From an old banger to the mighty RMX-1

Monday 18 October 2021

From an old banger to the mighty RMX-1 How I transformed in two months, by hand, an old Capri into a futuristic super Capri – By Nizam Uddin


Leep will share his experience of transforming an old Capri into a supercar, in full public view, in two months. He was invited to come to London to be the Rich Mix Centre’s artist in resident prior to the official launch of the centre.

He transformed an old Capri into this amazing car in just six weeks by hand in full public view from start to completion.

After completing the project at Rich Mix Leepu was invited to work on a two years car transformation project for the Discovery Channel. Since late 2007 a worldwide satellite TV audience has been watching Leepu and his partner Bernie making amazing cars out of old bangers. You can see some of the programmes from the following Youtube channel.

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