Manchester Workshop: Healing Complex PTSD: The Brain Science of Recovery

December 17 2020 , January 23 2021

PLEASE  NOTE: This event is currently scheduled to run as a face-to-face live workshop. However, we may decide to run the course online [webinar] if the Government advice at the time of the workshop regarding COVID-19 changes due to unforeseen local lockdown. We will inform you about any changes as early as possible. Thanks

Certificate of attendance will be issued (up to 6 CPD hours). Everyone interested in the subject is welcome.

Your learning outcomes for this training:

  • An in-depth understanding on how c-PTSD affects brain function and ways to rebalance the brain for calm
  • The biochemistry of c-PTSD and recovery
  • The regions of the brain involved in c-PTSD and how to calm them down
  • Why a c-PTSD brain can be reluctant to seek help and move on (especially in trauma connected to domestic violence and abuse)
  • The links between c-PTSD and anxiety-related disorders such as OCD, and social anxiety and how to achieve transformation
  • Indentifying and coping with CPTSD flashbacks
  • Meditations for healing the fragmented self
  • The A.S.I.E.C.C. framework for Healing c-PTSD

Additional materials to have access to:

  • Healthy Self-Concept Meditation & Script for Complex PTSD Survivors
  • Strengthening Self-Compassion and Exposing the Inner Critics Exercise & Meditation
  • Healing Toxic Shame and Strengthening Self-Compassion: Mirror Exercise, Retrospective Self-Awareness Exercise & Meditation
  • Exposing and Renegotiating Trans-Generational Trauma Exercise (Family History Work) & Visualisation
  • Toxic shame Reduction Meditation
  • Healing the Inner Child Meditation

Other focuses:

  • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating c-PTSD
  • Tips for minimising major relapses

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