Black History | Tracing African Caribbean Ancestry Back to 1860

Sunday 5th June

Black History Speaker Paul Crooks provides this event inspiring Black British and North American people to bring 1860s backstories to life.


London based Black history speaker Paul Crooks is among the most insightful genealogists discussing engaging topics relating to the legacy of British slave ownership and Black British ancestry. Paul Crooks is unique among Black history month speakers discussing engaging topics relating to the Black experience.

Paul will provide guidance on how to search and trace your history further back – to ancestors who lived during 1860s. He will

  • deliver insights into how he overcame major barriers to tracing his great-grandfather.
  • cover records specific to Black ancestry.
  • discuss other materials of more general interest to people embarking on journeys to find their roots.

Who is this talk for?

People are inspired and motivated by learning about the inspirational people and historical events that make up where we are today. Stories of ancestors who resisted racial injustice – can fire the imagination and spur individuals to higher levels of achievement or performance in their work and personal life.

The talk is suitable for you if

  • you’re new to exploring family history
  • you have some experience of searching for your ancestors and want to know about other sources of information
  • you’ve started and you’re having problems furthering your search

Premium Ticket holders

Premium Ticket holders will receive African, Irish & the Music of the Caribbean, A research project by Paul Crooks following the event.

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