Sounds Universal Choir

Fri 6 September 6.30pm-8pm

If you have a love of singing then come along to this 6-week choir course at Poplar Union, where you can learn to sing world music with community choir leader, Lyn Gerald.

What to expect

Over this 6-week course, you will be learning Maori love songs, Ghanaian chants, Gaelis lullabies and gospel. All you need is an enthusiastic voice to learn a world of song! No previous experience necessary.

About Lyn Gerald

Cynthia Lyn Gerald has been a workshop tutor for The Idea Store since 2008, facilitating workshops in diverse vocal skills, namely Jazz Vocal Technique, Free Your Voice and Sing The World. Cynthia has devised Ska and Reggae workshops to aid the knowledge of the Caribbean Diaspora for Black History Month within Tower Hamlets and all over the British Isles. She has run intergenerational projects with the Sundial Centre and Globe Primary School including Parallel Lives, culminating in a performance at The Childhood Museum. Cynthia is very active within her local community teaching Music in schools all over Tower Hamlets.