Forming a Cultural Identity: Through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists

Thursday 14th September

During this session, we will focus predominantly on a selection of contemporary artists from ethnic minorities who explore notions of ‘identity’ in their paintings. Sometimes exploring a clash of cultures, like in the works of American artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby and other times drawing on cultural heritage and traditions passed down generations, these artists look at the struggles and benefits of moving countries and exploring new horizons. Through the artist Hurvin Anderson, we will see how his childhood experiences of living in an immigrant household in the UK formed his awareness of two cultures, which at times only fuelled his feeling of displacement. Meanwhile, in the textural compositions by Tschabalala Self, we will see how this young artist confronted the stereotypes she witnessed growing up in America as a young black woman, challenging the identity she felt was pushed onto her, simply because of her race.




Upon completing her Masters in Curating at The Courtauld Institute of Art, Bojana worked at TATE Britain and The Serpentine Galleries before seeking experience in the private art sector. For a few years she worked for private art galleries in Zurich and Paris before moving to the leading auction house, Christie’s, in London. During her four years at Christie’s she worked as a Specialist in the Post-War and Contemporary Art department where she also led art history lectures in collaboration with Christie’s Educational MA programme. Since then, Bojana has been working as a freelance art consultant, Art History lecturer and writer.



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