An Introduction to Antiracism

Monday 10 January - Monday 31 January 2022

‘An introduction to Antiracism’ is a course written and delivered by Jess Mally.

In it, Jess introduces the participants to the realities of living in a racist society, unpacks terminology from racism, white supremacy, white privilege to gaslighting, and gives the participant a holistic understanding of how the UK got to where it is today.

Jess’ passion lies in helping people understand that the work before us will not take place overnight and while legislation and policy must change, those changes will only have true and lasting impact if society as a whole begins to undergo a transformation of ideas and narratives.

In order to effectively dismantle white supremacy and create a society equal and fair for all, we have to tackle the mindsets that continuously uphold this system – even though often unintentionally.

Aside from giving a clear picture of the state of affairs and how we got here, Jess also offers a number of tools to begin this antiracist journey.

This will be a safe space to unpack these issuses. All participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality online form.

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