Parents Against Racism Simcoe County Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 22 December

Parents of racialized children join us as we provide support, education on navigating the school system, resources and advise SCDSB.


Parents Against Racism Simcoe County (PARSC) is founded on the principles of anti-oppression(AO), anti-racism (AR)and anti-Black racism(ABR); with these frameworks in mind we will advocate and advise SCDSB for equity for our racialized children.

We are collectively, the parents of Black, Black biracial children and racialized children that are receiving their education through the SCDSB.

The Vision of PARSC is to effectively engage education leaders and develop frameworks that focus on dismantling white supremacy, in order to create an equitable educational experience for our children that is free from oppression and promotes the values of anti-Black racism and anti-racism for students in SCDSB.

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