Image of the Black in the National Gallery Online PART ONE

Sun, 5 April 2020 11:00 – 12:00

Part one of two-part Zoom webinar series revealing the overt and covert black presence to be found in the National Gallery’s collection

About this Event

A live Zoom webinar introduction to the Image of the Black in the national Gallery.

The National Gallery is one of the world’s greatest collection of European art. Hidden in its collection of over 2,500 works there are many black presences most times hidden.

This Image of the Black in the National Gallery Online Part One is the first in a two one-hour live Zoom webinars introducing that overt, and covert black presence to be found in the Gallery’s collection, from subjects of economic capital to creators of cultural capital; musicians, kings, slaves, servants, saints and artists, sometimes just as people.

Part one of this series of webinars reveals the presences to be found the gallery’s sixteenth and seventeenth century, German and Italian paintings. Works from the great Renaissance masters including Titian, Dürer, Veronese and Gossaert, as well as the hidden presence to be found in the gallery’s buildings.

You’ll be introduced to the religious, cultural and social significance of that often-hidden black presence in the works on display in, by the end of each tour you’ll be able analyse the black presence in other pictures.

Image of the Black in the London Galleries Online is presented by Image of the Black in London Galleries in partnership with Black History Walks.


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