Black History Month 2021 – Safe Spaces

Friday 15 October 2021

Between protesting and demonstrating following the 2020 murder of George Floyd, raising awareness about the ongoing racial and ethnic mortality disparities only getting wider amid the pandemic, and beyond, it’s clear that the fight for racial justice is neither easy nor near completion.


Anti-racism work is often difficult and exhausting, further traumatising culturally diverse communities all over again. With all these urgent obligations and enraging events, centring joy/wellness has become a necessary practice in culturally diverse communities.

A space where culturally diverse communities can express and explore their experience in the world through this virtual session with a qualified therapist providing support. This space will help communities reflect collectively on the effects of Covid-19, racism, inequality, and trauma.

Our collective wellbeing is the community’s business, and we must find ways of finding joy amid unrest.

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