Fatback Band | Disco, Soul & Funk

Wednesday 6th September

We are thrilled to announce that the legendary American disco, soul, and funk group, The Fatback Band, will be making their debut at the Boisdale stage.


They were known as one of the most respected US club bands in the mid-70s, blending jazz, funk, and pioneering disco, and even paving the way for rap music.

Their 1979 rap single, “King Tim III,” was released a week before the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” The group’s mid-80s club anthem, “I Found Lovin’,” is still a guaranteed hit on the dancefloor today.

With over 35 albums to their name and a huge impact on the music industry, we are delighted to welcome drummer Bill Curtis and the rest of the disco crew back to our stage.