The Home prides itself on being integrated within the community.  And what better way to show it than with crowd favourite, The Home’s Got Talent! Come and see our residents, permanent and temporary. compete for big prizes.  Why not enter yourself?  You could leave being the hero of the afternoon.  Residential care is grim and boring they say – how dare you!

The Home is a 48 hour immersive theatre experience – The Talent Show offers a taster within the big show.

The Talent Show is one of  four 90 minute performances, taking place within The Home. You will be interacting with those taking part in the full experience, and all of the performers, but for a shorter burst. This is a stand-alone experiences – you don’t need to know what has happened before for it to make sense (although we are sure some of our participants will be desperate to tell you).

It’s theatre where you join in.  It’s entertainment and it might make you think about ageing and vulnerability in a way you haven’t before.

Saturday afternoon:  the people who have signed up for the whole experience of The Home will have been residents since the previous night.  The staff will be doing their best to look after them.  They’ll be starting to come together as a group by preparing to perform at The Talent Show.  You can come prepared to share a short routine either solo, duo or a group, or just to watch.  You will see how the whole show is set up, the tensions, joys and thought-provoking aspects of The Home, thrill to the show in front of you, and have your chance to influence the outcome of the event.

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Top image: Sorcha Bridge.