained with Arsenal football club and was captain for a local women’s team. Very fortunate for her this diverted her from the streets and gang life, but Sharna still had many friends that she grew up with who were involved. The experiences of where she grew up and her friends drove her passion for music and writing. This inspired her to record multiple grime/rap projects as Sloozie. Sharna found a new space to record music named Novocane studios. The studio pushed artists to be free and experimental with sounds; it was here she introduced melodies into her raps and even ventured out into fully singing. This shift in sound came with a change of name to Sharna Cane and with it she fully indulged herself in the melodic, experimental and free sound that she still uses to this day. Her breakout track, “Go Tell Em”, helped her to get into harmonising within her music a lot more. With this song, she went out of her comfort zone and this is what sparked her revamp in the industry. Her latest single “Me No More” continues in the same vein. Produced by Karmah Cruz, the dancehall vibe is weekend ready.

She has performed at numerous open mics and talent shows and is well known on the underground live music circuit in London. Her performances capture the crowd every time, with her projecting a contagious energy. Sharna is still grafting hard to capture the attention of the masses; Sharna Cane aims to make as much music as she can. She wants her sound to spread like wildfire and capture the ears and hearts of a global audience. So stay tuned.

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