Introduction to Smai Tawi Egyptian Yoga

Sunday 19 September 2021

Smai Tawi originates from Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and is commonly referred to as Egyptian or Kemetic Yoga.


This Ancient Egyptian practice combines physical movements, deep breathing and meditation and is a restorative system that has unique postures and principles.

Amani Eke is a Smai Tawi Teacher and in this 1.5 hour workshop, she will introduce the history, theory and practice of a small section of the physical system of postures to try out.

You do not require any yoga experience to take part and modifications will be offered to make the practice accessible. You will require comfortable clothing you can easily move in and a non-slippery surface to practice the postures.

The workshop will focus on the Journey of “Ra” phase of postures and not a full practice, so expect to hear from Amani the significance and symbolism of the chosen phase and how it relates to us attaining a deeper understanding of self.

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