Adjoa Armah Performance

Saturday 2th July

Adjoa Armah Performance at Auto Italia, Saturday 2 July 2022, 2pm


In this performance, Adjoa Armah will present a live reading of her written script that forms a part of the sound works in The sea, it slopes like a mountain. Centring a journey along the Ghanaian coast, Armah narrates encounters and conversations on the way, using sound to explore orality, hierarchies of knowledge, how Blackness is formulated in place, and what the material detritus of locale reveals about both its specificity and its always-present elsewheres.

Adjoa Armah is an artist, educator, writer and editor with a background in design anthropology. Her practice is concerned with the entanglement between narrative, the archive, pedagogy, black ontology, infrapolitics, and spatial consciousness. She is founder of Saman Archive, a gathering of photographic negatives encountered across Ghana, through which she explores models of institution building grounded in Akan temporalities and West African technologies of social and historical mediation. She is editor and research fellow at Afterall, where she is responsible for the Paul Mellon Centre-funded digital research project ‘Black Atlantic Museum’ and the ‘Afterall Art School’, platform.