Black History Month | Uncovering Black Ancestry Using Passenger Lists

Wednesday 14 February

Embark on an enriching journey into Black History with this online event. This masterclass is specifically designed for enthusiasts and researchers keen on exploring the depths of African Caribbean ancestry.


Paul Crooks, a specialist in African Caribbean genealogy, will illuminate the path of tracing Windrush ancestry, highlighting the significance of this history for both Caribbean and North American communities. Delving into his six-generation family tree, Paul offers a unique perspective that connects the Gold Coast to North America and the Caribbean, revealing a rich tapestry of Black heritage.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into Paul’s innovative research methods, particularly his adept use of passenger lists to enhance other ancestry information sources. This comprehensive approach provides a robust framework for anyone interested in uncovering the hidden narratives of the Windrush generation.

Paul brings his pioneering research and expertise to the table. His unique approach and engaging topics contribute significantly to understanding the Black experience. A significant part of the talk will be dedicated to how passenger list records can be utilized in ancestry research. Paul Crooks will share his personal experience in using these records to trace his family tree and backstory. The session will also explore how passenger lists can complement other sources of ancestry information, providing a more comprehensive understanding of one’s heritage.

Who Is This Talk For?

The talk is suitable for you if

  • you’re new to exploring family history
  • you have some experience of searching for your ancestors and want to know about other sources of information
  • you’ve started and you’re having problems furthering your search
  • you want to develop your knowledge and understanding of Black History.

How to gain access to this event

This talk will be held over Zoom. Details of how to join the session will be in your registration confirmation email.

Plus Ticket: Along with event access, Plus Ticket holders will receive a digital copy of the ‘Africans, Irish, and the Music of the Caribbean’ eBook, delivered via email after the-event.

Premium Ticket: Premium access includes all Plus offerings, plus a digital copy of Paul Crooks’ latest novel ‘Descendants,’ sent to you electronically after the event.

Deluxe Ticket: Deluxe attendees enjoy all Premium benefits, with the added bonus of the ‘DNA Testing Demystified: Separating Fact from Fiction in Genealogy’ eBook to deepen your understanding of genealogy sent to you electronically after the event.

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