Tamasha’s 25th Birthday

Fri 30th October

A chance to celebrate the back catalogue of Tamasha’s work with discussions, readings, performances and other treats.

Tamasha is Britain’s foremost touring theatre company producing new plays inspired by the diversity of a globalised world. Our work places the voices of emerging and established artists from culturally diverse backgrounds centre-stage.

‘Tamasha is a mirror reflecting a nation of continuing change and creativity, of mixings and mergings. British culture needs reminding it has always been global. Tamasha’s stirring, audacious work makes sure the nation never forgets what it is.’ Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, cultural commentator

‘I am a writer and without Tamasha I’d still be a taxi driver. My voice as a northern Asian would be muted and my attempts to open a window on a largely unexplored world would be firmly shut.’ Ishy Din, writer of Snookered