Aya Poetry and Spoken Word Monthly Online Meeting

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Aya Poetry and Spoken Word Group was launched in April 2021 with 2 Activist Poets Grace Akuba Quansah & Ngoma Bishop. Brother Ngoma is an Afrikan from Barbados who has lived in the UK for several decades.


The theme for the Launch Event was The Language of Protest. It was interesting hearing about Sister Grace’s work with young people, getting them to explore their creativity through writing, acting, poetry & publishing. We also heard about her campaigns against injustice and had the pleasure of listening to some of her poems. Brother Ngoma is part of an Afrikan Writers Collective and was recently involved in a programme titled Rebirth of the Griot. He is leading Ethical Name Change, a grassroots campaign to change the name of Leopold School in the Borough of Brent, North West London as the association with the Butcher of Belgium is unacceptable especially in an area where Afrikan children are the majority in schools.

We chose the Adinkra symbol Aya for our poetry and spoken word group because it denotes endurance and resourcefulness, qualities needed in activism and campaigning. Aya Poetry and Spoken Word Group was blessed to have Dr Velma McClymont share poems and even run an impromptu workshop on writing haikus which we all enjoyed.

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