Changing The Black Culture Narrative Conference

Addressing the Negative Outcomes, Challenges and Barriers affecting Black Boys, Black Young Men & Black Men within the UK

Time and time again, there are still so many situations happening to Black Boys, Black Young men and Black men within the UK that negatively impact their lives, their careers and their social circles.


Why are these issues still happening in today’s society after so many years of people fighting for equality? It’s time for a change.

Often times, there only seems to be a focus on Black boys and Black men when a negative incident occurs with society.

Why does the attention increase when negative incidents occur? It’s time for a change.

The statistics of Black boys and Black men are still disproportionate, in comparison to men from different ethnicities.

Why is this still happening today? It’s time for a change.

This Conference will address these three questions and more, in order to contribute to lasting positive changes for Black Boys, Black Young Men and Black Men in the UK.

Additionally, the Conference will tackle widely-known issues that continue to occur within the African and African-Descendant Communities across the UK. Furthermore, the Conference will provide with a solution-based focus that will bring further insight, resolutions and potential community development opportunities.

Providing insight into the ongoing issues within these communities, the Conference will look at the past, present and the future that hopes to contribute to sustainable positive changes and societal structures.

There are solutions waiting to be implemented. There are conversations waiting to take place. These negative outcomes, challenges and barriers need to be addressed and removed.

We believe in change.

Location: Chapeltown Road Leeds LS7 3DU

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Tickets: £10

We hope you believe in continuous positive changes for Black Boys, Black Young Men and Black Men too.