Racism, Muslims, and the fight against Islamophobia

Friday 29 October 2021

As Muslims, we learn about the multicultural and equal society of the early Islamic generations.


But, over 1400 years later, many cultures within the Muslim community have normalised anti-Black attitudes. As if contradicting Islam wasn’t bad enough, our own bigotry invites more Islamophobic attacks.

Islamophobia is an enemy that every Muslim in the community needs to face. It is high time that black Muslims are no longer undermined, so we may stand strong against enemies of Islam, like our role models the Sahabiyat (r.a) before us.

Book your place at this free event to learn more, and to join the fight against Islamophobia.

Panellists include:

  • Imam Swaleh, of Greenwich Islamic Centre
  • Shaykh Bilal Brown, of New Beginnings
  • Ismael Lea South, of Education For Peace
  • Adnan Shafi, of Pariah Nation

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