Sis Talk Show

Friday 28 January 2022

S.I.S. aka Sis Is Smart is a live talk show where RBG gets to chat with dope women about all things from career, to life, to love.


First things first, what is a live interview? You know how back in the day Sally Jessy Raphael or aunty Oprah would have people on their show and they would shoot the sh*ts. Yes, well that’s what this is, only it’s our founder Sable pulling up dope ladies doing dope things up to her kitchen table so they can talk their talk.

Why is it live? Well because Sally, Oprah, Montell, and Ricky had an audience so we want one too. Real time feedback. Audience questions.

Know this, Real Brown Girls is interactive and we don’t believe in code switching.

Our next guest is the one and only Beth Diana Smith, THE interior designer to know.

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