The Khandi Shop Presents Kosmos

Saturday 14 August 2021

KOSMOS Hello Khandi treats and welcome back to the third instalment of the Khandi shop, a night to showcase some of the tastiest talents in the queerosquere.


Curated by the one only Mahatma Khandi, the self proclaimed rich auntie, star of stage, screen and galaxy and as you know by now sweeter than the curry sauce in McDonald’s, let them catapult you into the unknown cause this Khandi Shop’s theme is “KOSMOS” and is all things spacey.

SHAK FIRE Spirited, revolutionary and beautiful, SHAK, is a performer like no other, they even lend you lash glue when you need it , their lipsync prowess is legendary, believed it, cause it’s written in the stars, just let them pull you into their universe and watch them soar NILLY Watch out as this next performer shoots across your stage like a comet, they are just intergalactic, Trained in stunts, forged in action and an expert of the martial arts, Nilly’s talents are undoubtedly out of this world MX TZO They are not a human, let’s start there, I don’t know if they are alien or a robot or a cyborg but just watch with dancing abilities that are inhuman and conceptional performances that make you think, feel and listen you will be stunned into submission JASON KWAN This is the only pop star in our firmament, and a true supernova of a performer, their music has the gravitational pull of the moon, trust, their music is only surpassed by their true beauty inside and out, listen and transport yourself to another dimension.

Join us for a night full of stars and perfomances that are out of this galaxy. DOORS AT 7 SHOW AT 730 also dress up in your best kosmos lewk