CLR James Annual Legacy Lecture with Cecil Gutzmore

Join us for an exhilarating evening of discussion and activation with the legendary Cecil Gutzmore. Hosted by Ngoma Bishop

C L R James (Trinidad and Tobago, 1901-1989) and Walter Rodney (Guyana, 1942-1980) are Caribbean giants: of revolutionary significance far beyond their region of origin.


Their over-lapping contribution involved different generations with an extended mutual interaction between the early 1960s and 1980 when imperialism’s neo-colonial regime in Guyana murdered Rodney. Rodney studied with and learned from James. They reasoned with and commented to and on each other’s revolutionary praxis.
Cecil Gutzmore

Cecil Gutzmore is and Afrikan-Jamaican who migrated into the Black-British working class in 1961 later spending a decade back in Jamaica. Has been student, factory worker, clerical worker, community worker, local government and freelance training and management consultant and university lecturer in London and at UWI, Mona, Jamaica. His activism combines Black and left class positions.

Publications – in history, philosophy of science and political science and cultural studies – appear in The Black Liberator, Marxism Today, Race and Class and Interventions; as well as various book chapters, newspaper columns and reviews in the Guardian (UK) the Jamaica Gleaner, the Morning Star and other newspapers. His research interests including the visual history of Africa and her Diasporas has led to the production of a number of photo-history exhibitions dealing with Caribbean Women and Marcus Mosiah Garvey amongst others. Cecil has also worked on some of the films of Menelik Shabazz.

Date and time: Sat, 8 Jul 2023 18:00 – 20:00 BST

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Location: Hackney Archives Dalston Square, CLR James Library SECOND FLOOR London E8 3BQ

Ngoma Bishop

Ngoma Bishop is the founder and Managing Director of the House of AMAU and the creator, facilitator and a member of the AHW. Ngoma came to London from Barbados in 1963 at the age of eight. He began writing creatively in his late teens; initially poems and songs then short stories; progressing to social commentary and blogs based mostly on his perspectives, experiences and observations as a social activist, creative arts advocate and civil rights campaigner.

To date, his published material includes several poems in ‘Black I am – an Anthology of Poetry and Prose’; and as joint collaborator with Jamaican dialect poet OmaRa (aka Frederick Williams) as one half of ‘The I-Storians’, authors of the 2010 poetry and prose anthology ‘the Whole Story’ . His first novel. 2010 also saw the publication of his first novel, ‘Spread Your Wings and Fly’ (2010).

responsible for the production of ‘100Years Unheard’. He frequently promotes and host events on behalf of the House of AMAU and other organizations and groups, as well as facilitating writers’ workshops.