African Women Resistance Leaders: Political and Spiritual (sample)

Sample of our 12 week course starting 2023. Amazing Sisters who fought for equality using pistols,pens,placards, from 2000 years ago to now

A free sample of our 2023, twelve week course on African/Caribbean women who fought back against racism/colonialism from 2000 years ago to now.


Mainstream history consistently ignores the contribution of Black women and this taster session will show numerous incredible true stories of resistance and triumph plus references. We will use obscure and modern film clips, archival documents, rare books and interviews /testimony from the women.

Our 12 week course starts in February and covers:

  • Pre-colonial African belief systems
  • Christianity as oppression and resistance
  • Sanite, Mbuya, Nanny Greg, Yaa, Fannie, Nzingha, Coretta, The Two Amys, Queen Thomas, Queen Amir, Yemaja, Oya, Dandara, Nehanda and Graca
  • 1970s women soldiers in Africa’s liberation wars
  • Black women’s resistance in English literature
  • Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mississippi, Haiti, Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria: Civil and Human Rights
  • Disparaging terms ‘Obeah’, ‘Juju’, the real history of Santeria, Candomble, and Jumbie
  • African religious beliefs and Hollywood superheroes
  • The African roots of the Zombie & movie metaphors
  • White female fragility and the co-options of feminism
  • Films about powerful Black women

Black History Walks has been screening African Diaspora films at the BFI Southbank since 2007 as part of the African Odysseys programme. This history of film exhibition and distribution is referenced in our new book.

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Date and time: Wed, 8 March 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT

Location: G.O.Jones : LG1 lecture theatre